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An FDA-approved injectable, Sculptra fills shallow facial lines with small beads made of polylactic acid. As the beads naturally break down, the body may produce more collagen, leading to long-term skincare effects. Typical results last at least two years. LEARN MORE ›
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I just had my last treatment of Sculptra yesterday. I am still massaging my face of course-5x a day for 5 days. I love it, I have had no complications at all. For the money spent, you really need to listen to the directions from your doctor! I am 40 years old, and have little body fat, so... READ MORE

I didn't have any awful side effects like nodules, and I hardly bruised at all from the 3 times I had the procedure. I visited the top facial plastic surgeon in a major city. While I will say I noticed an extremely mild fill in my cheeks, I still looked exactly the same. I looked gorgeous... READ MORE

I had Sculptra injected into my face to fill out my cheek bones in Sept. of 2006... 3 1/2 years later i STILL have a huge lump that protrudes out of my right cheek every time I open my mouth. It was PAINFUL to have it done, EXPENSIVE to have it done, and the results were minimal except for... READ MORE

I got the Scultra injections because my cheekbone area (done on both sides)started to sink. However, under one eye I got what looks like unpopped blisters (which I call bubbles) They can stay with me all day and nothing (not even cold compresses) will take them away. I might have one or... READ MORE

Three years ago I lost a lot of weight during my divorce. My face wrinkled so bad I took two sculptra treatments in my cheeks. They told me it was a semi-permanent filler and the effect would be gone in 6 months. One year later the first swellings started to appear and they are now two large... READ MORE

I researched long and hard before I had my first session of Sculptra. When I finally found an injector with a conservative approach, I decided to move forward, one vial at a time. Sculptra has done gradual and excellent job of restoring volume in my face after weight loss.My injector is... READ MORE

I had lost some weight and i felt my face was too thin so instead of going with radiesse to fill out my face i decided to go with something that would look more natural.The effects of sculptra are very natural, hardly discernible. I had two rounds that ended two months ago and i am not... READ MORE

I had 3 treatments of Sculpta Aesthetic over 6 months and love my results. Prior to my treatments, my family & co-workers would ask if I was tired and my reflection didn't reflect me (you know what I mean). I like the gradualness of the correction and that it is my own collagen not some... READ MORE

Botox smoothed out my forehead scar & wrinkles. Sculptra added volume to my face. Thermage tightened my neck.Had three scultra treatments to add volume back to my face. With a few numbing injections, the discomfort from the procedure was minimal.I am very satisfied with the results. I had... READ MORE

I have lipoatrophy on my face due to HIV med. I was told by this doctor Sculptra will work. I can get rid of the sickening look on my face with 3 treatments.I did 2 already and I patiently waited for 4 months. The result: zero. Now my doctor said I need 5 treatments, "maybe" after 5... READ MORE

It was fine, overall. I experienced some pain, but overall I would say it was bearable.The doctor used a numbing cream,that I had to put on 45 minutes prior to injection. The first time I went, I had both Botox and Juvederm. The results were fantastic. I was very satisfied. I did experience... READ MORE

I am a male in my late 40s with serious hollowing in my cheeks, I had the injection (one vial p/cheek) performed by my doctor approximately 10 days ago. The procedural experience was fine, I experienced no bruising but noticeable swelling which actually looked great! But my Dr. explained that it... READ MORE

If there would be an "undecided" option I would have picked that one. I had one injection of Sculptra 7 weeks ago. Till about week 6 I didn't see any effect. Now when I catch my image in a mirror somewhere I think: hmmm, I look good....I think... but I'm not really sure what changed. ... READ MORE

After some weight loss and because of the natural aging process...I'm 45. I started to lose fat volume in my face. I decided on Sculptra because of it's long lasting effects.I am very happy with the results. The Sculptra filled in the hollows under my eyes and also gave me more volume in my... READ MORE

Personally, I can not say for sure if it was worth it or not. My injections were done back in October 2009.After reading all the postings on this site, not sure I would use Sculptra again. I have not had any side effects yet, however I used a homedics massager on my face 2-5 xs a day for... READ MORE

I had been considering other treatments to fill in lost volume over the years but decided that sculptra would be the most beneficial and appropriate becuase of how long it lasts.Even with the numbing cream I did feel some discomfort but it was tolerable. The results really exceeded my... READ MORE

I have had a vigorous immune response to this product. It has been over a year and it is still all uneven and lumpy. Not the look I was going for. It looks like I have a disease, which I may actually have. The foreign body response sets of an inflammatory cascade that is both local and... READ MORE

No pros so far. I did not expect Sculptra to blow up my face and change my smile so much. It's only been a week but I am upset that I may be stuck with this for a few years. I went to my dermatologist for botox which I received and had good experience with for several years. At that time, I... READ MORE

Austin, TX: I have had great results with Sculptra. The key is to get a physician (MD) who knows what he/she is doing and has been trained to use Sculptra. Make sure you ask the physician if he/she has been trained to use Sculptra and how long they have been using it.I have used Sculptra in my... READ MORE

I was never given any warnings. I was told that sculptra was an inert biocompatable biodegradable filler that would stimulate the skin to appear thicker and cover an old injury i had.  I was told allergy testing isnt needed because it is made of the same stuff that absorbable sutures is... READ MORE

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