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My Lips Are Cracked During Accutane Treatments, Which Lip Balms Would be Best?

I do a treatment with accutane and my lips are cracked .,and i don't know what lips balm is good READ MORE

Getting Restylane for Lips Before Starting on Accutane?

After Accutane, I'll be off any kind of elective treatment for a year, so can I get fillers in my nasolabial folds and lips BEFORE starting the... READ MORE

Initial Breakout on Second regimen of Accutane? (Please Answer, please!)

Hello, I just started my second course of Accutane with 40 mg/day. My previous dose was much higher, started with 80 mg/day and went up to 170 mg/day.... READ MORE

Tetracycline ointment vs Accutane

I'm taking accutane. I know that I shouldn't use tetracycline. However, I applied a little bit tetracycline cream 1% (ointment) on my lip once time.... READ MORE

I've been using Accutane for two weeks and my lips are swelling. Is this a side-effect of Accutane?

Hi, i have been on accutine for about 2 weeks now and my lips seem to be swelling and are numb ,could this be a side effect of using accutine? READ MORE

Lip Filling While on Low-dose Accutane?

Hello doctors, can i do lips filling while on low-dose accutane ? i'm in the second month and only taking 20 ml . thanks READ MORE

Bumps on lips? (Accutane/dryness/aquaphor)

I have taken 5 months of 30 mg of accutane twice a day and now I've just started taking 40 twice a day. I don't know if that matters. with my dry lips... READ MORE

I recently had a coldsore. It's completely healed now, but left behind a red spot on my lips. Will Tretinoin Cream help? (Photo)

I recently had a coldsore. It is completely healed now, but left behind a red/darker spot on my lips. You can tell it is on my lips because it is a... READ MORE

Accutane User- How long is it safe to use hydrocortisone (1%) on lips?

Using Dr. Dan's Cortibalm is the only thing that helps my lips feel normal while on Accutane. Pharmacist warned me to use it sparingly, every few days... READ MORE

Exfoliating chelitis caused by Accutane. Any suggestions?

Ive been taking Myorisan 40mg for 4 1/2 months. Recently I have developed exfoliating chelitis. My lips are extremely red (looks like im wearing red... READ MORE

Dermatologist put me on an antibiotic that turned my lips turn purple. What happened, and what can I do to help?

They are no longer purple but my lips are weird now. I don't have any pics. I never thought to take any. Usually when you put good lip balm on it... READ MORE

I was on Accutane as a teenager and, a decade later, I'm still having issues with my lips. What can I try that I haven't?

Every few days, my bottom lip's top layer of skin peels completely off. It looks like extoliative chelitis. I've tried aquafor, dr. Dan's, blistex,... READ MORE

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