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WORTH IT RATING based on 163 reviews
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A neck lift gets rid of excess fat and skin (think no more wattle). LEARN MORE ›
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Dr. Zarrabi did a neck lift on me on the 19th August, 2013 and I'm so extremely happy that I did. After I lost nearly 100 pounds, I was stuck with a wobbling gooseneck. Really not pretty and I had to do something. I went and saw Dr. Zarrabi in his beautiful Santa Monica office, where I was... READ MORE

I am turning fifty in a month. I like to be physically active and slim. I was happy with everything, but my neck was sagging badly. The procedure was done under local anesthetic and Valium. Really very easy. The first 2-3 days and nights you use your pain killers to relieve discomfort. Just... READ MORE

Has been a difficult recovery, very uncomfortable especially my left ear. Had both neck and face lifted and some skin removed around the eyes. Left ear incision (behind ear) is larger than right, raised and very sore to the touch including the entire ear. Front incisions are healed and cannot... READ MORE

I am a 67 y.o. Male I had a relatively non-invasive neck lift. Only 3 stitches. It was performed exactly like promised. There was minimal post procedure pain, done in an outpatient setting. The pre and post pictures demonstrate objectively that Dr. Rubenstein did an excellent job. I am... READ MORE

God I can't wait to finally get this over with, I'm not the kind of person who can stand still a lot and I'm also quite an having neck surgery wasn't exactly blissful but gosh, all that hideous excess skin is gone..and the double chin. All the hard part is gone, the dressing, the... READ MORE

My name is Gianna Smith and I'm a 50 yr old transgendered MTF who chose to have a neck lift and chin reduction at the Visage Clinic in Toronto. I am writing this review 5 weeks after the procedure. I was first attracted to the Visage clinic after having read online reviews of Dr DuPere... READ MORE

I work in a school and students would often ask me why I was frowning. I would tell them "I'm not frowning, my face is hanging!" They would laugh and I would say just wait until your my age! I had a droopy jawline and a saggy crepe neck. I looked old, tired, and worn out. Sometimes I would catch... READ MORE

From the time I was in my 20's I had skin under my chin that just never looked good to me. I have never been over weight but I always had extra skin that I never liked. When I would smile it would give me a double chin and I hated the look. I always just dealt with it until this year now 48... READ MORE

I had a neck lift 5 days ago and am thrilled with my results already, even though I'm still fairly swollen and bruised. I have felt no pain thus far in recovery, and have only taken Tylenol 4 times (had no need to take prescribed Vicodin). My neck has felt tight and sore, but nothing... READ MORE

I had done one year’s worth of research, including interviewing a half a dozen docs. I found one of the best resources that helped me narrow down my choices was the honest feedback, the reviews and the Q&A I read on Real Self. It helped expand my knowledge base of both procedures and... READ MORE

I had a large hematoma discovered the morning after surgery. It was like 2 grapefruits hanging from my neck. I went to the dr he suctioned it off. Next 3 days orange jelly ball, suctioned again, next 3 days golf balls, suctioned again it was gone with firm dried blood under skin. thankful dr.... READ MORE

Im 44 year old mom of 2 young children and had a mini lift/neck lift and lower bleph w/ Dr Lay and it was done under local. I had minimal bruising and it's healing very well so far. I'm 5 days post and it's looking better everyday. The procedure itself was comfortable and I was given something... READ MORE

My experience with Dr Miller started with a consultation in late 2011. Dr Miller was very professional as well as friendly and took his time with me , answering all my questions without rushing through the consult. He was honest and open about my needing a neck lift or not and told me I just... READ MORE

I inherited a fat, loose jowled neck under my chin and despite only being in my early 40's it was already getting fairly pronounced, so I chose to have a neck lift / platysmaplasty with some lipo to get it all put it all right. I underwent the procedure on an outpatient basis under light... READ MORE

Overall experience was non stressful. I felt no pain after procedure. Took no painkillers. There was slight discomfort due to having to wear a cervical collar for 10 days. Very happy with result. Prior to procedure I was well informed, knew what to expect and so was able to prepare mentally for... READ MORE

I recently had a lower face and neck lift from Dr. Sadati in Newport Beach. He was recommended to me by a girlfriend who had same procedure. I am 62 and had thought about a face lift but the down time and possible complications were making me hesitate. When I saw the beautiful work Dr. Sadati... READ MORE

Dr. Rieger gave me back 10 years!! I just turned 50 this year and was becoming more and more unhappy with my sagging jowels. I am very fit otherwise, but just didn't recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror. I chose to go to Dr. Rieger for a consult about possible Botox. He... READ MORE

If your face or neck is giving you cause for concern, visit Dr. Toft for a consultation. I originally met with Dr. Toft following dreadful results from a smart lipo procedure to my neck that was performed by a different doctor. Given my age (55), Dr. Toft explained that my neck muscle and skin... READ MORE

I decided to retrieve my fading looks,and couldn't have chosen a more wonderful team of artists. Dr. Sarmela Sunder is wonderful. My post operative pain and healing prosesses were well taken care of and well done.At just over one month post op, I am getting rave reviews from all that know me.I... READ MORE

Everyone keeps asking what I did to look so great. Is it a new hair color, bangs, etc.? The results of the neck lift and fat transfer are so natural that the last thing an one thinks is "face lift". The usual result is a stretched look and puffiness for months. Trust me, I know. dr. Karam's... READ MORE

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