African American Rhinoplasty Videos

These Are the Factors That Determine a Rhinoplasty's Success

Dr. William Adams explains the anatomy of the nose, as well as the factors that determine if a rhinoplasty's been successful. VIEW NOW

Key Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before Getting an Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Daniel Shapiro recommends key questions to ask your surgeon before trusting them with your nose. VIEW NOW

Nose Job Gone Wrong: When Should You Decide If You Need to Fire Your Plastic Surgeon?

Dr. Ashkan Ghavami advises against firing your original rhinoplasty surgeon before the first year of healing has completed. He explains how quick decisions and professional jealousy between surgeons can often lead to even worse results. VIEW NOW

Doctor "Nose" Best: How to Find an Expert in Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasties in general are intricate and artistic, but as Dr. Bivik Shah explains, it takes a certain caliber of plastic surgeon to understand the nuance of an ethnic nose. VIEW NOW

Why Does the Surgeon Break the Nose During a Rhinoplasty?

Dr. William Portuese explains the process of an osteotomy, which is used to reshape the nose after a trauma has misplaced it on the face. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: How to Get a Nose Job Without Getting Surgery

Dr. David Mabrie explains the process of a non-surgical rhinoplasty using fillers, as well as what parts of the nose are treated and how. VIEW NOW

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Can 3D Imaging Accurately Predict Rhinoplasty Results?

Dr. Steven Dayan explains that while 3D imaging is available to patients in consultation, the computer screen model often falls short when compared to the real life result. VIEW NOW

How to Maintain Your Ethnicity During Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Steven Dayan talks ethnic rhinoplasty and the goal of correcting the imperfections while maintaining the ethnic characteristics. VIEW NOW

Don't Take a Chance With Your Nose! How to Find a Rhinoplasty Expert

Dr. Steven Dayan stresses the importance of choosing a rhinoplasty specialist and details the difference between open and closed procedures. VIEW NOW

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3 Things That Are More Important Than Price When It Comes to Getting a Nose Job

Dr. Steven Dayan understands that while the cost of a procedure is certainly a factor, he stresses that it should actually fall a lot lower on the list when compared to these other priorities. VIEW NOW

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Get a Virtual Rhinoplasty Consultation

Dr. Jennifer Levine walks us through a typical rhinoplasty consultation, including specific questions she may ask and the photographs she takes in order to better assess a patient's needs. VIEW NOW

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Why Is My Nose Still Swollen? — What To Expect After Rhinoplasty

Dr. Daniel Shapiro explains the factors that can cause a nose to swell after the splint is removed after rhinoplasty. To speed up the healing process, follow all post-surgical care instructions from your surgeon and be patient. VIEW NOW

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Rhinoplasty Post-Op: Results Revealed Five Weeks After Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein meets with a patient to discuss the progress that has been made five weeks after her rhinoplasty surgery. VIEW NOW

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African American Rhinoplasty: Amazing Results After Only 11 Days

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein demonstrates a patient's speedy recovery following ethnic rhinoplasty surgery. VIEW NOW

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Rhinoplasty Reveal: Surgery Fixes Dorsal Hump, Underprojected Tip, and Wide Bridge

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein invites us to observe the reveal of a patient's rhinoplasty results. She had presented with a wide bridge, a bump on her nose, and an underprojected tip. VIEW NOW