Asian Rhinoplasty Videos

Unhappy Rhinoplasty Results: What Are My Options?

Dr. Paul Nassif explains that while a patient may be unhappy with their rhinoplasty results a few months out of surgery, it is important to allow the nose to heal for at least a year before seeking revision work. VIEW NOW

Ethnic vs. Caucasian Rhinoplasty: More Than Just Shape

Dr. Daniel Shapiro describes the differences between an ethnic and Caucasian rhinoplasty, noting such differences as cartilage volume, nostril size, and skin thickness. VIEW NOW

Aylen's Rhinoplasty: Dorsal Hump, Deviated Septum, Enlarged Turbinates

Dr. Garo Kassabian treats a 19-year-old rhinoplasty patient by repairing a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates that she didn't even know were a problem and removing the dorsal hump that had lead to years of self-consciousness and insecurities. VIEW NOW

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Decreasing Nose Size Depends on Skin Thickness and Laxity

Dr. Philip Miller explains that while the simple answer to whether a nose can be made small is yes, one must understand that not only may a smaller nose not suit every patient's face, a reduction also depends on how the nose's skin will react. VIEW NOW

Causes of Nasal Obstructions That May Affect Breathing

Dr. Philip Miller addresses several causes of nasal obstructions that may be preventing a person from breathing successfully or at all through their nose. These can be fixed surgically but it is important to pinpoint the problem first. VIEW NOW

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Rhinoplasty: Should I or Shouldn't I Get a Nose Job?

Dr. Philip Miller notes that while you will always find a doctor willing to operate on you, it is not always the best plan of action. Comparing the doctor's surgical recommendations with your expectations is the best plan of action. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty Terms: Projection, Rotation, Nasal Length, and More Explained

Dr. Philip Miller explains several rhinoplasty terms that would be helpful when communicating to your surgeon your expectations for surgery, in order to avoid miscommunication and a revision rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

When Rhinoplasty Isn't What Your Nose Needs, What Options Are Left?

Dr. Philip Miller explains several different types of nose surgery, from the popular rhinoplasty, which addresses the outward appearance of the nose, to septoplasty, turbinoplasty, and sinus surgery. Each procedure addresses a different issue. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasties Take Longer in Inexperienced Hands

Dr. Philip Miller addresses a common questions asking about the length of a typical rhinoplasty surgery. While it always depends on what the patient is having done to their nose, it also depends on the surgeon's familiarity with the procedure. VIEW NOW

For Rhinoplasty Surgery, Does Age Matter?

Dr. Philip Miller explains what might be involved in a rhinoplasty on an older patient. VIEW NOW

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Rhinoplasty Nasal Packing: What To Expect

Dr. Philip Miller explains that while remaining nasal packing was once a common expectation post-rhinoplasty, most surgeons will remove it nowadays to spare the patients the discomfort. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty Post-Op: Should I Expect Pain or Nausea?

Dr. Philip Miller describes what patients should expect in terms of pain post-rhinoplasty, as well as the measures surgeons may take to make sure you are as comfortable during the recovery process as possible. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Asian Rhinoplasty Adds Height to the Nose

A young Asian woman receives fillers to augment the dorsum and increase the height of her bridge. VIEW NOW

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Communicate Your Rhinoplasty Expectations to Your Surgeon

Dr. Adam Bryce Weinfeld expresses the importance of example photographs during a consultation. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty: Restoring Confidence One Nose at a Time

The nose, as the central-most feature of the face, can both lift up and tear down a person's confidence. Because of this, the art of rebuilding or reshaping the nose by rhinoplasty can make a major difference in a person's life. VIEW NOW