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An FDA-approved injectable, Sculptra fills shallow facial lines with small beads made of polylactic acid. As the beads naturally break down, the body may produce more collagen, leading to long-term skincare effects. Typical results last at least two years. LEARN MORE ›
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I wanted a more subtle improvement so opted to go with sculptra. After the first injectin I was so dissappointed I chose sculptra - only because it looked SO DAMN good! The initally results disappeared in a few dys 9as I was told they would) but it still looked (subtley) better. I was not... READ MORE

To give balance and conturing to my jaw and face. READ MORE

Sculptra was injected improperly and caused painful inflammatory nodules. Surgical debulking didnt remove the product and it remains to this day. the foreign body response is unpredictable and it can cause large unsightly granulomas and as been associated with biofilm infections which are... READ MORE

I am 49 years old and just not willing to live with the volume loss in my face which makes me look tired and haggard. I've recently lost weight and am working out and feel great about how I look and feel except for my facial sagging. I was very nervous after reading all the reviews on... READ MORE

Wanted to fill out the folds from nose to mouth. Had two treatments and after about four months, it did its job. My dermotologist directed me to massage my face intensly 3-4 times a day for several days -- not missing any areas. I believe this is what prevented any lumps from forming. She is... READ MORE

Lift skin showing initial signs of sagging. Fill out cheeks. Produce youthful cherry cheeks effect. READ MORE

I hesitated to first write this review, but I thought that maybe my experience would help others. January 2009 I had one full vile of Sculptra injected into my face to the cost of about $900. The injections themselves were not painful, but within five hours I was in so much pain that I was dizzy... READ MORE

Can hardly notice a difference and on top of it, have large,marble size lumps under my skin. I am in a constant state of anxiety about my current bumps growing and the possibility of more forming over the next three years. PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS DONE!!! I don't wish this on anyone. NOT... READ MORE

I went to see dr gail humble to fill in my laugh lines and fill a tiny bit of wrinkles under the eyes (Eyes are a whole other nightmare using restylane). I wanted to use restylane or something like that to fill in the lines around the mouth, but she talked me into getting sculptra on my cheek... READ MORE

My face looks rested and has a glow to it. I look much younger. I did it to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes and lift my eyebrows. READ MORE

I started with laser for removal of sun damage and moved on to Sculptra to balance out my face.The gradual results are terrific.With no down time it was a great choice . READ MORE

I initially was pleased with the results, and used an experienced plastic surgeon. It was even injected near the eyes for hollows, and I never had lumps. HOWEVER, I also used it around the mouth to chin area for marionette lines. The first 3 to 4 injections went smoothly, and it was a very... READ MORE

2 years after injections into both cheeks, I have developed lumps, some the size of grapes in both cheek. The lumps in my right cheek are so noticeable that they have disfigured my face. READ MORE

To freshen up my face, not look so tired and get rid of the deep lines around my mouth. READ MORE

Approx 3 years ago my beautician (who has a long-standing background in cosmetic nursing) recommended Sculptra as an alternative to surgery. She'd been doing my botox and fillers for quite a while so I trusted her and went ahead with it. My only negative at this point was that the whole... READ MORE

I chose to do Sculptra because I have always been very "on top" of looking my best, now that I am older the sagging in my cheeks and chin are making me hate the way I look. I am in excellent shape and only my face is a great disappointment to me. I would have gone for a face lift but... READ MORE

The procedure can take a few times to see the benefits. This wait is well worth it! Yes are swollen for a few days. But after a few weeks you begin to look like “you” again! With a fuller face and better self-confidence. Remember you will slightly swell after the procedure. Then it... READ MORE

Alternative to surgery, no down time. I was nervous having so many injections in my face, but it wasn't bad at all. Dr. Chong put me at ease with her gentle and caring touch. I'm going back for another treatment.   READ MORE

Pros: Natural look that will last up to 2 yrs per my doctor. Friends say I look "great" but can't figure out what I did. They think I lost weight.Con's: noneI did it b/c I wanted to look like a younger version of myself. People think I look 10yrs younger than I am. Went back for... READ MORE

Had Sculptra to fill in fat loss in cheeks and temples due to age and exercise. I have never had an allergic reaction to anything except poison ivy as a child but 5 months after the last Sculptra session(I had 3 and always followed the 5/5/5/rules) I now have nodules & large hard lumps under... READ MORE

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