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Restylane is an FDA-approved gel filler used to smooth facial lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. LEARN MORE ›
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I'm a guy and definitely didn't want to look like I had anything 'done'. Dr.Krant used restalyne in my tear trough area. It was my idea because although the rest my face is ok this area was hollowing out, looking tired. The results were absolutely amazing. I couldn't be happier.  READ MORE

I had a botched rhinoplasty in the past that left a long dent across my nose. Dr. Klein filled it with Restylane. It is a quick procedure and only slightly uncomfortable. My nose is not perfect now, but it is about 80% improved. There is a little Restylane left from the first procedure, so I am... READ MORE

A couple years ago, I had restalyne done by a top eye surgeon who had done waay too much and I hated it.(made my under eyes puffy) After finally having it removed with enzyme- I was miserable with the way my under eyes looked -(don't listen to any plastic surgeon when they tell you that the... READ MORE

Hi. I got restylane in my tear troughs in April witl lille to no side-effects. Then last Thursday (4months later) I had some injected in my nose to correct a a problem following a primary rhinoplasty I had in 2006. The doctor used the remaining product to refill my tear troughs. He used a total... READ MORE

I researched all of the possible side effects and I knew that getting the right doctor was really important for the delicate eye area. It's been 4 weeks and I am very happy with the results. I used to stare in horror at my reflection in the subway on my way home, people used to constantly ask if... READ MORE

I had a lower lid bleph several years ago that left my tear troughs looking very hollow. I had Perlane injected there in the past (haven't had it done for four years so I was sure all the product was gone) but it left a slight bluish tint especially in florescent lighting. After careful review I... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Steve Yoelin for the second time to have my under eyes (hollows) done and he used the rest of the syringe to help lift my cheeks and reduce my marionette lines. Once again the results are awesome! I had very little bruising (just a dot under my eye and eyes usually really bruise)... READ MORE

Dr Gal Aharonov did a great job of filling my upper eyelids with Restylane to fix the damage caused by another doctor (George Marcells) in Sydney who did an illadvised and unnecessary blepharoplasty 6 years before that. Dr A also did the lower lids. He knows the correct science of what... READ MORE

I went to this doctor for Botox. I was talked into having resty under eyes cause I was told my face is asymmetric. My health history was not taken, nor was I given aftercare instructions or a follow up appointment. Right away after the injections under my eyes I knew something was wrong. Huge... READ MORE

I was a little worried about having some Restylane injected into my eye hollows, for obvious reasons..... I did a lot of research and went to several doctors. I did make my final decision to have this done by a octoplastic surgeon not a dermatologist. I felt very comfortable with him and he did... READ MORE

This was my first time having any type of treatment done and I was very nervous, I have a small fear of needles. I really had a great experience I went in early on a Tuesday morning and had restylane done around my mouth upto my nose and in my lips. The staff and doctor were so sweet. I went... READ MORE

Thru browsing I found these site too late. I just had botox to address a deep skin fold in between my eye brows. My face is heavily scarred by acne thru the years but it is now clean and break out free but scarred. The only thing that I just wanted is to ge rid of this deep folds in my forehead... READ MORE

44 year old female starting to see lack of fullness in face with worsening tear 'dents' and nasolabial folds giving a tired look. I didn't want to look 20, just more rested and youthful so I finally took the plunge and had a total of 1.5 syringes of Restylane injected: 0.5 in the dark tear... READ MORE

I went to a Bellevue, WA. plastic surgeon and was pushed toward fat injections and laser peel, none of which I wanted. The Dr. in Portland, OR. plumped my lips, filled in some hollow spots with restylane and some botox around the inside of my eyebrows. ( I've had lots of botox for years but... READ MORE

I went to see Dr. Philip Solomon on July 17 and had Restylane (fine lines) put into my eye troughs. He used a .5 cc syringe. Although it's quite normal to bruise in this area, I had no bruising whatsoever! His staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. I walked away with excellent results and I... READ MORE

I had restalyne for frown lines correction. i had botox several months back but the wrinkles were too long standing to flatten the frown area. my doc told me we can use a filler and then i can get botox in a few weeks if i like the correction. the botox will make the filler last a lot longer she... READ MORE

I had hollows under my eyes and wanted to find a doctor who specializes in injections--since it's a very delicate area and so much could go wrong. I'm lucky to have found Dr. Mabrie. He's fantastic! My under eye hollows are gone (except one area on the left side). It takes time to build it up so... READ MORE

I found Dr. Robert Anolik because of a magazine article about him. He's just so impressive. I have been bothered for the past 10 years about what I call "my face falling down." My friends laugh at me but I thought I looked older than all of them. Anyway, I talked it over with Dr. Anolik and we... READ MORE

I went for my facial filler; procedure 4 days later saw dr who follows me for skin cancer and he froze a small pre cancer above my lip. afterward i began to worry about effect on the filler. I alas neglected to ask either doctor about risks of doing it so soon after filler there. There is a... READ MORE

I had Restyline injected on June 28 - was told by the Dr. That I might have some swollen areas under my eyes for a few days and maybe, MAYBE, minor bruises. WHat I have now going on I can't even describe. I look like I was beat up very bad, I have huge purple bruise under each eye. the area... READ MORE

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