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The mini lift goes by many names — think of the Lifestyle Lift, for example — but the goal is the same: get the results of a traditional facelift in less time for less money. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,650

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Bottom line - my surgical experience was fantastic! At the consultation, he listened to my concerns and thoroughly discussed my expectations. He was spot-on with his questions and only offered suggestions at my request, no pushing or pressure at all. I was also very pleased to discover that... READ MORE

I am a bit of an exercise nut,since moving abroad had started running more regularly this with gravity took a toll on my face and l suddenly no longer recognised the jowled craggy necked person in the mirror.I tried the fillers and Botox ,no chance.i didn't want to resort to a full face lift but... READ MORE

My girlfriend and I were looking for a noninvasive procedure to help with our jaw lines and drooping necks, which is what brought us to Dr. Bassin. For our consultation Dr. Bassin let us go back together. He really listened to what we had to say and was very honest with us. He told me... READ MORE

In May 2012 I had a mini-lower facelift and platysmaplasty performed by Dr. Leroy in Atlanta. I interviewed 4 doctors before deciding on Dr. Leroy as I felt he had the best overall credentials and experience in facelifts as well as a wonderful bedside manner. Being a very healthy life-long... READ MORE

First of all, I am a real patient of Dr. Brent Moelleken and this review is completely authentic...not paid or receive any benefits for posting my experience! I am 43 years old and had several procedures face lift, upper and lower eyes (blepharoplasty), brow, CO2 laser resurfacing,... READ MORE

Wanted to have these procedures done while I was still medically healthy and able to heal quickly. Pros were better skin tone; cons bruising and discomfort. The procedure took several hours; recovery in the office was an hour. Comfort measures with ice and medication minimized the discomfort.... READ MORE

Worried about having a 2nd mini face lift after 3 years, adding a lateral brow lift this time with the same surgeon, I 53 years old, I had dental implants done with back teeth and had no back teeth for 6 months I don't think this helped my procedure I should have had this done prior to the mini... READ MORE

I recently had a mini lift 6 months ago, and I was blown away with how non evasive the quick turnaround time for the healing process and the overall out come. I interviewed at least a dozen doctors in regards to my thin face that decided to move forward. I have several sister whom are older and... READ MORE

I also had a lower eye blepharoplasty and juvederm to my lips. I had the procedures done in the in-office operating suite, which I highly recommend. I was given Valium and pain mess about 30 minutes before the procedure began under local anesthesia. Totally comfortable during the procedure... READ MORE

I was not happy with my looks for sometime. I did not feel as though I was aging gracefully (jowls, deep creases in my face and then the turkey gobbler). I had seen the commercial on TV and called for an appt. I decided I wanted to get to two different consultations by two different doctors but... READ MORE

Every time I looked in the mirror I saw hanging jowls and that turkey neck. When my 7 year old granddaughter wiggled my neck and mocked "gobble-gobble", my decision was made. I am coming up on 8 weeks after the procedure and I definitely would do it again. The first 24 hours was hard but so... READ MORE

Eliminated jowls and tightened sagging chin. Greatly reduced or eliminated wrinkles in cheeks, and even seem to reduce some of the wrinkling in my chest. I feel like this procedure has shaved off my perception of 10+ years of aging in my face. I spent 3 days downtime in home, but slept with... READ MORE

I have posted this review in every website that matters because I think he is just great..and well, I am just so happy I can not contain myself...I had a miniface lift with Dr. Thomassen a couple of weeks ago. I am very surprised by the a good way. I was not expecting it to look... READ MORE

I had been researching on-line for the longest time information about mini face lifts. I had visited a couple of plastic surgeons in my area but could not find one I felt comfortable with or whose price was not prohibitive. One of my friends who snowbirds in Florida gave me the idea of looking... READ MORE

I had a mini face lift, fat grafting and a MicroLaserPeel. The procedure was done in the office and was virtually pain-free. I took a pain pill after the procedure, before I left the office, and did not use any more of the pain medication. It was hard to eat the 80-100 grams of protein, as... READ MORE

Have had ongoing cystic acne and scarring for 56 years. Sought out laser treatment but was told it would not work on scars of my depth and on looser skin of my age. Instead, dermatologist proposed mini-face lift to stretch out and flatten scars and remove some of the excess sagging skin. Had the... READ MORE

I live in Chicago and have a disfigurement on my left cheek due to a facial procedure by another doctor that turned out terribly. After repeated attempts to correct the issue, I saw a procedure advertised on this site by Dr. Domanskis. I flew to the West Coast to meet with him. He suggested the... READ MORE

I have to start this review by stating the Dr. Lee Laris is an AMAZING cosmetic surgeon! No one wants to grow old but we all do. I eat healthy, exercise daily and do my best to take care of my body. However, the neck and face sag with age and exercise cannot help this area. I decided I wanted to... READ MORE

I have been wanting to have this procedure done for the longest time but nerves have kept me postponing. I met Dr. Thomassen and felt he was the one and this one the right time. Still a little anxious but excited at the same time. I just want to look like I did 15 years ago...As for what I have... READ MORE

I had a mini face lift and my immediate results were great. Looked 10 years younger but scaring around the ears limited hair style and withing 4 years I saw the same "droopiness" on my upper eyelids and jowling. For the money, I would recommend MiXto laser FIRST and see if you get the results... READ MORE

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