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Restylane is a transparent FDA-approved hyaluronic acid gel used to smooth facial lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. And while it might not sound all that natural, hyaluronic acid is a substance produced by the body. LEARN MORE ›
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I have had the smallest lips my entire life and I have always had insecurities about how thin and lifeless they have always looked. I feared that getting my lips done would make me look fake and silly. I have been doing research for a long time to find the right doctor to help me fix my problem.... READ MORE

I'm astonished with how a simple injection off fillers in my tear trough and cheek area could make such a HUGE difference in my appearance. I saw Dr. Gordon for a blepharoplasty consult. He suggested I use A Restylane instead to hide my bags and plump up my cheeks. I easily look 10-20 years... READ MORE

I have been to see Dr. Leong twice now. The first time I had a tear trough correction using restylane. The results are incredible! I look so much more rested and I don't have to pile on concealer anymore. I've since been back and received restylane in the lips and nasolabial folds in addition to... READ MORE

I received two injections of Restylane around my under eye area in October of 2014, and then went back in February of this year to plump up my cheeks. Dr. Kulbersh does an amazing job of achieving a natural look. He is personable and listens to your concerns and works with you to obtain the... READ MORE

When I first met Dr. Pontell, his first suggestion was to correct the balance of my eyes. I did no even realize they were off. But when I looked at photos I saw the uneveness. So that was just the beginning of my journey to try and stay looking young. He and Kay have been a great team, very... READ MORE

GREAT! In nasolabial fold and periorbital (hollow) areas. No bruising at all! He did a fantastic job! Went back to work the same day and nobody noticed that someone had poked around in my face! I've had more swelling and bruising from a cavity filling than injecting ~ 1.5 ml of filler around... READ MORE

For starters I never write reveiws, but this procedure was a big deal to me. Growing up I've always had hollow eyes, but as I got older (mid 20s) they began to become so much worse. I couldn't smile because they would create two huge creases, not to mention the dark shadows and the fat pockets... READ MORE

Dr. Valdes is an artist! I'm a little young for this sort of filler so I was hesitant to have it done but he explained all of the possible negative reactions (of which, I did have some). And, after the pro/con list, I decided to go ahead with it. The reason that I had this problem in the first... READ MORE

Dr. Draper and her team were absolutely amazing! I'm new to the area, so of course I was a bit apprehensive to try a new doctor. However, I'm so glad my web search led me to Dr. Draper. Her compassion and professionalism made eased all of my concerns. Also, I LOVED how she didn't point out all... READ MORE

My motivation was simple: wanted to get something done to diminish the appearance of my dark circles. When I was referred to Dr. Papillion, I was well read on restylane, and wanted to give it a go. The pro definitely out weighs the con: R was effective, and my dark circles aren't as apparent. My... READ MORE

I have had a couple of visits to see Dr. Martinez-Diaz at Dermatology Associates’ Buckhead office. I left both visits very happy with the care, attention and professionalism I received. Dr. Martinez-Diaz was able to easily identify a couple of pre-cancerous moles and remove them (pain free)... READ MORE

I am 31 years old, and in the past year or so the bags and dark shadows under my eyes had really started to bother me. I discussed this with Dr. Bapna who suggested Restylane to improve that area. I was a little nervous, as this was my first cosmetic procedure with 'injectables' but I am... READ MORE

Has anyone had their tear toughs done in Vancouver BC? Looking for an experienced skilled injector before hand. I am looking to correct tear trough hollows and dark circles. If anyone can recommend someone it would be GREATLY appreciated :) I know this is a very delicate area and the risk of... READ MORE

I could never put enough makeup under my eyes because it wasn't makeup they needed, but filler! I received one tube of Restylane and it was injected through a single poke under each eye via cannula. I had very little bruising, and only on one side that lasted about a week. So happy with my... READ MORE

I went to see Dr Goldman to get rid of my deep laugh lines. It definitely help lighten them up. He also recommended an IPL. Dr Goldman and the staff were very friendly and nice. I would recommend this office. I spend more money than I wanted to but overall, I am pretty happy with the results. READ MORE

I highly recommend Dr. Andrea M. Hui, a board-certified Dermatologist, who is a member of Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology.I have seen Dr. Hui two times for Restylane and Botox treatments, and I am very satisfied with her work. Dr. Hui has studied art, and she is a concert pianist: her artistic... READ MORE

I recently got married and going upto the wedding I had a constant concern about my smile in pictures. For all my life when I smiled one side of my lip would raise higher than the other making me look like I was doing the "Elvis" face in pictures. I saw many doctors for this throughout the years... READ MORE

Another fantastic visit with Dr. Soni. Not eager to undergo chin surgery he offered a chin filler that vastly improves my profile. I do it about every six months. I had minimal bruising based on his recommendation to take a an herbal supplement to help with healing. I would recommend him... READ MORE

I 'd researched under-eye fillers for nearly 2 years. I stumbled across Dr. Gal Aharonov on this site, and I discovered that he also did upper eye filler as well as under the eye. My upper lids were beginning to sag and lose volume, but I was skeptical of fillers and considered a bleph. But... READ MORE

I have visited dr porter a half dozen times and every time I am impressed with the results. She is extremely skilled and very personable. Her staff is always on top of scheduling and reminders. I've never had to wait more than a few minutes for any appointment. The office is up to date and... READ MORE

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