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The mini lift goes by many names — think of the Lifestyle Lift, for example — but the goal is the same: get the results of a traditional facelift in less time for less money. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,600

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I'm a 40 yr old male, who has recently undergone a upper and lower mini face lift, to restore my youthful appearence. The pros were, the price for a mini lift is cheap, when compared to a full face lift. Also, I was wide awake for the entire procedure. There was no pain, during or post... READ MORE

After years of running which caused some sag in my face, at 48 years old I opted for the simple and quick mini face lift procedure. It made an immediate and amazing difference. Easily took ten years off of the age of my face. Such a quick and painless procedure. I did it under local which was... READ MORE

I had a few procedures done at one and recovery was not easy. I was bruised and swollen for at least fist two month. I could not feel some parts of my body/ like area around ears, forehead. By all that is absolutely normal and i had a clear expectations. I wanted to do the surgery because as... READ MORE

As my face has become noticeable flabby since I hit the age of 50 more than average, I had felt, partially more due to its roundness and chubbiness. So I would want to have a soft and natural looking lift-procedure rather than drastic change. Through web-search I have found Dr. S Hassan and his... READ MORE

Based on your experience and results, can you recommend a facial plastic surgeon in the Atlanta area? I've had one consultation and have two more scheduled, but would love to hear and see results from actual person in this area. Seems difficult to ask friends or acquaintances for referrals when... READ MORE

I just turned back 10+ years in my appearance when Dr. Orseck did a mini face lift with a partial laser abrasion. I am 68 and I knew I needed a regular face lift but I didn't have the money and didn't want to be put to sleep. I saved money for months and for just under $5k, Dr. Orseck did this... READ MORE

I live close to the border. I want a mini face lift within the next 6 months in Tijuana. Id like to pay between $3500-$4000 for everything and I will definately be paying cash. I am 53 and my skin is good but I daily wear face tape to pull back my face. Any experiences, recommendations,... READ MORE

I was 40 years old when I first noticed a neck chord on the left side under my chin, which increased over the next 6 years running down almost to my collarbone. I was using botox to relax it until I decided that a permanent solution would be best, so I researched accredited plastic surgeons and... READ MORE

After years of smoking, I did considerable damage to my skin and had wrinkles on top of wrinkles. Liked the idea of a mini face lift because I did not have to go under. It was done with a local and was awake throughout the whole procedure. I also like the fact that I got instant results. ... READ MORE

Nov 5 2014 I had a mini facelift, neck muscle repair, CO2 laser on eye lids and below eyes. Nothing done with forehead. Have been going to Dr. Herte since 2011 for fillers and botox (very pleased); after 3 years of debating about it, I finally took the plunge (age 60). Excellent results and... READ MORE

I had an mini lift, chin implant, lip lift and some fat into my lips, all up around. So thrilled. I can't seem to locate him now 13 years on. I wouldn't trust anyone else, a lot of surgeons can talk about how good they are, have offices in the most expensive areas and do horrible work. That was... READ MORE

I had to go back to the office 3 times to open up my wound because it was bleeding internally. The 3rd time i had to tell him to put a drainer because i did not want to continue with the same problem, which he did and everything was ok after that. The problem was that the result on that side... READ MORE

Dr. Ransom to the rescue! In Nov. of last year I had a mid and lower facelift in So. California. I went to a Cosmetic Surgeon who had done what seemed to me a good job on a friend of mine. I remember the last thing I said to her before they put me out was "Please don't give me "pixie ears"!" (If... READ MORE

After a lot of research and going back and forth over the course of 2 years, I was finally ready to do something about my sagging neck and jowls. First, let me say that I was set on seeing a physician that was double board certified and only did facial plastics. I didn't care if the doctor... READ MORE

I am 59 and remained very young looking until 2 years ago then my jowls starting sagging and the lump of hanging skin under my neck. Very nervous about upcoming Safelift with Dr Malouf in Ft Worth. Every time I look in the mirror all I see is the sagging neck. Hope to look refreshed after... READ MORE

I am in my 50's and wanted to look "refreshed." My greatest concern was that I not look like I had had plastic surgery .... but a more youthful glow. Dr. Colgrove is amazing and did an incredible job with both the lift and fat injections in my face, giving me back some of the plumpness of the... READ MORE

Going through a divorce and needed a little help with a new beginning. I hated my sagging chin, it made me feel old. I checked into Lite Lift, did research and decided on Dr. Nichter. He and his staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. I was worried about pain and getting sick with surgery. It... READ MORE

I wanted a facial mini-lift because I was not happy with the jowls. Dr. Coyler perform the surgery 2 years ago and now I need another lift. Was not happy with the outcome. What a waste of money. Also, he never arrives on time. I had to wait over 1 hour because he was running late. By the way he... READ MORE

I had toyed with the idea of a mini facelift for over a decade, but that last set of photos my daughter sent me, where I had thought I looked good but was dismayed at the masses of wrinkles I saw, was the deciding factor. I am SO happy I did it, and I love the way I look now. It's just about... READ MORE

I'm in my early 50's and recently had a Mini Lift to address my neck & jowls. I was noticing sagging in my jawline and neck that really bothered me and made me look older. I am 1 week post op and already thrilled with the results! Dr. Solomon was able to tighten up my jawline and neck looseness... READ MORE

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