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Wave goodbye to that wattle. A neck lift removes excess fat and skin from around the jaw line and is often done as part of a faceliftLEARN MORE ›

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I'm a 56 year old woman that has wanted this surgery for 10 years! I increasingly with each succeeding year found myself pulling my neck up in front of the mirror, "If only..."! Well my "if only" was realized just 2 short weeks ago! Even though I still have swelling (my cheeks are still firm),... READ MORE

I was hoping to have my surgeries in Austin, TX but after seeing all of Dr Harley's results on RealSelf I've decided he is the surgeon for me. I have a 12 year old son and I adopted my 4 year old foster daughter. I don't want to look 50 when she starts kindergarten. I look like she should be... READ MORE

My expectation would be to have a non existent double chin, shaper jawline and appearance of elongated neckline. The double chin that I have is hereditary and no matter how much weight is lost or gained the double chin remains. I am reminded of it every time I smile and take photos. ..... READ MORE

I have been pondering this for a year and tried other nonsurgical techniques, creams-you name it. I have been religiously been taking care of my skin since 40 (and sunscreen earlier) but the neck is a no-win situation. No amount of clean diet, exercise, botox or cream was gonna work. I work... READ MORE

There are not enough words to describe how wonderful Dr. Lampert is. I had been thinking of doing this procedure for the past 8 years and it wasn't until I met Dr. Lampert that I felt it was the right time. He is not only an amazing doctor with great expertise and a magical hand he's also a... READ MORE

Over the past two weeks I've pondered how to begin telling my story. I've decided to begin at the! And then I'll take you back to the beginning....the beginning with Dr. Mark Karolak. It's been two weeks since my procedure and I feel great, I'm looking like I used to-and it's... READ MORE

I have been speaking to Coordibator Avi from his office for the past 6 months or so. The nail issue was I needed transportation to and from San Diego with accommodations that I wanted set up as I have never actually drive to Tijuana Mexico alone. Finally after constant communication Avi referred... READ MORE

Having lost a lot of weight, I hate that my neck made me look old! I am so very happy I had this done. My neck is longer and no skin hanging . The procedure was not bad. I did not need to take any pain medication . All I took was Advil and I was back to the gym in 2wks! Wow Dr Rayfield work is... READ MORE

After a lot of research and consultation, I chose to get a lower facelift with Dr. David Harley in Asheville...I'm three weeks away! All of the reviews, pictures, his phone consultation with me, have given me the confidence to go through with the procedure. I'm glad he does it without general... READ MORE

My neck was from my chin to my chest. Surgery time approximately 3 1/2 hours. My pain level was good I took Tylenol 500mg 2 every 4-6 hours for the first week. When I took my meds I took whole in applesauce to make it easier to swollow. I feel great. If I had to choose over I would make same... READ MORE

Had my surgery done today. Upper and lower bleph and neck lift. I have been studying up for the last 2 years, reading reviews and looking up photos and although I have seen and read about lots of bad results, I have seen many fantastic results that have made many of the clients look 20 years... READ MORE

An amazing experience from start to finish. Small staff felt like family. They were kind, compassionate, and caring. Dr. Harley...a kind humble expert! When he says you will walk in and in 2 hours you will walk out, he meant it. My pain level on a scale of 1-10 was actually a .25, so yes,... READ MORE

Approaching 60 - I wanted my taut neck and jawline back! As we age our earlobes distend so I also had my earlobes shortened. After much research and consultations I chose "the neck expert" Dr. Rosenberg in New York. His delicate surgery skills were responsible for the easy recovery - notice no... READ MORE

Can't remember what I paid... somewhere around $11,000 in South Florida for both procedures. The most expensive cost was the OR. 2nd highest price was the anesthesiologist, the anesthesia and 3rd was the procedure itself. Expensive in the states. I would do it again in a heartbeat, but... READ MORE

I've been reading real self reviews for multiple procedures for some time. On my wish list: neck lift, breast lift, and waist lipo. I'm sure there will be more along the way as I intend to keep my beauty forever :) I found Dr. Harley and his Biltmore lift and finally knew I had found "the one"... READ MORE

I was happy with my appearance with the exception with how my neck was showing signs of age. When I would look in the mirror my eyes would drop down to my neck which was saggy and I had rings around my neck with a turkey waddle. I had a neck lift by Dr. Perlman and I can honestly say it was the... READ MORE

I was beginning to show age ing and I work with a lot of young people,,so I decided to invest in me, I did a lot of research and found doctor Ress has been awarded Best PS in Boca Raton, so I decided even though it was a little higher than everyone else, I would choose him. Worst decision I... READ MORE

Retired in 2011 and I wasn't happy about how my neck looked. On January 2, 2014, I went to a new hairdresser. Surgery on our necks were discussed. She told me the owner of the shop next to hers had had the Biltmore Lift by Dr. David Harley in Asheville. I met the lady and she showed me her... READ MORE

Realself is the best of everything an internet site should be. I have read and researched on it nearly effortlessly. I am having a Biltmore Lift, midface and neck lift with eyelift on Sept 11th st Dr. Harley's in Asheville NC I Read about Lilygirl and renaissance lady on realself and realized... READ MORE

There are no words to describe what Dr. Ip has done for me. I have tried writing this review several times now and every time I think of how this man has changed my life and the way I feel about myself at 57 yrs old...I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and tears stream down this beautiful face he... READ MORE

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