Asian Rhinoplasty Videos

Indian Rhinoplasty: Tip Reduction and Supratip Augmentation

Dr. Brajendra Baser takes us into the operating room through a series of insightful photographs as he works to correct the nose of an Indian patient who is presenting with a bulbous tip and supratip depression. VIEW NOW

Revision Rhinoplasty WIth Rib Graft: 1 Week Results

Dr. Anthony Bared is with a female patient (1 week post-op) on whom he performed a complex rib revision rhinoplasty to help improve her complications from two previous performed surgeries and multiple traumas. VIEW NOW

Rib Revision Rhinoplasty For Scooped Dorsum and Rotated Tip

Dr. Anthony Bared is with a female patient on whom he performed a rib revision rhinoplasty to improve upon the previous procedures she had had in the past. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty Consultation and "Sculpting" Process

Dr. Michael Epstein explains the consultation process and the actual surgical process of a rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW


Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Candidate

For some consumers, the thought of surgery is too much. For those who still want a correction of a disproportionate or odd looking nose, Dr. Michael Epstein says injectible fillers may be a great solution. VIEW NOW

Can a Rhinoplasty Be Performed Under Local Anesthesia?

Learn about what anesthesia is used for rhinoplasty surgery from Dr. Scott Thompson. VIEW NOW

Revision Rhinoplasty Can Address Breathing Problems

Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi explains that while rhinoplasty procedures focus on the cosmetic outcome, some of these patients may suffer from breathing difficulties post-op. These issues may require a revision rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

Asian Rhinoplasty: Using Autologous Grafts, Not Synthetic Grafts

Dr. Donald Yoo discusses the nuances of Asian nose job surgery, including surgical techniques and anatomic considerations. Autologous grafts (tissue from your own body) versus synthetic (silicone implants, Gore-tex) implants are compared. VIEW NOW

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Male Rhinoplasty: Correcting a Large Dorsal Hump and "Tension Lip"

Dr. Eric Joseph shares his technique and before and after photos of a male patient requesting rhinoplasty to achieve a smaller, less distracting, natural-looking nasal appearance. VIEW NOW

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Is a Open or Closed Rhinoplasty More Effective?

Dr. Arthur Handal explains both an open and closed approach to a rhinoplasty and which is more effective, in his opinion. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Dorsal Hump Correction Using Fillers

Dr. Arthur Handal describes how injectable fillers can only help correct a nose's appearance in the short term. VIEW NOW

Revision Rhinoplasty Utilizes the Patient's Own Tissue For Repair

Dr. Arthur Handal describes the process of a revision rhinoplasty, which may include using your own tissue and cartilage to repair a less than ideal nose job. VIEW NOW

Could Injectable Fillers Replace Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Ary Krau, whiile supportive of injectible fillers, notes that they are only a temporary solution to a nose that should really be treated by surgical rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

Can a Rhinoplasty Help With Snoring?

Dr. George Bitar explains that while some snoring issues are related to the throat, others stem from a clogged or narrow passageway in the nose. In detail, Dr. Bitar explains three ways a rhinoplasty can help stifle your snoring. VIEW NOW

Revision Rhinoplasty: What Can Be Done To Fix a Poor Nose Job?

Dr. George Bitar explains the process of a surgical revision rhinoplasty, but for those who are unable to unwilling to submit to a second surgery, he also highlights some non-surgical options to fix a poorly executed nose job. VIEW NOW