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Restylane is a transparent FDA-approved hyaluronic acid gel used to smooth facial lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. And while it might not sound all that natural, hyaluronic acid is a substance produced by the body. LEARN MORE ›

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I have always had very noticeable hollowness under my eyes since I can remember, as I've gotten older it's gotten worse. Upon searching a plastic surgeon to administer my first ever round of filler I came across Dr. Geppert's website and after 5 mins with her during my consult, I knew I'd be... READ MORE

I had Linda access my under eye "Dark circles" to see what could be done to reduce the tired eye appearance I have had my entire life. Come to find out, I don't have dark circles, but a lack of fat in my "eye trough" area which causes "shadowing" in my under eye area. Linda's suggestion was to... READ MORE

I had some deep creases in my nasolabial folds. Dr. Kim, who I have never been to before, used dermal filler called Restylane to plump up the creases. As far as con, there were none. The pros however are no more deep creases which took 7 to 10 years off my face. I would go back to Dr. Kim for... READ MORE

WOW! It really was an amazing experience.....Office was beautiful and the staff at the front desk are amazing! So professional, helpful and caring! Dr. Ho spent all the time I needed to ask questions and we decided together what the best procedure was moving forward based on my goals. I... READ MORE

I spend hours in the gym working on my physique for bodybuilding competitions. I had marionette lines on my face that were accentuated when I diet down for bodybuilding competitions. I had immediate results from the filler and left feeling fabulous. The filler lasts approximately 18 months.... READ MORE

I've always had pretty thin lips but I never even thought that lip injections were an option. Then after doing some research and speaking with Dr. Janjua about the process, I realized that lip injections were the perfect option for what I wanted. I only wanted a little lift in my upper lip since... READ MORE

Dr. Seldon ended up going to prison for injecting people with fake botox within a short time of our proceedure so it's no surprise that the Restylane he injected into my upper lip (one full CC supposedly but I now know it was maybe 1/4th) left my upper lip within two days and became hard balls... READ MORE

Has anyone had good luck with fillers in the tear trough area with a physician in St. Louis? I've had it injected once successfully, every treatment thereafter has been a nightmare. I have lumps under both eyes. I've had the reversal solution injected and refilled and still look horrible. I... READ MORE

This is my first review for Dr. Jessica Krant, and it has been only 5 days since my botox and restylane. This is my review so far. I will update this review regularly. Since my 41st birthday is next month, I thought it was high time to take care of issues that have been bothering me. As of late,... READ MORE

I was very nervous and unsure about whether to start fillers and/or botox. I"m 42 and had avoided it while many of my friends had started years ago. I went in for a consultation and was really impressed by Dr. Sung. He's like Doogie Howser and an Encyclopedia in a good way. (I"m guessing... READ MORE

I am a 45 year old women who didn't like the signs of aging. My face was losing a lot of fat and I had many wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. Once I went to Dr. Smith, I saw a much younger self! I had Botox injected on my forehead and around my eyes and had Restylane injected around my lips... READ MORE

My motivation is always to look good and youthful. Dr. Rapaport seems to know how to do this without me looking like I had anything done. This is why I have been coming to him for the last 4 years. I can always trust him as he knows where and how to put the botox and restylane without me... READ MORE

Bad outcome, horrible service, overcharged me and had to credit me back after I called. They made my follow up appt in a different state which made no sense. Tried to charge me for the touch up which I was told was included in the original fee. They finally agreed not to charge me but it was a... READ MORE

I wanted to apply filler to my nose to fix the slight bump on the bridge of my nose. Pros: -I didn't have to go through a rhinoplasty. -Quick fix, the procedure to under 20 minutes. -Great price. Cons: -Slight bruising, which cleared in a couple of days. -Pan was very minimal and lasted a... READ MORE

I had a persistent tired look around my eyes and realized I had to invest in myself, and consult with Dr. Schrader. She was very friendly and I was at ease with her recommendation. She was informative, precise, gentle and detailed. I love the results with the filler in my tear through and... READ MORE

I had the MOST wonderful experience with Dr. Aharonov. Do your research....he's a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who has pioneered several cosmetic procedures and techniques. Reviewing his before and after photos, you can see that he has a meticulous eye for facial symmetry and... READ MORE

Dr. Ho is wonderful! His office staff is extremely friendly and office is roomy, clean and very comfortable. He took his time during the consult listening very attentively to my concerns and offering suggestions in order to address my concerns as well as my budget without being pushy.... READ MORE

I love my fillers in my lips & nasiolabial folds but I HATE the swelling, distorted look & pure pain of sitting through a session but after visiting Andrea Crane with Cynthia Gregg, MD......I now am looking forward to my appointments! I had visited her for Botox a while ago at another surgeon's... READ MORE

I'm going to be one of those annoying people that writes a review before actually having a procedure, but for good cause: I want everyone to know right away how wonderful Dr. Hoenig is. If you do your research, you'll find nothing but amazing things said about him in every corner of the internet... READ MORE

I had my lips injected years ago (not at Dr. Nayak's office; from a competitor) and it looked so bad that people were making fun of me! I was nervous to do it again but Raquel inspired confidence. They never swelled or looked bad, just turned out perfect, very natural. The same is true every... READ MORE

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