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Wave goodbye to that wattle. A neck lift removes excess fat and skin from around the jaw line and is often done as part of a faceliftLEARN MORE ›
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I am 42 and am bothered by the appearance of early sagging under my chin. I am 5'3" and 120 pounds and look relatively young except for my chin/neck area. I lost about 30 lbs a few years back and that is when the sag became noticeable. Nervous, but excited too. I will post some before... READ MORE

I had a La Jolla Lift (neck, chin and jowls), a Total FX laser resurfacing, and fat transfer to under-eye puffs and sallow cheeks. I was very concerned about my mouth being "stretched," a giveaway on some cosmetic procedures. My before and after photos are startling! I think I look... READ MORE

My girlfriend Wendy has been modeling for years. She's had a lot of plastic surgery over the years to help further her career. When I saw the photos of before and after of her I had to admit. Wow what a difference. I'm a normal guy who makes a decent income. I've been constantly... READ MORE

I had a neck lift in Sept 09 and a revision in Dec 09, however the creepiness on my neck still remains. My neck lift included an incision around my ear lope and into my hairline on the scalp. The surgeon did not carry out submental dissection, nor do I have a scar under my chin. Please can... READ MORE

I've always looked young for my age, but for the past year or two I'd been bothered by sagging eyelids and a bit of a neck "wattle". I've never had a long neck, so the extra fat pad and loose skin was making it look even worse. As for the eyelids, one eye was a lot more closed than the other, so... READ MORE

Starting to get both nervous and excited about my upcoming operation so i have decided to diary it. I shall be putting up the before photos in the next week. I have doubts about my sanity at doing something so drastic but i am confident the end result will be worth it . I had no problem with my... READ MORE

I hated looking in the mirror, tried every cream and potion, nothing worked. I knew I couldn't undergo general anesthesia, as I had terrible complications in the past. I wasn't able to pay the amount plastic surgeons were charging for neck lifts, not to mention lower face lifts added to it. ... READ MORE

I consulted with Dr Jacono in August 2014 about having a neck lift. I'm 49 years old I have a youthful appearance, my skin is smooth on every part of my body except for my NECK. I noticed the skin on my neck starting to sag a few years ago and I wanted to do something about it before I turned 50... READ MORE

Initially I went to Dr. Chiu-Collins for an Ultherapy consultation for my neck area. Based on my expectations, she recommended a neck-lift and possibly a chin implant. I went with the neck-lift. I had the surgery under local anesthesia and was so comfortable with the process, I actually slept... READ MORE

I am physician in st louis. I did a lot off research and read a lot off reviews on the matter. I found Dr Nayak to be a well trained, board certified, plastic surgeon who is also has boards in E.N.T and cosmetic surgery. During my first meeting with Dr. N, i was very impressed with his... READ MORE

Dr. Repta was worth every penny. I saw several doctors but I felt the most confident with him, his understanding of my desired results, his conservative-where-he-should-be attitude, but willing to do what he could to achieve what I was hoping. I saw him today, about 1 week post-op, and express a... READ MORE

I noticed a turkey neck after losing 40 lbs. More importantly, others mentioned it after the weight loss. I did extensive research on a corrective measure and found that surgery was the only option. I also read about the recovery period and the potential complications before I consulted with... READ MORE

I like my neck lift a lot and I also did my eyelids. My recovery for some reason has been very slow. Just me I guess. Just waiting to see how badly I scar, if I do. However, the doctors have been fabulous. I am glad I did it and hope to have my stomach and boobs reconstructed at breast surgery... READ MORE

My wife came to Dr Capone for per-lane injections at her lower face. While with her at one treatment I asked Dr. Capone if something could be done about my turkey neck He advised me that my condition could be addressed within reason. The procedure basically involved a section of the skin... READ MORE

I am 53 years old and the only thing about my appearance (other than needing to drop a few pounds) is my neck hangs like a turkey. I was in Dr. Maloof's office having a suspicious freckle removed and I inquired as to whether something could be done to improve my neck. I have been advised Dr.... READ MORE

I am 49 years old and had noticed for the past few years the skin under my chin in the early stages of sagging. I tried Ultherapy with some improvement, and added Juvederm to my face (I’m fairly thin) which helped some as well, but it didn’t restore my appearance to the way I looked in my... READ MORE

You only have to speak to Dr. Yang to know that he is one of the few cosmetic surgeons that works from the heart and not the wallet. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Yang. He performed a Necklift Plus procedure on me 8 months ago and just did an unbelievably amazing job. He is not just... READ MORE

My nightmare began with Dr. Usal using the Giampapa stitch. After unhappy with results he sent me to the inventor of procedure Dr. first I believed he wanted to help and did a revision, after another revision because that was not right, I finally was okay for about 3 years until... READ MORE

Dr. Claude Noriega performed my surgery and I couldn't be happier with the results. His bedside manner was wonderful, and he was thorough in explaining everything about the procedure and realistic expectations. I had a mid-facelift to improve the appearance of my neck, mouth and eyelid surgery.... READ MORE

I am 48 years old and of average height and weight and I am a smoker. Up until my early forties when my neck and jowls started sagging, most people guessed my age as being early thirties. From about age 42 I began dreaming of having a neck lift. I waited until I was old enough it would last... READ MORE

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