Our Team

We are an eclectic mix of industry veterans who love our work but we also pride ourselves on a range of colorful interests outside the office. We've got a pilot, a point guard, a synchronized swimmer, a spelling bee champ, equestriennes, a rockstar (or three), authors, coaches, and a clutch of karaoke kings and queens. If you want to add your talents to the mix apply here.


Tom Seery
Founder and CEO

Tom is the founder and CEO at RealSelf, which started out in 2006 as a dream to build the TripAdvisor to the face, body and smile. This moved a big step toward reality after securing the support of his wife, and financial backing by the founder of Expedia and Zillow, Rich Barton and other prominent angel investors. In the office you can find Tom working in the open, engaging with the team, and pushing everyone to get closer to our community members.

Scott Brooks
VP, Product

Scott leads our product, analytics, and UX teams to produce the best community-powered platform for our users. Despite holding software patents in low regard, he is rumored to be an inventor of key products conceived while at Expedia and Zillow. Outside the office he strives to create his neighborhood's largest garden and tries (but mostly fails) to look cool while skiing.

Maureen Ezekwugo
EVP, Doctor Community

Maureen is responsible for leading RealSelf's growth and revenue strategy. She has built a talented team who works with both doctors and world-class brands to help instill confidence in the consumer's journey through unique social and content marketing programs. While profitable revenue is one goal, Maureen's true passion and values center around excellence, authenticity and helping others.

Anthony Mendonca
VP, Engineering

Anthony leads a great team of creative engineers and developers who are constantly iterating on improving RealSelf. He's built up 15 years of experience, starting in the early days of the cloud at Berkley Labs and Platform Computing (IBM) and then moving onto consumer software at Intuit and various startups. Anthony enjoys the dynamic atmosphere of the Seattle start up community and working with his talented team members. When he's not in front of a computer, he's behind a camera making short films.

Alicia Nakamoto
VP, Community

Alicia is responsible for building and motivating the worlds most trusted community around any cosmetic procedure journey. She discovered the power of consumer reviews while working at Amazon and strives to bring that same transparency for members researching on RealSelf to make confident choices. Off hours you might find her running, testing out new Seattle restaurants or in front of Trader Joe's selling daisy scout cookies.

Alan Treanor
Chief Analytics Officer

Alan leads the company’s efforts to use data to build new products for the web and improve our services for consumers and doctors. When he’s not exhorting colleagues to test their assumptions with data, he’s on the soccer pitch testing how many goals he can miss before he’s asked to leave the team.

Matt Woodward
Chief Technology Officer

Matt leads the development and operation of RealSelf's systems. Matt repeatedly finds himself at the intersection of business and technology, supporting enterprises with systems ranging from mobile applications that fit in your hand to e-commerce search and transactional systems spanning multiple datacenters across the globe. After hours, you'll find Matt at a hockey game, snowboarding or, on the rare clear Seattle night, observing the universe through a telescope.

Board of Directors

  • Tom Seery
    Founder and CEO
  • Mike Slade
    Second Avenue Partners
  • Rich Barton
    Co-founder Expedia & Zillow

The People who Keep This Place Running

  • Angie, Community Manager
    Community Manager
  • Ashley Gross, Doctor Community Advisor
    Ashley Gross
    Doctor Community Advisor
  • Avinash, Senior Product Manager
    Senior Product Manager
  • Beth, Community Manager
    Community Manager
  • Brandon O'Larey, Executive Producer, RealSelf TV
    Brandon O'Larey
    Executive Producer, RealSelf TV
  • Breanna Anderson, Software Architect
    Breanna Anderson
    Software Architect
  • Casey Durfee, Software Engineer
    Casey Durfee
    Software Engineer
  • Cathy Chang, Engagement Marketing Manager
    Cathy Chang
    Engagement Marketing Manager
  • Chako, Managing Editor
    Chako Suzuki
    Managing Editor
  • Christy Lynn Nakamoto, Doctor Community Advisor
    Christy Lynn Nakamoto
    Doctor Community Advisor
  • Dawn Dixon, Community Moderator
    Dawn Dixon
    Community Moderator
  • Debra Gravelle, Senior RealSelf Advisor
    Debra Gravelle
    Senior RealSelf Advisor
  • Eddie, Front-End Engineer
    Front-End Engineer
  • Erin Gulbranson, Administrative Operations Specialist
    Erin Gulbranson
    Administrative Operations Specialist
  • Eva, Community Manager
    Community Manager
  • Hans, Software Engineer
    Software Engineer
  • Jager, Assistant Editor
    Assistant Editor
  • Jaime, Doctor Community Advisor
    Doctor Community Advisor
  • Jen, PR Director
    PR Director
  • Jenn, Office Manager
    Office Manager
  • Jill, Community Manager
    Community Manager
  • Kate Hebert, Senior Doctor Community Advisor
    Kate Hebert
    Senior Doctor Community Advisor
  • Kim, Community Manager
    Community Manager
  • Kirsten, Senior Doctor Community Advisor
    National Manager Doctor Community
  • Kirsty, Community Support Manager
    Community Support Manager
  • Madison, PR Coordinator
    PR Coordinator
  • Mathew, Software Engineer
    Mathew Corthell
    Software Engineer
  • Matt
    Senior Software Design Engineer
  • Meredith, Administrative Operations Supervisor
    Administrative Operations Supervisor
  • Nghia, Doctor Community Advisor
    Doctor Community Advisor
  • Niki, Community Manager
    Community Manager
  • Niki, Doctor Community Advisor
    Doctor Community Advisor
  • Peter Krengel, Marketing Analyst
    Peter Krengel
    Marketing Analyst
  • Rachel Villiott, Business Development
    Rachel Villiott
    Business Development
  • Remy Munch, Software Engineer
    Remy Munch
    Software Engineer
  • Sadie, Executive Assistant to Tom
    Executive Assistant
  • Sarah, UX Designer
    UX Designer
  • Sharon, Trust and Safety Manager
    Trust and Safety Manager
  • Shaun, Associate Video Editor
    Associate Video Editor
  • Sheila, Community Moderator
    Community Moderator
  • Simone, Internet Marketing Specialist
    Internet Marketing Specialist
  • Sujin Yi, Community Moderator
    Sujin Yi
    Community Moderator
  • Terra, Administrative Operations Specialist
    Administrative Operations Specialist
  • Tiffany, UX Designer
    UX Designer
  • Trevor, Software Engineer
    Trevor Bortins
    Software Engineer

Oh, and We Also Know How To Party