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WORTH IT RATING based on 149 reviews
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Also known as the Weekend Facelift, Quick Lift, and Lifestyle Lift--the mini face lift is less expensive, with shorter incisions, and modest results. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,650

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Have had ongoing cystic acne and scarring for 56 years. Sought out laser treatment but was told it would not work on scars of my depth and on looser skin of my age. Instead, dermatologist proposed mini-face lift to stretch out and flatten scars and remove some of the excess sagging skin. Had the... READ MORE

I live in Chicago and have a disfigurement on my left cheek due to a facial procedure by another doctor that turned out terribly. After repeated attempts to correct the issue, I saw a procedure advertised on this site by Dr. Domanskis. I flew to the West Coast to meet with him. He suggested the... READ MORE

I have to start this review by stating the Dr. Lee Laris is an AMAZING cosmetic surgeon! No one wants to grow old but we all do. I eat healthy, exercise daily and do my best to take care of my body. However, the neck and face sag with age and exercise cannot help this area. I decided I wanted to... READ MORE

I have been wanting to have this procedure done for the longest time but nerves have kept me postponing. I met Dr. Thomassen and felt he was the one and this one the right time. Still a little anxious but excited at the same time. I just want to look like I did 15 years ago...As for what I have... READ MORE

I had a mini face lift and my immediate results were great. Looked 10 years younger but scaring around the ears limited hair style and withing 4 years I saw the same "droopiness" on my upper eyelids and jowling. For the money, I would recommend MiXto laser FIRST and see if you get the results... READ MORE

At 66 years old I was past the recommended age for a mini facelift, but general anesthetic was not an option I wanted to consider.   READ MORE

I met with Dr Egozi for possible laser or injections for "liquid facelift". He was very kind and explained how I was better off with a mini-facelift. I was a little reluctant but after meeting with other surgeons they all agreed. I liked his bedside manner and his pictures on his website were... READ MORE

I had a Biltmore Lift on 12/7/12 (Friday). Slept most of the day after the procedure. Had bandages off next morning and releaxed most of the day. Took one pain pill (as precautionary) and nothing after that. No pain had a bit of swelling that went away quickly. Went out on Monday for a short bit... READ MORE

For years since approximately the age of 32 I have tried every treatment under the sun for my sagging sun damaged neck and nothing ever worked. I have just had a mini lift 11 days ago and I am thrilled with the results. There is still a lot of healing to do and the initial few days were worse... READ MORE

I am 43 years old. I have been going to Dr. Nayak’s for approximately 4 years for Botox injections. The one thing that I have always hated about my body is my double chin. Even when I was young and thin, I still carried fat in my neck/throat area. Instead of having a nice straight jaw line, I... READ MORE

I had a mini face lift done with Dr. Thomassen a couple of weeks ago. I am just delighted with my results. I had the procedure done at the office under local anesthesia and it was completely painless. I did take a little valium before the procedure to take the edge off. However, I did not even... READ MORE

I am satisfied with my neck lift (not perfect, but a whole lot better, though when I look up I still have 4 bands that protrude...I will ask about that on my next appt) I am satisfied with my jowels (they still exist, but to a lesser degree), and I am happy with my lower cheeks (although I still... READ MORE

I reached a point in my life that I was seeing changes in my face and neck that I was unhappy about. I am making changes in my career in the near future so I wanted to look my best for what's coming next. I came to Dr. Gross after a co-worker had a mini lift, the results were amazing. I... READ MORE

At the tender age of 42 I had already developed jowls, sagging skin around my eyes, lines around my mouth and an over all tired look to my Face. This was all thanks to over 20 years of smoking, working long hours and very dry skin due to genetics ...Well, I quit smoking, I am not working as much... READ MORE

Left scars still years later. Since have consulted other doctors and they said it was the way he stitched and pulled before sutures. Later went for injections because after spending thousands it still did not look nice or lifted. Should we have to get injections? No! But still the injections did... READ MORE

After much consideration, I decided it was time to do something about my chin and jaw areas. My age was beginning to show with a noted loss of volume in my lower face. I'm two weeks post-mini lift and cannot be happier with the results! Now my reflection more closely mirrors how I feel about... READ MORE

I has been only 10 day after my Mini Facelift surgery. Probably you might be thinking that I am still pretty much swollen, bruised here and there, under a pain taking Tyrenol...but I look perfect! What I mean here is that I look like I never had a surgery - only 10 years younger than before. I... READ MORE

Having a neck lift from Dr. Wire in Chaska, MN was by far one of the best things I have ever done. It was an easier process than I expected. I had local anesthesia and the recovery period back to work was about 5-7 days. I am now 8 weeks out and feel very normal except for tightness under my... READ MORE

Had been thinking of getting a mini facelift for about 7 years. I'm turning 50 soon & decided now was the time. Not sure how "mini" it really was. Surgeon said it was a vertical facelift but mini. Incisions in hairline at temple, inside front of ear & extending into hairline behind... READ MORE

I had a mini face lift by Dr. Jonathan Pontell on Sept.20, 2012. I am thrilled with the results! My jowls are gone and I look like I did years ago. My husband loves the new younger looking me! It was not painful at all. I had the surgery done under Mac sedation. I had swelling on the 3rd day but... READ MORE

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