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Created to address sagging cheeks and jaws, this lifting technique literally leaves the face with non-absorbable stitches. Like other surgical procedures, a thread lift can be painful and possibly complicated. LEARN MORE ›

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I was really enamored by the Korean faze of V-shape face that spots a slim jawline and small pointed chin. Then I came across an online advertisement by Tiffany Yang clinic claiming to achieve the result with threadlift done through injections without the need for plastic surgery. I was told... READ MORE

I just wanted a bit of tightening as ive gone through early menopause and did not like my aging skin . I never got the results i was expecting , the bruising was crazy , particularly one line down the left hand side of my face . the left hand side of my mouth looks slightly droopy . and now i... READ MORE

I had heard of k. Wit before through a friend of mine who's a famous Thai beauty blogger. I'm a foreigner (European) living in Thailand, male and 43, so I really relied on her judgment. I'm so happy I did. I went to some clinics, spas and even hospitals before in Thailand and Europe. None of... READ MORE

I had a small, but very real, turkey neck. I bought a groupon for viora treatments at Fountain of Youth med spa in Cerritos, CA. They helped, but the results were too transient. While in the waiting room, I noticed an advertisement for "Lunch Hour Lift." After some research and reflection, I... READ MORE

If there was an option midway between Yes and Not Sure I'd select that! I'm less than a month in so I've yet to see the full results. First off, I'll make it clear that I would NO WAY pay the usual asking price of £3000 for this procedure, for a bit more I could get a proper facelift that... READ MORE

Had threads originally done in Australia at cosmedical solutions in Sydney City in September 2014. Terrible result. Went back and was told could be easily corrected with desired result. Paid more money. Had extra threads in jan 2015 and no change. Do not waste your money. Sent email with... READ MORE

Hi everyone, Yesterday i bit the bullet and went and saw a surgeon to see if i was a candidate for the Thread Lift Plus. This is where they use threads but also suture the neck muscles together and remove the excess skin :) Over the past 10 years i have watched my face begin to disolve on a... READ MORE

While on holiday in Thailand for my 50th birthday I saw a advert for Botox for £100 for 3 areas so I booked a consultation with the Dr. I was picked up from the hotel at 10am by the clinics chauffeur and taken to the clinic. While I was there I read a notice about the thread lift so when I... READ MORE

I did my "Thread Lift" in Dubai. At MIDAS TOUCH MEDSPA by Dr. Antonie Aboud. I was convinced by their Consultant that i need "Silhouette Soft" for my sagging cheeks jaw correction. The amount i paid was Dirhams 6000. Their visiting doctor, Dr. Antoine Aboud did the lift at their clinic, but i... READ MORE

I had wanted this proceedure for a couple of years. I asked my dematologist (in Mexico) about it, and he said I was not a candidate for this lift. 3 years later, I have recently lost 50 pounds and had had 2 sessions of Thermage to tighten my jaw line. I was happy with the results but added that... READ MORE

I have had biopolymer gel and gold threads applied to cheeks and neck. I was not bad looking before, but my neck botherred me a lot. This was on the 8th March and this post-op has been terrible. I hope I will look pretty again soon!! READ MORE

I have Golden Threads and Biological Polymer Gel in my skin. I have got it about 8 years ago and have good result till now. I got very visible result after 3 month and looked about 15 years younger. Now I again need something to do with my skin, that to make it young looking. I'm 60y.o... READ MORE

My daughter was to be married in June and I knew that I would be in the pictures which filled me with dread. I have never been attractive and photos only made me look worse. I met with Dr. Mulholland and he quite literally changed my life. After our first meeting I was reassured that I would... READ MORE

I had the PDO Thread Lift In the U.K at the beginning of June. I paid just over £900. This is a lot of money if it does not work and it was a total waste of my money. The picture of my face is no different just over 2 months later. The procedure was not to painful I would say it was... READ MORE

I'm 29. My lids have always been a bit saggy. A genetical issue. I look bored with a relaxed face. That's why I decided to have a thread lift last year. The doctor and team were great, can't complain at all. The procedure was very fast and painless. 2 Threads were "installed" through the end of... READ MORE

I did the thread lift at Midas Touch Med Spa in Dubai with Dr Antoine Abi Abboud, it was a great experience and i recommend it to anyone who is not yest ready for surgery and needs to get rid of this loose skin on the face. Dr Antoine Abi Abboud told me that i need a number of threads but also... READ MORE

I would like to share my recent cosmetic enhancement experience in Perth WA. At 36, my face had begun to show signs of ageing. Like most Australians, I have a lot of sun damage in my younger years and I have tried Botox before. I looked in to various treatment options available to fix my... READ MORE

"Jeg har sett på nett at det endelig er kommet frem noen sannheter om Marcus Eriksson. Det er rart hvordan vi kvinner er. Etter å ha blitt svindlet har jeg funnet meg i det i flere år uten å si ifra, bare funnet meg i det. For ca. 5 år siden var jeg på klinikken hans og spurte om... READ MORE

I have had three previous procedures with Mr Sforza. All have been excellent. I consulted him about a Silouette thread lift and he asked if I would be prepared to travel overseas for treatment. My first thought was definitely not but when he explained that he would do the actual procedure in... READ MORE

At 70, jowls are the enemy. The results of the in office, non invasive, 'neck lift' procedure, were nothing short of jaw dropping, or should I say "raising". The concept is so simple and elegant, there are two tiny, entrance and exit points of the 'threads' after 45 minutes, and READ MORE

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