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Mesotherapy is intended to break up fat cells and help reduce the appearance of unwanted body dimples (cellulite) through a series of chemical injections. It is not approved by the FDA, and several medical organizations caution against the procedure. LEARN MORE ›
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Mesotherapy made my thighs and butt worse than they were before and I now have cellulite where I did not before. Although I have always been tone due to working out for most of my life I've always had some cellulite on my butt (the kind you can see through pants). I went through five... READ MORE

I did mesotherapy for a double chin. I now have loose skin instead. I think it can be worth it but beware that it will take many treatments, you will have swelling and brusing for about a week, you may need laser treatments to tighten the skin afterwards.I have loose skin from mesotherapy, what... READ MORE

This was the biggest mistake I ever made! It did far more harm than good! I have permanent scarring and discoloration 2 1/2 years later and will never be able to wear shorts again! READ MORE

Was the most painful experience of my life, hands down! Also very painful walking and sitting for days after! Recommended,Not!!! Painful sitting and walking for days after as well.I had it done 2 years and 2 months ago. Still bruised, although much better than initially.Any suggestions on how to... READ MORE

I received Mesotherapy on the back of my thighs, buttocks and inner thighs. It was uncomfortable but bearable. I had visible bruising which was to be expected.I exercised regularly with a trainer and lost inches but still wanted to rid my lower body of those stubborn areas that just wont go... READ MORE

I just had two babies within exactly two years.. didnt excercise much and even tho i didnt gain much weight in my second pregnancy, i still feel now that my body changed forever my abdomen has become significantly wider (love handles).i excercise a lot but it doesnt do the work for my love... READ MORE

I had 30 treatments with both endermologie and mesotherapy(with needles), no real pain or big bruising. My skin was actually firmer(a big problem for me) and cellulite( I didn't have much) disappeared. I stop treatments 1month and a half and I think I'm even worst and getting worst... READ MORE

I has mesotherapy and liposuction. Both were very painful. Both got rid of uncomfortable fat. I did it because I could not attain desirable results with exercise and dieting. READ MORE

I got the mesotherapy treatment done on my inner and outer thighs 3 days ago. It was not painful whatsoever. I absolutely hate needles and I always work myself up for no reason. I was seriously freaking out because I hate the thought of tons of needles being stuck in my skin. Anyway, it went... READ MORE

I am searching for anyone with a solution- had mesotherapy done to reduce the bone on the bridge of my nose. It worked & looked great for 2 months.Two patients in the office now have delayed complications- cysts/bumps that appear. The only temporary solution has been to inject with... READ MORE

I had five treatments for upper and lower abdomen. Not only was it extremely painful ( like a thousand bees stung me ) but I saw no results. After all the swelling wore off my stomach was bigger than before the treatment.I did not lose an inch, but I did loose a great deal of money. Not worth it! READ MORE

My weight is 115, wow she is thin how lucky. Well, no I'm not because I have a 36 inch waist. So I did the Mesotherapy yesterday and this was very painful. Didn't like the experience at all. Today 05/01/2009 I'm still in pain and bruised all over. Hopefully this works. READ MORE

I tried 6 treatments of mesotherapy along with 4 treatments of Triactive about 2 years ago. The pain was awful even with the numbing cream. The worst part was about 4 hours later. You get really bad bruising and swelling to where you can't even sit. That might be worth it if it did it's job but... READ MORE

I had read that small amounts of fat could be melted with Mesotherapy. I had a very small double chin I wanted to get rid of. After applying some numbing cream, the RN pulled the fat under my chin and injected this meso. I don't know which hurt more, the injection or her pulling my fat so much... READ MORE

I'm not an overweight person, I just have those stubborn love handles that I cannot get rid of. So far I have seen little result, I am only on my 2nd week and I have faith and really think the outcome is going to work. The process doesn't really hurt just the swelling and burning... READ MORE

I had it done to my legs and the only cons were the constant pricking during the procedure and the pain and nausea after it. However after just one treatment I can see a change in my legs. I am definitely going back. The thing not understood by some people that the doctor explained to me is... READ MORE

I went for a mesoreduce treatment on my face... I am always vain and always never satisfied with my facial shape.  Boy it hurts during the injections. I had like at least 30 injections on each side... you can imagine how painful I had to endure throughout the whole process, but I was... READ MORE

After months of research, I decided to go for Mesotherapy instead of SmartLipo. The thought of a surgical procedure was just a bit too much, even though most of what I've heard regarding the procedure has been good. My entire life I have been dealing with larger arms. I'm very fit, workout... READ MORE

Well I just had my second treatment done. It is way painful so I do dread the sessions but I have so far not seen the small knots or scarring that I am reading about here on the other reviews. That kinda scares me. If you want to know what the pain is like it starts off a little uncomfortable... READ MORE

I am 24 years old and I exercise 5 days a week. I watch my diet and I am very healthy. I wanted to lose that little bit of belly fat that I couldn't seem to burn off. They told me that I could attend my exercise class the next day with no problem, so I thought no big deal. Well, when I got home... READ MORE

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