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WORTH IT RATING based on 208 reviews
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Wave goodbye to that wattle. A neck lift removes excess fat and skin from around the jaw line and is often done as part of a faceliftLEARN MORE ›
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I noticed a turkey neck after losing 40 lbs. More importantly, others mentioned it after the weight loss. I did extensive research on a corrective measure and found that surgery was the only option. I also read about the recovery period and the potential complications before I consulted with... READ MORE

I like my neck lift a lot and I also did my eyelids. My recovery for some reason has been very slow. Just me I guess. Just waiting to see how badly I scar, if I do. However, the doctors have been fabulous. I am glad I did it and hope to have my stomach and boobs reconstructed at breast surgery... READ MORE

My wife came to Dr Capone for per-lane injections at her lower face. While with her at one treatment I asked Dr. Capone if something could be done about my turkey neck He advised me that my condition could be addressed within reason. The procedure basically involved a section of the skin... READ MORE

I am 53 years old and the only thing about my appearance (other than needing to drop a few pounds) is my neck hangs like a turkey. I was in Dr. Maloof's office having a suspicious freckle removed and I inquired as to whether something could be done to improve my neck. I have been advised Dr.... READ MORE

I am 49 years old and had noticed for the past few years the skin under my chin in the early stages of sagging. I tried Ultherapy with some improvement, and added Juvederm to my face (I’m fairly thin) which helped some as well, but it didn’t restore my appearance to the way I looked in my... READ MORE

You only have to speak to Dr. Yang to know that he is one of the few cosmetic surgeons that works from the heart and not the wallet. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Yang. He performed a Necklift Plus procedure on me 8 months ago and just did an unbelievably amazing job. He is not just... READ MORE

My nightmare began with Dr. Usal using the Giampapa stitch. After unhappy with results he sent me to the inventor of procedure Dr. first I believed he wanted to help and did a revision, after another revision because that was not right, I finally was okay for about 3 years until... READ MORE

Dr. Claude Noriega performed my surgery and I couldn't be happier with the results. His bedside manner was wonderful, and he was thorough in explaining everything about the procedure and realistic expectations. I had a mid-facelift to improve the appearance of my neck, mouth and eyelid surgery.... READ MORE

I am 48 years old and of average height and weight and I am a smoker. Up until my early forties when my neck and jowls started sagging, most people guessed my age as being early thirties. From about age 42 I began dreaming of having a neck lift. I waited until I was old enough it would last... READ MORE

When I first met Dr. Popp, I was so impressed that he spent so much time with me. He asked me lots of questions about what I really wanted from the surgery. I was planning on having a face lift. As we talked about what results I wanted, Dr. Popp felt like I didn't need a full face lift. He asked... READ MORE

After spending my entire life with what Dr. freeman referred to as a "heavy neck", I now am delighted to say this is no longer the case. Until consulting with Dr. Freeman, I never realized that part of my issue with my neck was the fact that my chin did not extend far enough. He suggested a... READ MORE

The out come was wonderful, my neck looks 20 years younger. 2 weeks after the surgery my son came to my house from out of town and didn't know I had the surgery. No bruising or scares that showed. He said I looked relaxed. I also had Lipo to my back. Healing time was quick. Had surgery on... READ MORE

I'm surprised by the amount of contour given already. This is just 24 hours post opp, so I expect the skin to have a "pinched" look from the compression garmet. The reason I put "not sure" is because it's so early on to see what the final results will be. Wanted to start here though. I'm not in... READ MORE

Look a little bit more youthful. Get wrinkles out and a neck lift. Dr. Said would apply fat on my cheecks........According to doctor it wasnt too much what i needed....Went for surgery on February. Procedure took much longer than expected ..anesthesia costs went up a lot. After six months I... READ MORE

I have been troubled by a "turkey neck" which seemed to get worse every year. The procedure was relatively painless with very little discomfort. Dr. Agarwal and his staff made my experience a very positive one. They made me well informed regarding every aspect of the procedure and made every... READ MORE

Was not worth it. looked better before neck lift dr. Fozo should only do nose jobs was told if I was not happy he would re do or fix what I was not happy with at no cost when the time came to re do my neck lift dr.told me he would need $ 2000 more to help pay for nurse and any other help... READ MORE

Was so excited to get a neck lift for my 55th birthday. I had jowls that needed to go away. Well after all I went through I am left with a very obvious ripple under my chin. I am not sure what is worse, the jowl look or having an obvious surgery scar with the skin bunched up. I wish the... READ MORE

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my surgery (neck lift) and although I am feeling well, (no pain, some numbness, some swelling) . I followed my doctor's instructions I iced and slept on recliner for the first 7 days and on day 8th I started the heat/massage on my neck area which I feel that is... READ MORE

Dr. Ferraro was very clear and informative about the procedure, recovery and results. The only difference between his estimation of return to exercise differed in my case. I found that I needed approximately 3-4 months to return to a normal workout routine. I found the results of the procedure... READ MORE

July 10th I had a lower face lift by Dr. Athre. My case was particularly difficult due to a birth deformity on my chin and neck, numerous radiation treatments as a baby, previous surgeries from age 5 onward, some poor work by another surgeon, and of course aging (I'm 63.) I'm 20 days from... READ MORE

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