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Wave goodbye to that wattle. A neck lift removes excess fat and skin from around the jaw line and is often done as part of a faceliftLEARN MORE ›
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After liposuction of the neck 10 years ago, my neck contour improved, but it could have been better. Today, the same "no angle" neck has returned and I believe this trampoline system will help. I'll update after the procedure. Just an update. I had general anesthetic (the... READ MORE

I am 42 and am bothered by the appearance of early sagging under my chin. I am 5'3" and 120 pounds and look relatively young except for my chin/neck area. I lost about 30 lbs a few years back and that is when the sag became noticeable. Nervous, but excited too. I will post some before... READ MORE

I had a La Jolla Lift (neck, chin and jowls), a Total FX laser resurfacing, and fat transfer to under-eye puffs and sallow cheeks. I was very concerned about my mouth being "stretched," a giveaway on some cosmetic procedures. My before and after photos are startling! I think I look... READ MORE

My girlfriend Wendy has been modeling for years. She's had a lot of plastic surgery over the years to help further her career. When I saw the photos of before and after of her I had to admit. Wow what a difference. I'm a normal guy who makes a decent income. I've been constantly... READ MORE

I had a neck lift in Sept 09 and a revision in Dec 09, however the creepiness on my neck still remains. My neck lift included an incision around my ear lope and into my hairline on the scalp. The surgeon did not carry out submental dissection, nor do I have a scar under my chin. Please can... READ MORE

Very pleased with the results. Was not very painful. Dr Amadi explained the procedure very well and it went just as described. I had very little bruising and swelling (used Sinecch) after the surgery. I still have some tightness in front of my ears and in the center of my neck, but much of the... READ MORE

I have nothing but high praise for Mr Gary Ross, as I'm now into my 60s I told myself that I do not want to grow old gracefully, as that way you still grow old and I wanted a face that more suited my mental age, which most certainly was not 60 !! So I made a decision that I wanted a neck and... READ MORE

Although I considered myself a healthy person through diet, exercise and weight control the aging experience came upon me quickly after menopause. I was disheartened by my wrinkling neck and sagging jowls. I had tried fillers and was pleased with the results, but they were short lived. A good... READ MORE

I am 45 years old and already have cording in the neck and some jowling. My chubby face- which was kinda cute in my 20's is starting to go south on me, so I will be having a combined neck and mini facelift. I found a great doctor and will be starting my pre-op testing soon. Because I will be... READ MORE

I could not be happier with my results. I was constantly playing with my "Turkey Neck" Looking in the mirror and pulling back my loose neck skin. Then I decided to take action. The staff was very comforting, the procedure went very smoothly. I started around 11:00 and was in my home by 4:30... READ MORE

Earlier this year, I had a neck and lower facelift performed by Dr. Fuentes. I have just passed the three month mark, and could not be happier with my results. I have known Dr. Fuentes for several years, and have great respect for his professionalism and expertise not only to assess what’s... READ MORE

I had that ole turkey neck. Dr Athre and Sandy first off put me in complete ease regarding the procedure...they didn't BS me. Dr Athre is completely straight forward and not intimidating at all, very down to earth. My first visit dealt with what procedure I wanted then getting Dr. Athre's... READ MORE

Clinics were clean, facilities modern, nursing staff professional, my questions were answered by surgeon, anesthesiologist, technicians, etc. I never felt at any point that my care was compromised or my requests ignored. Pre-tests included standard blood, urine, etc., then did an EKG, spoke with... READ MORE

A friend’s friend had her neck done by Dr. Lohner, so I saw her, and I was so impressed at how natural her neck looked. I also love the “after” photos in his photo book. Everyone looked so natural, but not overdone. I had neck lift, injection of belly fat in my cheeks and deep lines... READ MORE

I had that turkey neck going on - loose flaps of skin under my chin. After some on-line searching and then getting a recommendation from my dermatologist, I visited Dr. Weber and his staff for a consultation. The office is clean and comfortable and the staff is very friendly and welcoming. Dr... READ MORE

I was very excited about getting my sagging neck lifted before my 50th high school reunion. It was relatively painless, but I was greatly disappointed with the results as the left side of my face was higher than the right side; plus my left ear was numb. After 3 weeks the doctor told me to... READ MORE

I am a 46 year old man who eats well, exercises daily, dresses decent and enjoys moving with the city. All that being said, there was one area that would not cooperate, my neck area from side to side & from chin to my lower neck. It was always difficult to see any positive advances made in... READ MORE

I noticed my lower neck was sagging. I had a lift of my upper neck and lower face ten years ago and it was time for a refresher. Dr. Brackup, who I saw ten years ago, again did a subtle, fabulous job. There was some slight aching but no actual pain and the recovery time was less than two... READ MORE

I was unhappy with the appearance of my neck as I am approaching my 60's. I have always planned on having a facelift but after my free consultation Dr. Tholen declined to complete the procedure stating I did not need it. He did not try to sell me on extensive procedures we discussed my... READ MORE

When I turned 64 years old I decided I needed to rejuvenate my face. My skin was tried and looked ruddy, my wrinkles were getting deeper and deeper, my neck was starting to sag and the fat as a young person had slowly diminished. I wanted to find a facial plastic surgeon that could give me a... READ MORE

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