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An FDA-approved injectable, Sculptra fills shallow facial lines with small beads made of polylactic acid. As the beads naturally break down, the body may produce more collagen, leading to long-term skincare effects. Typical results last at least two years. LEARN MORE ›
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I had Sculptra last year, August 2006 was my 1st treatment and Dec. 2006 was my 3rd and last. Although I did get a lump by the corner of my mouth and a smaller lump under my right eye I was pleased with the initial results that filled out my cheeks, well, now a year later the filler is pretty... READ MORE

I wanted to wait before writing my review. I started Sculptra and Juvederm last November, 2010. I have a wonderul double board certified plastic surgeon who did my rhinoplasty several years ago and I never considered going to anyone else. I was very nervous about the Sculptra... READ MORE

A dermatologist suggested Sculptra to help diminish bags under my eyes. She said volume to my cheeks would help reduce the appearance of bags. All it did was make my face look fat and puffy. I still have bags under my eyes and I hate the way it had made my face look. I can't wait for it to... READ MORE

I had one session. The physician used two vials. I was initially a little shocked by the amount of swelling. My face and chin looked like "fabio" and not in a good way for about 3-4 days. Afterwards, the results were pretty immediate. I look like I did 20 years ago, maybe better. I... READ MORE

I've had sculptra injected on three occasions.  I had spots on my chin under the corners of my mouth that had caved in.  My doctor not only injected (a full vial) into lines around my nose and mouth, but also above my cheekbones.  Someone later told me that I had... READ MORE

I had it done a year ago. It took a long time to see any difference at all and even then I could barely tell. Now I have hard bumps under my eyes. My doctor said it was scar tissue and the only way to remove them is to cut them out. READ MORE

I am a 53 year old male and was diagnosed with HIV many years ago after a 1983 blood tranfusion. I have continued to remain very healthy. With the many years of medications my face had become very sunken in the cheek area, which is common with HIV infection. My goal was not to look younger but... READ MORE

After much research on Sculptra and the long term benefits of using it, I decided to give it a try. I have had several areas treated, including my jawline, cheeks and temples. I could actually see the results immediately! My first treatment was back in December, where I had all of the... READ MORE

Wanted a more youthful, less tired appearance. READ MORE

As a primary caregiver the amount I am under has caused me to loose weight not only on my body but in my face specifically the temple area. I have seen before and after photos of people who have had this treatment and the results are amazing. The doctor that I'm writing about was training my... READ MORE

I have always had a narrow face, but as I've gotten older it has gotten even thinner. At my doctor's recommendation, I went with Scultpra injections in my cheeks and temples. It took several months, but the difference is amazing. Friends, family and acquaintances (that have no idea that I had... READ MORE

Had three sessions a month apart of two vials each time. Cost $2400 each time. The Sculptra itself costs about $750 for two vials so it is very profitable for the doctor. I am a male aged 65. It is VERY IMPORTANT to go to a board certified dermatlogist or plastic surgeon who will himself... READ MORE

I have had one treatment so far, and I am pleased with the results.  The cost is $350 per treatment (two injections per treatment, one on each side of the face).  I am not sure how much he is using, but I think it is 1/2 of one vial per cheek. I am 30 years old, and I actually had... READ MORE

Had Sculptra 6 weeks ago. Changes are very gradual and subtle but definitely an improvement. Bags under eyes seem less visible and jowels seem to be less. My face still looks the same, only slightly better :o) The injections themselves don't really hurt - no worse than the Botox injections... READ MORE

I had sculptra last week. Only 2 ccs in each cheek. I take things slowly so I only got 2 ccs in each cheek. I liked the effect of the water in the cheeks! That night I had the worst post nazal drip of my life. Also I felt like my sinuses were draining water. It is possible that I pressed too... READ MORE

I have had two treatments of the Sculptra, for my acne pitted scarring on my face, i have already tried peels, microdermabrasion, and many topicals...etc... !!! after 2 treatments the face is pretty swollen for a few days, and I have to massage the area 5 times aday for 5 days after treatment... READ MORE

I've had my first treatment. I'm doing one vial at a time so I can monitor it. I was told I'd need two maybe three vials. My doctor was very good. He really emphasized the "massaging". He says its VERY VERY VERY important. I had under my eyes and around my temple done.... READ MORE

Doc told me the dark circles and slight bags under the eye would disappear after just one injection; chickened out after researching on the Net, requested my deposit back, and the answer was "it's non-refundable". Then discovered that a prior condition was diagnosed but not treated... READ MORE

I had sculptra over a year ago....with minimal results. Just recently I've developed knots under my skin. I noticed 4 knots 4 months ago now I have 8. I've gone to my dermatologist and she is stumped. I've taken a round of antibiotics and they bumps are still there. Could this be... READ MORE

I had my first session of Sculptura two years ago. My PS is a big proponent of Sculptura and trains others in injecting. I wanted my nasolabial folds improved and small slight troughs in my upper cheeks enhanced. The first injection was a breeze. A bit of swelling but nothing too... READ MORE

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