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Breasts might get a lot of the attention but nipples matter too. In this procedure, doctors alter the appearance of the nipples, be it by rebuilding, reducing, or repairing. LEARN MORE ›
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I knew my nipples were flat, but I did not realize just how bad they were until I started nursing school. I learned how difficult it could make breastfeeding, and the deeper the inversion, the more risk for infections like yeast and candidiasis. I began researching, and no local doctors even... READ MORE

This is a procedure I have been looking into getting for about 15 years. I have hated having inverted nipples. It seems to have tormented me since puberty. For me, it has made me feel like less of a women, like I'm missing a very sexual part of myself. This surgery is very significant for me. I... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Wong in the summer of 2012 by Dr. Nandagopal who did my tt. About 20 years ago I did a breast reduction with Dr. Connor Turely. I got an infection and loft my nipples. I simply had my areola left. It was a horrible experience. I did a skin graft with him but he actually... READ MORE

I really need some advice about what to do, I'm 18 years old and I've wanted smaller areolas for the longest time I'm not sexually active because I'm too embarrassed but my areola size, I don't wana to talk to anyone about it so I really need some help. I am okay with my breast size, about a 34... READ MORE

I'm so happy I did this!! I lost weight but my body just wasn't the same. I had a Mommy Makeover with full tummy tuck, lipo on hips, and a full breast lift. My areolas were huge from haing twins, so in my breast life my doctor made my nipples or areolas smaller. I love it, did't loose any... READ MORE

I have nipples reduction procedure done at Dr. Pousti's office a couple weeks ago, and the outcome was amazing! The size of my nipples were larger compared to other women, and after breast fed 2 kids, the situation got even worse. These oversized nipples bothered me a lot since I couldn't enjoy... READ MORE

I had it together with smart-lipo on the first week on june 2011. I had flat inverted nipple that went in when I was on or cold. And even been a DD I was very self conscious about my weird nipples. It was done under local anesthesia an I was looking; is better not to look. The worst part was the... READ MORE

I have one nipple that is perfect and the other one is misshaped and I want it fixed it has made me low self since I noticed it so like 10 years. I think it is from a accident when I was young like 4 or 6 it literally looks like it is cut a bit off. It isn't as noticeable when they are soft but... READ MORE

I am very pleased with the results of my procedure, the Doctor and staff were all very professional during my visits and were also very nice and pleasant to speak with. The environment was also very welcoming and friendly. I had a mild form of Gynecomastia but opted to have the nipple... READ MORE

Definitely worth it. I've been thinking of doing this forever and wish I'd done it sooner. However, despite being a really simple quick procedure (I did this on my lunch hour) the healing was tedious. For the first few days to a week, you have stents on your nipples which are sewn on with... READ MORE

I first realized I had an inverted nipple when I was heckled by a friend in high school about it, so that more or less set me on a course of feeling something was really wrong with me. It didn't help that in all the health checkups I got over the years, only once did a doctor even mention it. It... READ MORE

I did not like how prominent my nipples were showing through clothing. After the procedure I feel much better and more confident. I would recommend this procedure to anyone with the same issues as me. Dr Grover was very helpful and quick. Procedure was almost painless and the recovery time was... READ MORE

Dr Huang did an amazing job on my surgery. I had a previous reconstructive surgery, 5 years post DCIS lumpectomy from another surgeon. My breasts turned out fine from the surgery, but my left nipple was huge, around 3-4 times bigger than my right nipple! Horrible looking. Like a car with one... READ MORE

Not what was promised,nipple is still prominent,nothing looks different,just took my money and that was it,they did manage to send a nice fruitbasket the next day. I wanted my nipple to be flush with my chest,I'm in the exact same boat I was to begin with. I'm sure doctor does a great job... READ MORE

Alot of you women may relate to me. I have been a classic example of a victim of clinical negligence. the story tells... I went to see my Doctor on June 24th 2013 and asked about details of an 'areola reduction" he said it was a very simple procedure and would take 30mins and can be done under... READ MORE

I have been incredibly self conscious of my third nipple since I can remember (It was located directly under my right breast). After developing and growing up, my once unnoticeable third nipple developed quite a bit and had extra breast tissue surrounding the area. It became irritated during my... READ MORE

Dr zaworski was awesome! I had taken a hair drug called Propecia for 5 years and it gave me knots behind my nipples (gyno).. Prior to Doctor Z, I had it removed 2 times before.. I never looked any different until now after doctor Z.. He's the best!!! It had to cut around my nipples and go in and... READ MORE

I am embarrassed and uncomfortable. I had breast reduction surgery by a different plastic surgeon 10 years ago and have wanted to have this surgery since then. I am excited to be rid of these ugly 'lumps' under my arm, and also have normal nipples. I didn't know that these repairs could be... READ MORE

I was born with inverted Nipples and struggled with my own self-esteem as a male. It was hard for me to go to the beach or pool, because I was not comfortable with the way my nipples looked. The biggest issue I faced was potentially losing the sensitivity that i had with my nipples. After really... READ MORE

The outcome was that my nipples looks proportioned and symmetrical. I have breast fed two babies in the past and it doesnt look anything like it. I feel like this surgery has changed my personal insecurities.  I wish I had known how well it would tuen out beforehand, I might have... READ MORE

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