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Sculptra is a cosmetic injection containing poly-L-lactic acid, a long-lasting dermal filler approved by the FDA restore lost volume to the face and treat wrinkles. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $1,775

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Pros: None Cons: Lumpy - Lumps last a long time. I had 1 sculptra treatment over 2 years ago. I am still dealing with lumps! I've even had the lumps treated with a steriod called canalog (not sure of the spelling). I am still trying to get rid of lumps. Even the smaller lumps are visible in... READ MORE

I had 1 vial of Sculptra done 5 weeks ago. The derm did not pre mix the vial 2 hours prior as I decided spur of the moment to get the treatment.I would like to know if not pre-mixing the Sculptra powder 2 hours prior can cause problems down the road for me? I also expected it to be painful as... READ MORE

I've had 3 sculptra treatments at $1000 each. I am about 8 weeks post my last treatment and I have seen no results whatsoever. I don't mind when I buy a $50 night cream and don't see any results. But $3000 and the pain, bruising and now a small lump at the corner of my eye? For this I paid... READ MORE

I had one appointment of Sculptra injections 10 months ago to correct my really thin face. I am 47 and in very good health, and Sculptra appealed to me because it "uses your own body's natural collagen". I had no idea how scary that would become.2 vials were administered in my cheek... READ MORE

First Sculptra session was 2/2009: -received 2 vials this session (saw sculptra vial/bottle on the tray next to i believe were 10 syringes) VERY PAINFUL -exprerienced excessive swelling & bruising that was grossly visible immediately and up to 2 weeks -no other adverse effects... READ MORE

Trial run i was not informed it could leave your skin pitted after five years, but i know of no other treatment i have had that would cause this.five years after having some sculptra injections in cheek wrinkles my skin looks somewhat pitted. the surgeon who used the sculptra say is looks more... READ MORE

I have no pros, since the very beginning I had every day a bad surprise and that scared me to death and now I am having anxiety and depression, the cons are that I am having scars like stretch marks and holes in my face, the holes drive to deep wrinkles that I never had before. My doctor does... READ MORE

I believe the folks with bad experiences had bad doctors. My doctor told me that she thinned it with water to help avoid the lumps and also I was instructed to massage the treated areas, 5 minutes, 5 times a day for 5 days after the treatment. I had no lumps and fabulous results that really... READ MORE

I had sculptra done in february because the skin around my mouth and jaw was starting to sag. It really bothered me alot so I asked what best form of treatment was and was told sculptra. I did a little research online and all seemed good. So I then booked consultation with a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

This procedure is the most natural I have ever seen. I actually went to work the next day. I had a few minor marks on my face that were hardly noticeable. the change was intant. the solution goes down after a few days but the transformation was like a miracle. I looked 10 yrs younger and... READ MORE

I am writing in this particular site because after spending an hour or so in here I am shocked at how misleading the info is in regards to sculptra. The truth is that granulomas form - often times they can be seen. The granulomas are permanent and extremely disfiguring. This material sculptra... READ MORE

This product disfigured me, caused lumps, constant inflammation causing pain and distorted appearance, made me physically ill (it is a synthetic) and consequently had very negative effects on my life.  AND, my doctor was a NYC "trainer" for Sculptra.  So, it's NOT about... READ MORE

I went to a cosmetic surgeon for his professional recommendation about fillers. He said my face was thin and a new product "Sculptra" had just been approved by the FDA (2004). At his recommendation, I allowed him to inject Sculptra. I did my homework - read about the usual fillers... READ MORE

Sculptra is only as good as the skill-level and experience of the person injecting you. If your doctor only uses Sculptra occasionally or (even worse-I've actually heard this) sends his NURSE to inject you, RUN!!! This is not something to play around with. I have been getting these injections... READ MORE

I am really liking this product. My treatments are being done 3 months apart...I am on #2 and next  month is my last. My derm is very conservative and has done alot of work with it.  I was a bit nervous after reading so many reviews about bumps etc....He claims the key is the WAIT..... READ MORE

I had two sessions of sculptra to fill in cheek hollows and temples. It seems to work slowly and up to five months later. Anyway, it took a while but did fill in cheek and temple hollows fairly well. No one notices, unfortunately, or fortunately, I am not sure. Would defintely use on temples... READ MORE

Scultra worked great on my under eye hollows.  It lasted almost 3 years. The only problem was that the needle used during the last procedure  (three total - one month apart) left bruise and needle marks (hyperpigmentation) that did not go away.  I don't know if this was due to... READ MORE

I had my first Sculptra treatment yesterday. I'm 56, and although I look great for my age (or younger) I used to be a collagen factory even in my mid 40s and I had lost a lot of volume in an otherwise attractive face. My injections yesterday were 'invasive'. In the temples (thin and... READ MORE

I had sculptra done,to add volume to my midface,not only I see no difference,I developed multiple nodules around my lower intraorbital area and bright yellow discoloration in my midface where sculptra was injected,it lasted 2 years. My doctor told me that after I developed a problem,she... READ MORE

Sculpta is expensive, i will say that.But if your looking for a natural looking plumper face. sculpta is your answer. my face was looking hallow and old.i would look in the mirror and not even reconize the person looking back at me. I had a premature face lift. (i wish now i never would of had... READ MORE

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