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The mini lift goes by many names — think of the Lifestyle Lift, for example — but the goal is the same: get the results of a traditional facelift in less time for less money. LEARN MORE ›

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I went in for a mini-facelift. I wanted to remove a sagging jaw line. At my follow up appt I told him my neck looked better but I still have the saggy chin line. He said I can get a touch up in ten years. I'm very disappointed. He left the room, didn't come back but sent in an office girl to... READ MORE

I'm very happy with the results of a minimally invasive mini-face lift Dr. Rochlin did for me in January. I'd gotten opinions from several surgeons, but Dr. Rochlin was the only one who listened to what I was saying and proposed the minor amount of work I was looking for - everyone else wanted... READ MORE

I'm a fairly youthful, slender 60 year-old. Hadn't needed anything (my husband and friends said), but I didn't want to be like my mother at age 70ish and say, "I wish I'd done something when I was younger". Noticed that I was getting the traditional family sagging chin and had very crepe-y neck... READ MORE

I saw an ad for Dr. Ambe and clicked to be forwarded to his before and after gallery of breast augmentations. I have never liked my breasts but felt that it was maybe past my time to get a boob job. I did, however, think about maybe some sort of facial rejuvenation. I have purchased products... READ MORE

Dr. Yee is a true professional. I am 72 years old, and I finally decided to have something done about my lines and crevices. Dr. Yee was the perfect answer! He did a great job during the procedure and with his after care as well. He is a great doctor, and I am extremely happy with my... READ MORE

It has taken me over 4 years to finally find the right procedure and the right doctor. I had saggy jowls which made me look grumpy and I did not want to be a grumpy grandmother. I had given up because of all the bad facelifts and other less invasive things with terrible reviews. Then I... READ MORE

I am a 60 yr old woman who decided to give myself this procedure as a present for my 60th birthday. I met with Dr. Nagy twice before the procedure and he informed me that the mini face lift was done in his office under local anesthesia and would take approx 2 hrs and minimal pain. He told me... READ MORE

I am not new to plastic surgery and this was my first surgery with Dr. Ahn. He was by far the best I have ever been to! He and his entire staff are wonderful and caring. I had a mini facelift recision and neck lift. I feel great and have received compliments without anyone really knowing what I... READ MORE

I started to see real sagging in my neck with strange vertical lines, some lower jowels and sagging around outer eyebrows. I looked tired even though I had a great night's sleep! I wanted to look refreshed but not 'Done". Dr. Armonte in Roseville performed a lower face-lift, neck lift,... READ MORE

I always had some excess skin on my eyelids. I was never able to put on eyeliner without it ending up under my brow and eyeshadow never showed well either. As I aged of course it got worse. I just wanted my eyes to have nice lids. Dr. Miller told me that my brow would also have to be... READ MORE

I wasn't happy about wanting to hide from the camera when I'm with my Grandchildren. The procedure was painless with minimal discomfort post procedure. My chin and neck look so much better. I have 1 week of down time. I feel great 3 weeks post. Thank you Dr. Seiger, you did an awesome job. my... READ MORE

I'm in the business of collecting the best in my life, surround by positive, professional,competent,brilliant,kind and Talent just to begin. Dr. Sunder is all of the above and my face look refresh, natural and I'm so Thankful to her, She did the Magic! Never felt pain, it was a fast recovery, I... READ MORE

I learned of Dr. Harley through a TV commercial. But I was convinced to have the Mini Lift after seeing two of his ex-patients. They looked beautiful and had nothing but praise for Dr. Harley and his staff. I am in my mid-seventies, and a friend who had not seen me for a year said to a mutual... READ MORE

The surgeon fee was $8,700 which I think was reasonable for full eyes and a mini lift that included muscle tightening at neck and cheeks (no shortcuts). Hospital was about $3,500 and anesthesia was $2,200.To my unexpected surprise the pain has been very very BAD where the stitches are: above... READ MORE

I had an S-Lift done by Doctor Jacono in December 2013. At the time I was 57 years old and felt that the image I saw in the mirror did not properly represent the person I was inside. The last few years had rapidly created sagging skin on my neck and jowls. I had only done limited research when I... READ MORE

I was refered to Dr. Smith by an MD in the area. Dr. Smith and his staff have been most competent, kind, and patient with me. I had a mini face lift and upper and lower eye surgery. My surgery went well and I have healed as expected. I lost several years off my facial appearance. I highly... READ MORE

I'm so happy, after taking much time to decide, that I chose Dr. Mardirossian for the S-lift and brown lift. His staff is both professional and so nice. Dr. Mardirossian answered and explained everything thoroughly. After looking at his before and after photos, his work is amazing. The... READ MORE

After years of running which caused some sag in my face, at 48 years old I opted for the simple and quick mini face lift procedure. It made an immediate and amazing difference. Easily took ten years off of the age of my face. Such a quick and painless procedure. I did it under local which was... READ MORE

I had a few procedures done at one and recovery was not easy. I was bruised and swollen for at least fist two month. I could not feel some parts of my body/ like area around ears, forehead. By all that is absolutely normal and i had a clear expectations. I wanted to do the surgery because as... READ MORE

After turning 67, I realized I was tired looking due to jowls and a sagging neck. I wanted an improvement on my neck and chin and decided to go with the mini-lift with a chin implant. I wanted a subtle, natural looking improvement and I'm so happy with the results. I would highly recommend Dr... READ MORE

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