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A thigh lift tightens the inner or outer thighs by removing excess skin and fat. The procedure can help reduce the appearance of celluliteLEARN MORE ›

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Just got word that I'm approved for my thigh lift. In 2001 I weighed 347lbs, through a lot of work I now weigh 15 8lbs and am skin. I still have butt aND brest to do, this is the monster! I have had a tummy tuck and arm reduction, but having anxiety about my thighs. I know this is the big... READ MORE

OK, so my story...I lost 150lbs many years ago and have had quite a bit of work done. First Dr - one of the best I have ever had was Howard Bellin in NY - I was very young and couldn't afford him so he let me work it off by building him a website ext. He did a boob job and a tummy tuck -... READ MORE

For over 40 years, I had cellulite and extra skin 5 inches above my knees. I've always been uncomfortable showing my legs because of it and have exercised them to the "max" for many years without any results. I'd tried every cream and gimmick on the market with no solution. I finally decided... READ MORE

I have always had huge thighs but after losing 140+ pounds and a tummy tuck. I was finally able to have the procedure I longed for. Dr. Andrew Trussler's office contacted me after I went on a independent website looking for cosmetic surgeons in the Austin Texas area. I had a free consultation... READ MORE

This will be my forth and final time in Tijuana. Maybe! ???? March 2013, I went down and got sleeved by Dr. Illan. March 2014, I got a breastlift and an armlift by Dr. Cervantes and Dr. Aragon. March 2015, I got a circular tummy tuck with lipo with Dr. Cervantes and Dr. Aragon. Next up is my... READ MORE

Hi everyone,This is my second surgical review; my first was for two BBLs I had in Spain with Dr Aslani. While the first BBL was successful and I was delighted at my results, I succumbed to ‘booty greed’ which led me to go for a less successful round 2. This left me with loose skin on my... READ MORE

I'm only 5 days post op from my thigh lift and brachioplasty. This is phase 2 of my total body lift after 140lb weightloss from gastric bypass surgery and healthier lifestyle and exercise over 8 years. My original surgeon and I came up with a surgical plan. Unfortunately, after my... READ MORE

I was heavy and lost some weight but my thigh were like I had two foot balls ! That is how big they were. I started with lypo in April of this year and went to the gym and lost more weight and they were hanging ! I talked to dr Rayfield and he did the procedure ! Again I had two drains and I... READ MORE

This procedure is going to be done along with my Lower Body Lift that I am having done next week! I don't have much to say about it at this point other than it is greatly needed. Not looking forward to a long scar on the inner thighs, but my arms have healed so nicely they are not really... READ MORE

After getting a tummy tuck in 2014, I knew I would have to get other areas "fixed" after losing a third of my body weight. I was going to work on my arms next, but decided my thighs were the biggest priority after the bulges set off the security scanner at the airport! As I lose weight and... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck and mons lift with Dr. Joseph F. Capella on April 18, 2013. My results were amazing. You may read about it here. So now I've decided to do a total body transformation. I am scheduled for a 6-hr surgery on October 10th. Dr. Capella will revise my tummy tuck to a lower body... READ MORE

I dieted and exercised over 190 lbs. off and now I'm left with skin and dangling fat. I had a brachioplasty on 4/7/15. For my final act, I will have a fleur de lis tummy tuck and medial thigh lift on 6/23/15. I am pretty anxious about the thigh lift; it looks pretty painful. It is... READ MORE

I was dying from the inside out- I'm 4'11" and weighed 375 lbs. then I had a spark of life put into me. I survived an emergency repair of a massive, strangled umbilical hernia. I took that torch of life and ran with it-my second chance! I've lost 225 pounds naturally. I swim, Zumba, and lift... READ MORE

I have wanted to have a thigh lift for YEARS! Nothing ever "went back" after having my twins. I was so self-conscious about my legs; to the point that I never wore shorts in public. In clothing, you could not really tell, but the hidden truth was there! Here enters, Dr. Armen Vartany in... READ MORE

I had bariatric surgery 1/6/2009 after many years of yoyo diets gaining and losing my weight over and over again. Bariatric surgery gave me a new lease on life taking me from a size 26 pants to a size 6! But right alog withthat gfabulous loss is the loose skin from being so heavy - I was always... READ MORE

Ive struggled with my weight since high school. I'm 62 years old and I've finally decided to complete my body makeover journey. It's been a long time coming. Over the last 15 years, I've lost 115 lbs. Through diet and exercise. My highest weight was 240 lbs. I now weigh 125 lbs. In 2009 , I had... READ MORE

Ahh, where did the the time go? One minute I had a nice athletic and strong body with curves everyone wants now (back then we all wanted to be Skinny Minny) fast forward and self care took a back seat to career, family and home and, WHUMPH, I almost doubled in size. ** Disclaimer- I worked for... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck in 07, implants last year and now to finish my journey, the dreaded thigh lift. I have been mentally preparing myself for the down time. I lift weights 4 days a week, teach boot camp 2 days a week and I am working on my yoga certification. It's hard being 114 lbs and leg press... READ MORE

After maintaining my weight loss for several years, I had breast lift and tummy tuck done by Dr. Mathers before I got married. I also wanted to get my thighs lifted. I was so uncomfortable with them that I wouldn't let my new hubby see me naked. He knew they bothered me and he was so supportive... READ MORE

The out come of my surgery was well worth the pain and suffering. Im only 9 days post op but i feel really good not to mention my surgeon what absolutely the best choice. I still have a bit of swelling but otherwise I feel great and Dr. Fisher texts me every night to check on me. He is the... READ MORE

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