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Liposuction and liposculpture: What’s the difference? Ask doctors and they’ll say it’s all in the marketing language. Liposculpture uses liposuction to chisel out a specific part of the body, in many cases the abs. If you're looking to gain a six-pack in particular, this technique is also referred to as abdominal etching. LEARN MORE ›

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I had lipo preformed on my upper arms in 2012. To help tone, sculpt. It never looked good, and as the years have passed ( going on 3 now ) My arms look terrible. The outer part of my arms have dents, hard to tell in this picture, but is is very obvious when there is over head lighting... READ MORE

I've always had cankles since I can remember. Over Miranda Kassinger Add to contacts 11:51 AM [Keep this message at the top of your inbox] To: MirandaI've always had cankles since I can remember. Over time they had gotten a bit worse. It seems that I carry most of my extra fat in my legs. I... READ MORE

My pregnancy left a flabby belly and eventually accumulate fat around the waist and small of my back, to diet and exercise but that was not deleted gras. Should wear loose clothing and swimsuits never was very frustrating. My self-esteem was on the floor and had to do something and it was my... READ MORE

I want to give myself curvy shape to my body. There are certain areas I knew I am not going to be able to thave back working out at the gym. After two pregnancies my body completely changed. It made me feel insecure having fatning around my belly, & back. It is easier for me to have this... READ MORE

Hi everyone so I have been on here sinve February but never posted I'm due to have my lipo for my stomach and sides may 8 at 7pm my sister went to him and got a bbl and lipo although she lost a lot of weight she has no tummy !!! I can't lie reading the reviews make me nervous but I'm all set to... READ MORE

My self confidence grew up, I love my body now. I can wear any cloth and my relationship changed for good. Now I do exercise, walk more confident and love how dresses fit on me. My life changes completely after I got the surgery in many aspect. My experience with Dr. Tactuk was wonderful... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor in or near New York that is capable of this work. Thanks ???? I'm 21 and just looking to get it done, monthly payments after procedures would be perfect, comment please and let me know or give me a doctors name that you think is a fit. I'm doing this by myself so no one for... READ MORE

One week to go ladies. Dr. McAdoo here I come. I started my vitamin c pills Monday. I hear that they help with healing. Stopping the smoking has been the hardest for me but I'm doing my best so far . My consultant has been pleasant. She calls and sends me email weekly. I just hope she says... READ MORE

I am scheduled for Circular Abdominoplasty (Circular Tummy Tuck) + Full Body Lipo + Fat Grafting to your Buttocks! :) I'm nervous but so excited to see the beautiful transformation!!! Doctor said to give 10% of my surgery cost to lock in my date but I will be giving more! God is good and... READ MORE

After having a mommy make over I decided to go back to Dr. Jaqueline for even smaller waist. Back in November I also have a tummy tuck, breast lift with implants done by her and Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes. The results have been absolutely amazing. My results are even better than what I though was... READ MORE

Hi, I'm 24 yrs old. I been reviewing this website every since I gave birth to my son. I'm going with doctor Contreras because my bff & her sister has gotten work by him, & I love the fact they look so natural. Also love how I been in contact with him for awhile but yet he been so polite &... READ MORE

Long time no see dolls ????! I had taken some time off to do more research for my Sx (ie: what procedures I wanted to get and which Doctor was the right fit for me.) I have chosen Doctor Alder Henao in Cali, Colombia to preform my procedures :). I will be getting Liposuction, a BBL, Cellulite... READ MORE

How do I start to say thank you to a man who has changed my life in so many ways that I had given up on? I first met with Dr. Hovsepian because I had concerns about my body. I’m a former show girl and in years past, no one gave a second thought about getting silicon injections to make your... READ MORE

Hey girls I'm scheduled with dr Almonte for June 18th after 2 months of trying to get a date with her ! I'm getting liposculpture and bbl done. I have lots of questions so if any girls that are getting surgery around that date don't hesitate in getting in contact with me especially since I'm not... READ MORE

Amazing staff & experience. I had my lower/upped & sides done 45 days ago and also breast implants 385 cc and I am beyond pleased with my results. Dr Gustavo ALmanzar and his staff are friendly, down to earth, smart and make me smile. I go early to my appointments to talk with his assistant... READ MORE

So, I recently had a myomectomy because I had a large fibriod the size of a bowling ball removed from my uterus. I'm in my early 30's and is ready to LIVE again after having that large baby removed from my I have appts @Harlem Hospital on 6/16th and on 3/5th I have appts @Mount... READ MORE

I just changed to dr.molina super happy and way more relaxed after seeing other ladies he is the one that can give me what I want. He is amazing I was super nervous but one view through all his reviews and exchanging messages with him I can say he is truly what they say I cannot be any happier I... READ MORE

I had a great experience with Dr. Almanzar and his office. I was really insecure about having Lipo because I go to the gym every day and have a healthy life but there were some places that a needed some help,just a little I saw Dr. Almanzar and the next day had my Ab Etch, He was so honest with... READ MORE

So I've just made my app to go to dr to see dr almonte for liposuction!! I'm super excited!! I have a nice body but there are just some stubborn areas that I can't get rid of so I'm doing my abdomin,flanks,and back ...I will tell about my whole procedure including dates adding up to when I... READ MORE

Hey yall im back!!! ugh where do i start... so as my previous reviews about yily stated round 1 was great and round 2 was a trajedy. i can say that i am fair, im big on paying and getting what you want. not to mention up keeping my results. there isnt one person out there who goes through soo... READ MORE

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