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WORTH IT RATING based on 710 reviews
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Restylane is an FDA-approved gel filler used to smooth facial lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. LEARN MORE ›
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Dr. Kapadia did a fantastic job injecting restalyne into the very pronounced dark grooves under my eyes. A hereditary problem - all members of my family have them - they seemed to be getting worse the minute I turned 30, making me look permanently exhausted. MAJOR difference after the injections... READ MORE

I had 2 Restylane injections. I had 1cc of Restylane injected into each nose to mouth line on the same day. I was delighted because the lines were not visible anymore. I am now 10 days after the injections and the results I had from the day of the injections have completely gone! I look like I... READ MORE

I had it injected around eyes and the corners of my mouth.It didn't take away the shadows under eye completely but gave me my cheekbones back! They make the hollows under my eyes a lot less.I made sure I had a doc who knew not to inject under the skin but under the muscle. Otherwise it can look... READ MORE

I did restylane Sub Q 13 m ago. I have not recover yet. It seems like my body build scar tissue around this filler. I only had a half syringe in each cheek and still look horrible. Worst on the left side. I thought I had a temporary filler in me but there is a lot left. People star at me and... READ MORE

In sales, I need to look and feel my best. In my early 40's I started to notice lines on my face that were not there 10 years ago. Now, with fillers I can look 10 years younger....and who doesn't need that? READ MORE

I had restalyne aprox .3 cc from a .5cc syringe i purchased injected yesterday into my bottom lip only (my top lip I was happy with ) i felt confident and looked good enough to return to work. That evening I had very little swelling, I woke up at 1am to find my lip had swollen uncontrolabley and... READ MORE

My last visit to my doctor was for Restylane. My problem areas were forehead under the eye and laugh lines. She has done other work on me before, so like always i was satisfied with the results. Im a male so i dont want to look like i had anything done my appearance was natural looking which is... READ MORE

As a child & teens I had many surgeries on my eyetooth & surrounding bone which continues with invasive treatment today. I feel like the shape of my face and mouth have changed over time and I missed the lips I used to have. I made an appointment with a local dentist and after the... READ MORE

Post facelift, necklift, chin implant 4 years ago. Started to notice some hollowing around eyes and need for volume in cheeks as Dr didn't inject any fat/filler. Went to reputable PS for resty in eye trough and cheeks-now have jowls where I didn't have them before as surgery took them... READ MORE

I received 4 syringes. I had the crease near my forehead between my eyes and creases around my mouth and my cheek bones done. Everything was fine until day 2 and 3 when my face swelled up so bad (I thought OMG what have I done). I couldn't go out anywhere. However, on day 3 I left for... READ MORE

I had lines around my mouth down to my chin and had the first injection on 3/21/12 after the swelling went down 2 weeks later, still had deep lines went back and did a smaller injection. Today 4/20/12 I can see all the lines forming again. Waste of money, don't do it!!! READ MORE

I do not usually have time to write reviews but Im currently typing since I am really happy with my results. I just had my restylane injection yesterday and Im loving my results. I have no bruising and just very minimal swelling considering that 2 weeks before my treatment I took Arnica, drank... READ MORE

I am a 38yr old mother of 3 and have been looking like I desperately needed sleep! Puffiness under eyes and lines around mouth started to make me feel self conscious so I went looking for ways to correct my tired appearance. Dr. Cohen recommended RESTYLANE vs surgery and I couldn't be... READ MORE

Did injectable and botox. The injectable can be painful, but it is very temporary. Dr. more than just filled in, he sculpted. Excellent ability to know just how much and where to place. After a certain point no amount of healthy diet and exercise, sunscreen or facial care can take away the sun... READ MORE

I hated my tear troughs (under eye bags) but was not ready to do a lower lid blepharoplasty. I was thrilled to find there were non-surgical options, but understood that injecting dermal fillers into the tear trough area required a lot of skill for good results. Hence, I set out to find a... READ MORE

I looked tired all the time and I hated it! I was nervous at first but once he started I saw that there was no pain. I had in mind that having a needle around my eyes was going to be painful, but not at all. He talked to me the whole entire time and took his time. The only thing that I... READ MORE

I have always had a very small upper lip. When I look in the magazines and see all the big beautiful lips on all the models I would wondered what I would look like on me. I finally got the courage to make the appointment and see Dr. Jacobson. Wow what a difference she made. My lips look full but... READ MORE

I have just turned 50 and decided to get restylane under my eyes and botox between my brows. The doc (a dermatologist) used 3 vials of restylane and I have to say that I am completely happy with my results. I had huge bags under my eyes beforehand, and they were immediately gone! I was... READ MORE

Just completed my third treatment in about 4 years and am very, very happy with the results, again. My doctor is both skillful and artistic; both important qualities for obtaining the best results. Absolutely no bumps or uneven areas. I am a 64 year old woman with the normal sagging around the... READ MORE

I chose this procedure to treat under eye bags and i chose this doctor because i felt i could trust her with this delicate task. READ MORE

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