Arm Lift Videos

What Are My Options For Excess Skin Removal After Weight Loss?

If you've lost weight and have excess skin, you have options. Learn what they are from Dr. Arun Rao. VIEW NOW

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Learn 1 Very Important Tip When Getting an Arm Lift

If you're getting an arm lift, you'll want to hear Dr. this tip about scar placement from Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr. VIEW NOW

Had Bariatric Surgery? What to Do With That Extra Skin

After losing large amounts of weight, bariatric surgery patients often have excess skin. Learn about your body contouring options. VIEW NOW

Arm and Thigh Contouring: Here Are Your Options

Uncomfortable with how your arm and thighs look? Dr. Jamil Ahmad details your body contouring options. VIEW NOW

Arm Lift 101: What You Need to Know About Brachioplasty

Interested in getting an arm lift? Dr. Gaurav Bharti discusses what to expect the day of surgery and immediately afterwards. VIEW NOW

Arm Lift: Join the Doctor in the OR to Watch the Procedure (GRAPHIC)

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen performs an arm lift on a patient with excess skin after weight loss. Watch the surgery and see before and after photos from other procedures. VIEW NOW

Liposuction For the Arms: Does it do More Harm Than Good?

Taking out the fat from the upper arms with liposuction can seem like a straightforward solution but Dr. Michael Vincent offers a few words of caution to those considering this procedure. VIEW NOW

Saggy Arm Surgery: How Does It Work and Will I Have a Scar?

If you're looking to clip your wings, Dr. Robert E. Rothfield explains how surgery can remove saggy arms and hide scarring. VIEW NOW

Surgery After Weight Loss: How Will Scars Look After a Body Lift?

Dr. Edward Domanskis, the current president of the American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons, explains how a patient can expect their scars to look on different parts of their body following a body lift procedure. VIEW NOW

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks Discusses the Need For an Arm Lift After Weight Loss

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks sits down with Dr. Robert Centeno to discuss what a weight loss patient should know about arm lift procedures. VIEW NOW

An Arm Lift Can Eliminate "Bat Wings," But Not Without Significant Scars

Arm lifts are becoming more and more popular as the technique continues to be honed. Dr. Joseph Michaels talks about expectations, incisions, and scars. VIEW NOW

Banish Those "Bingo Arms" With an Arm Lift

Dr. Clayton Moliver shares several before and after photos of women who have undergone an arm lifts, better illustrating the results that a patient can expect. VIEW NOW

Life After Massive Weight Loss: Is an Upper Body Lift Right For You?

Dr. Kevin Tehrani explains how beneficial an upper body lift can be, both physically and psychologically. VIEW NOW

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Lose Those "Batwings!" Arm Lift Procedure Creates Sleek, Sexy Arms

Dr. Kevin Tehrani describes the arm lift procedure, explaining where the incisions may be and who is a good candidate. VIEW NOW

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Arm Procedures To Eliminate "Bat Wings"

Arm lifts are becoming a much hotter procedure for massive weight loss patients than ever before, Dr. Robert Centeno explains. VIEW NOW