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Perlane is an injectable filler used to treat facial folds, wrinkles, and lips. Some have used Perlane to augment the chin and cheeks as well. In July 2015, Perlane was rebranded as Restylane Lyft and FDA approved to correct both smile lines and loss of volume in the cheeks. LEARN MORE ›
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I switched from Restylane (used twicearound mouth and naso folds) because it never seemed to last more than 3 months and the second time, the pain and bruising was surprisingly bad (same MD as the first time and not a problem then).  I am now on month 4 of Perlane and so far, it is holding... READ MORE

My doctor used it to lift and fill around cheek & jowl area. It was a complete waste of time and left me with a lump in my eye trough that is permanent. The doctor was highly experienced. The product lasted less than 2 weeks. Would not do it again. READ MORE

I first had Radiesse for very deep frown lines (marionette?). People often told me I looked mad. One syringe of Radiesse did not much for me. A little bit better. When I retured two weeks later for a check up, I had already decided I needed more. They talked me into Perlane saying it would... READ MORE

I had been using Juviderm every 6 to 8 months for NL lines ~~~ Great results! Never a problem! I went to my doc 2wks before the trip of a lifetime to Maui ~~ Wanted to look AbFab! She talked me into Perlane at the last minute, saying I would LOVE the results and it would last a yr. I agreed... READ MORE

I'm a pretty frequent user of fillers, but hadn't tried Perlane; and had never had the cheeks done (apples). I went to a fantastic derm that did the Perlane today and I am amazed and  so pleased with the results. I only used one vial in the apples of my cheeks, and it took 10 years off my... READ MORE

Perlane restores volume to smooth facial wrinkles.  A thicker skin volumetric gel used more for mens facial lines. Results will lasts significantly longer as injections are deeper into tissue. First, area is localized w/ Lidocaine-topically; approx.30-45 minutes.  Second, multi... READ MORE

I was really excited to get temp injections. My dr told me it was last a full year so I thought I'd try it. He didn't give me any numbing anything so I wasn't prepared for the VERY painful injections that I got. After, I was pretty swollen but loved the results. I had pretty bad brusing for a... READ MORE

I had Perlane injections in my nasolabial folds. I am thrilled with the results. No pain, very minor teeny bruising, easily covered with makeup and gone in a day or two. The results have lasted a year. I could not be happier with the results and will definitely be going back when these results... READ MORE

I had a combination of restalyne and perlane injected under my eyes and around my nasal folds. I have a little drooping around my jaws and when I went to a few doctors, they suggested a mini face lift. Other doctors said I didn't need one and that the reason my jaw was drooping a little was due... READ MORE

I had two vials of Perlane injected in the corners of my mouth at the recommendation of the doctor. The injections (22 in total) were very painful, and I saw no results. I wound up with lumps inside my mouth that have not subsided. It was a waste of good money, and the doctor became very... READ MORE

I am very please with my results. Perlane was my first wrinkle injection treatment. I had planned to get Radiasse injected because it lasts several months longer, but the P.A. who treated me suggested Perlane since it was my first time . She said that if I liked the results, the having the... READ MORE

The injections were mildly painful, the results were immediate. The nasolabial folds did not hold the gel too long, the marionette lines are still filled, I can feel the gel, and it's been 9 months since the injection date. The nurse who did the injection did not inject proportionately to the... READ MORE

I just had my 2nd round of Perlane having had the previous one 7 months earlier. I only had to have one vial this time as some of the Perlane was still in place and my doctor said my own collagen production had increased. What is really fantastic this time around is I had some put in the... READ MORE

I have used restylane in the nasal folds and was disappointed. I had the nasal folds done a year ago with the perlane and still look great. I would highly recommend it. I really think that the doctor needs to know what he or she is doing when putting it in. READ MORE

I had an RN at a plastic surgery center (where I'd had other enhancements) do my Perlane. I have lumps on my face! The bruising lasted almost two weeks. I have a slight decrease in the ginormous wrinkle, but hardly worth it when you consider that in some lights I look pock-marked. Guess... READ MORE

My lips were flat & looked severe and, from the side, masculine. I saw Dr. Jennifer Henderson in the Larrabee Ctr in Seattle, and asked her to make a new upper lip line about 3 mm (in the ctr, and tapering off) above my real lip line. I had had permanent lip color tattooed in, but you could... READ MORE

I have use restylane for two years with "primo" results in my nasalfolbs, lips, nad marionette lines at the corners of my mouth. I used it every 6 months and was told that I have quite a bit of new collegen growth. Last week I decided I would cut the cost and go for the so-called gold,... READ MORE

I get Perlane injections into my lips every 3 mos. now to plump them up.I get 1 syringe each time.I had tried 2 but it costs too much to maintain at 500$ a syringe and it hurt really bad; I think it over-filled.The pain was bad for 3 days I thought my lips were going to explode and fall off!... READ MORE

Wonderful! Very effective with little down time. Tiny bruise but had taken anti-inflammatory meds the week before so could have been avoided. My derm did 1/2 my face and then let me look in the mirror. Oh my gosh. Wow! Wonderful. Then he did the other 1/2. READ MORE

I don't understand some of these reviews that say it went away right away. Perlane is a larger molecule and is therefore expected to absorb more slowly than restylane or juvederm. I decided to ignore these and try it out and I LOVE IT. I had it done to the apples of my cheeks because I... READ MORE

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