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Hey Yilly dolls to be ! Finally after so much research I've decided Yily is the one for me. I am 5'3 ,128lb and a 36year old mom of 3 (13-9-3) .I have been anxious to get this procedure done for many many years. I had my oldest at age 22, and no joke I was so little and skinny I was 90lbs and... READ MORE

I am a mom in her mid-40s, who has always been fit, but have realized in this past year that my body is not responding to exercise the way it has in the past. I want my hour glass figure back, and I am worried about my body looking like a "block" as I start aging. I have contemplating getting... READ MORE

Who knew the hardest part of getting plastic surgery would be finding the right doctor, NOT paying for it. ALL of this is scary from the safety standpoint but also getting the results you paid thousands of dollars for. I just want a smooth flat stomach and a nice rack. Is that too much to... READ MORE

Hi Everyone, I really need your help! I’m confused as to who to select (Dr. Manuel Espalliat or Yily De los Santos) to have Liposculpture (Stomach/back/arms) and fat transfer to my buttocks and hips. I’ve heard that both doctors are reputable. Has anyone heard and/or seen of these... READ MORE

I received my confirmation and I purchased my flight ticket so exciting! May 3 I arrive to DR and I have 3 days to spend it with my family plus my sister in law is joining! I just had two kids and I feel like my body is not the same. I can't wait to get the surgery done and again that my... READ MORE

Hi, I am going in to see Dr. Arabitg for these procedures and am wondering if anyone out there has had this type of work done with him? I know he is very good at TT but I am not interested in that at all! just want the fat gone- these pics are of my body currently. I am flying in to Orlando... READ MORE

I went to see Dr. Stephen W. Gordon after visiting his website ( , I had already seen a Dr. in Miami for the same procedure , I have had breast implants in the past and after my consult with the dr. I instantly knew he was the experienced dr I felt would give me the results i... READ MORE

I had my procedure with Rod Davis at Pacific Lipo in the fall of 2010. It’s been several years since my procedure and I’m still happy and excited about my results. I’m a Medical Esthetician so I understand the importance behind finding quality people who do quality work, which is exactly... READ MORE

Im 5'5" 175lbs, had lipo yesterday on my upper n lower abdomen, flanks and bra fat (back). I went in today to have my dressings changed and was able to see my stomach for the 1st time. Even w/being swollen (post op day 1) I LOVE the results. Cant wait for final outcome. I feel no pain just sore... READ MORE

Hey girls I did my surgery a week ago I got done lipo and boobs so far Im in love with my boobs she did a great job I'm still waiting to see the results on my lipo still swollen n the faja made my ass get smaller i had a huge ass n it diminishing lol lets see how it goes finger crossed I just... READ MORE

Hi Dolls, for know I'm just going to write a small introduction about myself and where I'm at with my surgery! I'm 5'1 (yea, i count the inch) I weight 128 (normal weight 122) gained some weight to make sure Yily has enough fat to transfer LOL. My body is not bad at all.. I have an okay... READ MORE

Dr Alan Kingdon. Stepping into this "doctor's" office is a move I regret every second of every minute of every day. Literally. My life has completely been turned upside down and my looks will never be restored. My social life, confidence and basic love of life have been replaced by alternating... READ MORE

I had a full TT 2 years ago and did not get Lipo at the time with Dr. White in Dallas. I was advised by my surgeon at the time that it wasn't a good idea because of blood flow and healing process would take longer. Although I think my TT was phenomenally done, I was not happy with my silhouette.... READ MORE

I had fat rolls that were hereditary.. no matter how much weight i lost or gained .. the nasty rolls were always there.. i felt like i looked like sponge bob square pants.. i didnt want to be skinny i just wanted the rolls off. so after consulting with Dr newall 7 times.. we decided that... READ MORE

Had lipo of full abs with love handle so far so good...The pouch above my C session clearly gone Rod is doing a great job Im small frame Asian 5'4 125lbs only want to lose the fat pouch around my midsection....I gained the fat after gave birth to my 2 kids the outcome was great I can see... READ MORE

Hi All, I was motivated to do the procedure because I had breast augmentation 10-12yrs ago and my breasts were in need of redoing. I am generally a healthy fit woman who just couldn't seem to keep off the love handle and abdominal pouch as I got older; so cosmetic surgery seemed more and... READ MORE

Had lipo of inner and outer thighs (not much to remove there just some stubborn small pockets of fat that would not go away with exercise), also did flanks and abs (had a decent amount of fat on flanks and lower abs due to gaining around 22 lbs over the last year). Height 5'-3" Weight 2... READ MORE

I had Lipo (liposculpture) on my inner thighs in July, here is the process I went through: WHO I AM Female 37 years old 5’ 6“ 140 lb Healthy, active Medical Assistant and mother of 2 WHY I WANTED LIPO I’ve always been pretty active and eat right for the most part. I was... READ MORE

Im 5'2 and petite,56 yrs old but fairly fit, over the last 6/7 yrs i developed a pad of fat around my abdomen,the professor told me it was 'diet resistant fat' and that liposuction would remove it.Directly after my surgery i went into shock,one of the incisions was leaking a lot of blood/fluid... READ MORE

I am in my late teens and I've always struggled with my appearence, especially in my torso area. I had liposuction on my lower abdomen, flanks, and upper back. The scarring is very minimal, and my recovery time was less than one week. I am very happy with the results of my prodedure. My... READ MORE

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