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Restylane is a transparent FDA-approved hyaluronic acid gel used to smooth facial lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. And while it might not sound all that natural, hyaluronic acid is a substance produced by the body. LEARN MORE ›

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Dr. Darrow is amazing! I went in yesterday to have Restylane injections for the first time and he really put me at ease with his knowledge. He suggested I do .5 cc Restylane in mostly my upper lip and it looks even better than I had hoped for! It's the next day and although they are slightly... READ MORE

I have had fillers a few times in the past couple of years and LOVED how they took a few years off of my face. I have always been careful and my eyes look young, but my lower face started showing some lines - and being very lean in the last few years didn't help my face at all. Last time I... READ MORE

I got lucky. I was referred to Dr. Rahban after an accident that left me with a facial laceration that I thought was going to leave a permanent scar on my face. One of the emergency workers, sent me to Dr. Rahban. Since then, I've seen him on several occasions. I had gained 20 lbs after moving... READ MORE

This doc is probably the only doc I will ever trust with fillers again. She knows her stuff and to prove it she's got tons of before and afters, unlike other doctors who say they are experts but only have a few before and afters, or worse, before and afters from the filler companies. Only... READ MORE

Did not like the results - pooled up. Made my under eyes look worse and caused bags. Doctor became annoyed after repeat visits. I bruised terribly - was left with bluish marks - was given a fade cream and sent on my way. I was vey disappointed. Please understand I did not expect a miracle - but... READ MORE

Yesterday I got restylane lip injections. Right when the procedure was done I knew right away that I absolutely hated my new lips. The nurse put way too much restylane into my upper lip. I went into panic mode because I thought I was going to have to live with my new lips for 6 whole months.... READ MORE

Restylane injections to cheeks, nose, and lips. Saw Dr. Mabrie for a nonsurgical rhinoplasty for a more contoured nose bridge and tip. After years worth of weight change, volume in the cheeks decreased. Restylane injections helped to create a higher cheekbone look and restored previously lost... READ MORE

I have gone to Dr hobgood twice and have my third appointment in a couple of weeks. Before getting this procedure I was really nervous, I had been researching and found out this is a very sensitive area. The injector has to be very skilled and gentle, and that is what Dr. Hobgood has... READ MORE

I was tired of looking soo tired all the time. Dr. Lupo is the only one I trust to inject me. She is simply the best, and you will never look overdone. I drive in from Baton Rouge, because I want someone I can trust. She answers all my questions and makes feel feel relaxed and comfortable. I am... READ MORE

About 2 years ago i had upper and Low eye surgery. I have not been happy as i was still showing bags under my eyes. I been having consultations with plastic surgeons and Iam happy to say I have found my personl plastic surgeon. Dr. Sepehr. He did fillers today and iam totally happy. I... READ MORE

I've always had a deficient midface, but when I hit my late twenties, things really started to decline rapidly. By my 30s, I was desperate to improve things. After lots of research, I decided to try fillers. There were a couple problem areas I specifically wanted to address--my (lack of )... READ MORE

This review has been a long time coming!! I am very picky, so the first time i decided to put Resty around my eyes/ cheeks etc i traveled to LA to Dr H, after seeing some excellent references. Since then i have been to multiple 'surgeons', but honestly no one even comes close. I am usually... READ MORE

I've seen Dr. Rochlin for years. She has the touch of an artist!! Lip enhancement is so beautiful!! Never a "duck face". Great cheek filler!! Very subtle. Always natural. Dr. Rochlin is very personable and professional. She explains the procedures in detail and makes me feel very comfortable.... READ MORE

Wanted to remove the lines around my nose and bags under my eyes. The procedure was simple. Took an hour to numb the area and then the procedure began. Did not feel a thing, did not even feel a prick, nothing. They used an ice roller and numbing cream. The procedure was done in no time. ... READ MORE

I am a 30 year old female and do not have many lines.. But I started noticing slight lines around my eyes. I decided to tackle the "problem" right away! Dr. Maguire did 80 units total for my both eyes.. And I saw results within a day!! On my 3rd day all of my lines are gone!! Love it! I also... READ MORE

As an allergy sufferer with puffy and tired looking eyes, I needed some overall freshening up. Dr. Schmidt took the time to lay out his recommindations for treatment in a way which made me feel comfortable, safe and respected. His bed side manor during the entire treatment process was... READ MORE

I had filler done by Dr. Bomer. First of all, the results were great. I did have swelling, but the doctor and coordinator went over that with me, so I was aware. The results. My brows were lifted, my frown gone! Believe me, that made a huge difference. My lips were fuller and perfect :-)! My... READ MORE

I decided to see Dr. Hessler after reading many glowing reviews about her artistic hand and down-to-earth demeanor. I started to notice my face was looking long and drawn, with many fine lines all over. I have fair, sensitive skin and Dr. Hessler treated me with Dysport, Restylane, and Perlane.... READ MORE

Bumps almost everywhere fillers were injected and it's been well over one month. Bumps have been consistently appearing over time. Eye troughs look no differently than before fillers except my cheekbones are lined with bumps. Went in a week after injections because I had three bumps on my... READ MORE

I had an upper bleph Jan 2014. Technically my surgery was well done and no scars. However, the surgeon and I didn't have the same idea of beauty. I got what he called "perfect almond shaped" eyes but I didn't look like "me". I wanted a correction not a fix. Every time I looked in the mirror,... READ MORE

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