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An Obagi Blue Peel is a type of in-office chemical peel and skin care system used to treat blemishes, facial lines, scars, uneven pigmentation, and acne. LEARN MORE ›
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I had the Obagi Blue Peel less than two weeks ago. My skin used to be very leathery; I had major sun-damaged, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and nasty age spots. My results are unbelievable. My skin and complexion is so smooth and are truly indescribable compared to what it used to be. The... READ MORE

I have acne skin and have always wanted to cry when I wake up just looking at my skin. I Love how it has tighten, brighten and exfoliated my skin. It has helped to kill the bacteria and diminish the appearance of fine lines while leaving my skin glowing!!! READ MORE

I went in Saturday for my Blue Peel and with having this done seven years ago, I expected the worst. Normally, they put one thick layer on, and then apply another layer to another layer. I took a muscle relaxer before I went so I was a little out of it, but lets just say - I left there with the... READ MORE

Hi. I had an Obagi Blue Peel done today. I had my skin prepped before the peel, and my doctor made sure I used the Nu Derm System, and I also stopped any usage of the system 5 days before the Blue Peel. However, my main skin problem was hyper pigmentation marks left from acne, and some... READ MORE

My friend is an Aesthetician and suggested I try this... WASTE OF MONEY, DOWNTIME AND DISCOMFORT NOT WORTH IT. If you ever think that you are ready to try something new even when what you are already doing is giving you great skin? Well think again. I wish I never did this as I supposedly got a... READ MORE

Painful with no results. Some pigmentation even looks worse. PS was great but peel didn't work for me. I recommend her for other things and did see the before/after pix of her other patients who did the blue peel. Sadly, it didn't work on me. In addition to the peel cost, there were... READ MORE

I had several Obagi Blue Peels done over the past five years. The results have been better than lasering I had done. It does hurt during and after the treatment.It is not for a person that can not stand pain. It did take about two weeks to heal. The results depend on the strength used and the... READ MORE

I had the obagi blue peel twice. The first time i didn't follow instructions and went out in sun,and my face stayed bluish. Doctor recommended I do it again-I waited 9 months to do again and didn't go out in sun-well 6 months later my face, mainly cheeks have a dark shade to them... READ MORE

I am a plastic surgery nurse and I attend the National Conferences. I here about products and such forth. I went to the Plastic Surgeon that I work with.I used the Obagi NuDerm system for about a year and wanted to get a face peel or laser. I had bigger pores on my nose and hyperpigmentation to c READ MORE

I had it done 12 day's ago . I have been in pain ever since. red swollen and my face looks like a road map. Iam so afraid I will be scarred for life.I would never do it again and I have had a face lift , eye lids done lipo and breast augmentation and this was the worst .I have taken picture... READ MORE

I didn't like my procedure (Obagi Blue Peel). I was put under general anesthesia and it hurt terribly for a full week after wards and the itching as it was healing was nearly unbearable. I would not do it ever again, particularly if I have a permanent scar on my face.I had a obagi blue peel 6... READ MORE

I had the blue peel just to refresh my look.....and have been very disappointed.The swelling and peeling was terrible and the procedure was tremendously painful (to say the least) The doctor gave me steroids to help with the swelling and redness on the top part of my cheeks. I have been left... READ MORE

Want to help acne scar to light them up. now my face is hypo pigment and red after 2 months. i sign a letter that i any want 4 coats no six .i had obagi blue peel done that was 2 almost 3 months ago my face is hypo pigment and red and i have dark spot a never had befor my doctor told me to used... READ MORE

I started on Obaji Nu Derm Products because i had very bad acne. It cleared my blemishes and brightened my overall skin tone. I was very satisfied, but my doctor suggested that i get an Obaji Blue Peel. Big Mistake! It left my face with a blue tint for 2weeks, and after the blue color rinsed... READ MORE

I was treated with IPL for postinflammatory hyperpigmentation from an acne lesion which caused me to have a darkened scar in the shape of a Cheerio. (Never, never, never get IPL or laser treatments for PIH). It was really difficult to cover with makeup-- and I hated it. In addition I had some... READ MORE

I was told that this is supposed to be a mild treatment and it is going to remove my discolorations and skin spots. The nurse who SOLD me the creams ( you have to prepare for this for weeks) told me they are very mild. I used they creams very carefully and followed all the directions. When I... READ MORE

I have gotten an Obagi blue peel every year or two for the last 12 years (now age 61). Usually I get a 4-layer peel for best effect. The results are very good--smoother skin and diminished wrinkles. However, this procedure is very painful. It's best to ask in advance for a valium and bring a... READ MORE

I am still trying to figure out what is the right laser and/or treatments for me. I have had acne for 2 decades and now want to get rid of the deep scars andwrinkles. I started about 4 months ago with 2 salicilic acid peel, spaced two weekes apart, then a vitalized peel followed by a... READ MORE

I just got a blue peel 5 days ago, and I am so upset over the lack of results. I am 53 years old and my skin always looked good until menopause a few years ago. Now I have blotchy skin on my face. I tried IPL last year with no success, so my doctor talked me into the blue peel. I had 2... READ MORE

I am Italian with olive skin tone, capable of getting a deep tan so I know my skin is versatile. I have read about peels on lighter skin tones and differing results with them. I had an Obagi blue peel two months ago in my doctor’s office. The literature from Obagi said this was better than... READ MORE

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