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An FDA-approved injectable, Sculptra fills shallow facial lines with small beads made of polylactic acid. As the beads naturally break down, the body may produce more collagen, leading to long-term skincare effects. Typical results last at least two years. LEARN MORE ›
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61 years old and lost over 40 pounds. I now weigh 112. Suddenly has so many vertical lines in cheeks and around corners of mouth. Used ice 10-15 minutes before injections. Felt like little pinches. Very happy with results, I honestly look 15-20 years younger. The right side of my face still... READ MORE

This is in response to the review I just read regarding the injections and subsequent swelling around the jawline. Your experience was the exact mirror of mine. Like you I had sunken cheeks which required 'corrective' filling. Like you, I was injected what seemed like around the jawline... READ MORE

Newbie to art of slowing the effects of aging through cosmetic procedures. I am a young-looking 57 year old who stays out of the sun, works out and fuels my body with healthy foods. I chose Sculptra after researching the options available and amount of time it should last. Arrived early... READ MORE

One vial was injected as a touch up in an area that was injected 1 year ago. One year ago it was injected in the lateral parts of the face which worked out perfectly, this time a new derm injected everything in the cheek hollows. Its 20 days and my before defined, sweet looking face is... READ MORE

Very natural results, went back to work next day with no bruising. I had 2 treatments with 3 syringes of product each time. READ MORE

I am a guy turning 50 this year and have always been told I look young for my age but WOW! I have just completed my 3rd session with Sculptra and the results are absolutely amazing. Most people now guess I'm 35 and have even had a few guess that I'm in my late 20's when i have my... READ MORE

I had sculptra 3 years ago for nasolabial folds and was 100% happy. It took 2 sessions, spaced 6 weeks apart. Today, after abstaining from ibuprofen, fish oil etc for 2 weeks, I had one vial injected to reduce marionette lines and at the cheeks and sides of eyes to give me a lift. The... READ MORE

Dr A used Sculptra on my face in March of 2011 and I have had wonderful results!  I suffered from Polio as a child and needed significant help with the underlying structure of my face.  Dr. A was very thorough and detail oriented as well as extremely gentle during what is a difficult... READ MORE

I did my full face and the procedure was long and very uncomfortable. The numbness was annoying but the deep needle running along my bone was very invasive. I left there with a very sore jaw- I could not open my mouth more than a 1/2in for day. I was very very swollen and sore- I did my... READ MORE

I had two vials of Sculptra and just three weeks post procedure have terrible lumps on both cheeks. I look older, my cheekbones look too high, especially on the left side, my eyes and lower cheeks look more sunken and I seem to find more lumps every day. I am single and was hoping this... READ MORE

I have been doing Sculptra for the past 5 or 6 years. Whereas most fillers last only a fraction of the time suggested by manufacturers, I have found that the subtle results of Sculptra last the 2 years suggested and probably even longer. The results are subtle and so it does require more... READ MORE

The pros for this procedure, is pretty simple injections to the face area, and took about 30minutes per visit,a total of 3 visits are needed. I did notice a great difference being my face is fuller and smoothed out my face . I'm now in my 60's and did need a up lift. Didn't want to... READ MORE

Have thik skin, small face, overall a thin person. This was recommended to fill in the sallowness in my face. Had it done Nove 2010 and am very happy with it. Added some radiesse in Jan, which also helped add volume, basically putting 5-10 ilbs on my face - I'm 47, holding up well, but my... READ MORE

I had Sculptra injected in 2009. Since 2009 I have had a few touch ups - nothing since May 2010 and the results are phenomenal. Most of the volume was placed in my temple area. When I see the before and after pics I am amazed at how natural and subtle the effect is. I just look happier in the... READ MORE

I decided to have Sculptra done for thinning facial volume. I was particularly unhappy with the areas below my cheeks, which appeared hollow. Also slight jowling. I never had any issue with my actual cheekbone area. I had my first treatment today; 2 vials used. Others (on this site) have... READ MORE

After much research and consideration, I had Sculptra injected yesterday.  So far the results are excellent.  I had anethetic cream applied to my face before the injections.  I really didn't feel pain.  It was more a matter of the eerie feeling of having needles stuck... READ MORE

I had Sculptra last year, August 2006 was my 1st treatment and Dec. 2006 was my 3rd and last. Although I did get a lump by the corner of my mouth and a smaller lump under my right eye I was pleased with the initial results that filled out my cheeks, well, now a year later the filler is pretty... READ MORE

I wanted to wait before writing my review. I started Sculptra and Juvederm last November, 2010. I have a wonderul double board certified plastic surgeon who did my rhinoplasty several years ago and I never considered going to anyone else. I was very nervous about the Sculptra... READ MORE

A dermatologist suggested Sculptra to help diminish bags under my eyes. She said volume to my cheeks would help reduce the appearance of bags. All it did was make my face look fat and puffy. I still have bags under my eyes and I hate the way it had made my face look. I can't wait for it to... READ MORE

I had one session. The physician used two vials. I was initially a little shocked by the amount of swelling. My face and chin looked like "fabio" and not in a good way for about 3-4 days. Afterwards, the results were pretty immediate. I look like I did 20 years ago, maybe better. I... READ MORE

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