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Accutane for Clogged Pores, Whiteheads and Blackheads?

I do not really get many large pimples; but I have clogged pores with whiteheads, blackhead and the occasional small pimple. Can going on a third... READ MORE

Accutane for Pimples and Blackheads?

I am a 57 year old female who has acne since age 12. They were never large cystic acne, but pimples and blackheads. My dermatologist prescribed... READ MORE

Accutane for Clogged Pores and Small Pimples?

I do not really get many large pimples, but more clogged pores with whiteheads, blackhead and the occasional small pimple.Can going on a third course... READ MORE

Acne Gets Worse on Roaccutane Before Improvement?

When on Roaccutane  does everyone's acne get worst before it gets better? I have only been on Accutane for 2 weeks and 4 days and my acne has... READ MORE

Is it fine to pop a pimple while on Accutane?

My dermatologist told me that whenever the pimple is fully visible (white- the pus being present) it's best to pop it with a cotton swab and to clean... READ MORE

More than 3 months on Accutane and Breaking out huge pimples and cystic acne like crazy. Is this normal?

I'm 20, this is the second time I'm taking accutane. I took it first when I was 17 for 6 months 30g dosage. It worked great for a while.. Now I'm... READ MORE

While on accutane is there only one initial breakout ?

I was wondering that when taking accutane you do get an initial breakout, but is it only once and then just small pimples. READ MORE

Accutane cleared my face initially but active pimples have returned, is this normal?

Three weeks after beginning my course, Accutane had removed all active pimples from my face but now 2 months into the course I have quite a few new... READ MORE

Will the red marks left from acne while on accutane ever go away?

It has been 2 years now and I still have red marks from the acne I got while I was on accutane. Some redness and a few marks have faded but it is... READ MORE

I've been on Accutane on and off for the last 15 months. Why am I still breaking out and getting pimples on my legs?!!!

I was on 40mg a day for 5 months stopped and resumed my course 2 months later for another 3 months on 30mg a day. I'm 32 male 66 kilos. Always... READ MORE

Roaccutane for 12 Months and Finished 5 Days Ago, and Just Got a Couple Pimples?

Hi i been on oratane/roaccutane for 12 months 40 mg everyday i finished my course 5 days ago and two pimples just popped out above my lips and the... READ MORE

I've been on accutane for almost a year now and my skin has only gotten worse. What can I do?

I've been on accutane before and it worked wonders. My skin had been clear for a couple years after the treatment but I was left with scars so my... READ MORE

My rash only used to be on the back of my hands, which Aveeno Oatmeal lotion fixed, but it gives pimples on my face. (Photo)

What is a good lotion for rashes on the face from oral isotretinoin? Aveeno Oatmeal and Curel fragrance free both say won't clog pores but have... READ MORE

is it normal to get one or two red pimples on the last month of Accutane??

I am on my 6 months of accutane, 30mg per day and my weight is 44kg. i was also on a oral contreceptive called diane 35 which i stopped last month.i... READ MORE

I am having painful pimples and one that won't go away while on Accutane for 12 weeks. Is it working?

Hi, I've been on accutane for 12 weeks now and till now I still have two or three painful pimple that really hurt when I touch and also the pimple... READ MORE

Is accutane right for my skin?

I am on a prescription of aczone (twice daily) and tazorac (just at night). I have seen some result with this but that is only if I do this everyday.... READ MORE

Will continuous facial treatment or Roaccutane get rid of acne?

I am 23 yrs old, I've been having acne and very tiny pimples all over my forehead for years. I tried Retin- A for almost 2 months and the result were... READ MORE

2 months post op Accutane. What to do about brown marks?

Hello im 20 i just started accutane 2 months a go .....first i was on 10 mg for the first month but then i was moved to 20 mg but had problem in my... READ MORE

Been on Accutane for 2 months, one cheek is drooping and sunken. Can it be treated?

Accutane 20 mg everyday, cleared up all pimples but left with general redness over face. One side of the cheek is sunken and is definitely noticeable.... READ MORE

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