African American Rhinoplasty Videos

Anethesia During Rhinoplasty

What type of anethesia is used during a rhinoplasty procedure? Dr. Philip Miller explains that it really depends upon the type of procedure, the anesthesiologist's preference for you, and what you are most comfortable with. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time: How Long WIll It Take?

Dr. Philip Miller explains "contraction," a process necessary for the nose to undergo in order for the patient to see the full results of their rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

Revision Rhinoplasty Using Auricular Cartilage Grafting

Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj demonstrates the technique for harvesting auricular cartilage from the ear to use as a shield and/or strut graft during a revision rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasties Can Fill In Minor Imperfections

Dr. Yael Halaas discusses the non-surgical alternative to a rhinoplasty using fillers to change the appearance of the nose. However, she notes that if the goal is to reduce the size of the nose, a surgical approach may be necessary. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty Approach To Implants, Ethnic Patients, and Revision Work

Dr. Paul Nassif explains some of his considerations when completing a rhinoplasty procedure in order to produce a nose that is healthy, strong, and aesthetically pleasing. VIEW NOW

Revision Rhinoplasty Rib Harvesting Pain Expectations

Dr. Paul Nassif addresses a question from a patient who is concerned about the pain involved with rib harvesting for their upcoming revision rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty Surgeon: How To Choose the Right Doctor For Your Nose

Dr. William Portuese explains what a consumer should look for and ask when vetting a doctor for their rhinoplasty surgery. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty And Septoplasty Differences and Uses

Dr. William Portuese explains, with the help of diagrams, the differences between a rhinoplasty, which is purely aesthetic, and a septoplasty, which is a surgical intervention to correct functional issues within the nose. VIEW NOW

Ethnic Rhinoplasty 2 Weeks Post-Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein explains his work on a patient who received an ethnic rhinoplasty to define the bridge, narrow the nostrils, and elevate the tip. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty Repairs a Wide Bridge, Dorsal Hump, and Droopy Tip

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein introduces a patient just 6 weeks post-op with a brand new nose finally free of a dorsal hump and droopy tip. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty Computer Imaging Consultation

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein consults with a patient pre-operatively to explain his plan for her upcoming rhinoplasty using computer imaging technology. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty One Week Recovery: Septal Lengthening and Tip Refinement

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein explains the process for correcting a patient who presented with a droopy, box tip; a left-leaning septal deviation; and a small dorsal hump. The patient is one week post-surgery. VIEW NOW

African American Revision Rhinoplasty Recovery

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein introduces a patient who had undergone a previous rhinoplasty but was still unhappy with her results. For the revision procedure, he corrected her wide tip, wide nostrils, wide nasal bridge, and underdeveloped bridge profile. VIEW NOW

Revision Rhino Post-Op 6 Days: Tip and Bridge Build-Up,

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein presents a revision rhinoplasty patient nearly a week out of surgery. She had her tip and bridge built up as well as her right lateral region expanded to hide a frontal view asymmetry. VIEW NOW

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Indian Revision Rhino: Hanging Columella, Wide Tip, Overprojection

Dr.Jeffrey Epstein describes a revision rhinoplasty on an Indian patient who had very little of her own cartilage left following a previous rhinoplasty. Grafts were taken from her eat and the patient is finally happy with her new nose. VIEW NOW