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Liposuction and liposculpture: What’s the difference? Ask doctors and they’ll say it’s all in the marketing language. Liposculpture uses liposuction to chisel out a specific part of the body, in many cases the abs. If you're looking to gain a six-pack in particular, this technique is also referred to as abdominal etching. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $4,600

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I had a tummy-tuck done here in the US in 2009 if only I knew about Yily then I would have saved some money and got the results that I needed this year. Although I was happy with my tummy tuck the cost here was $7,000. Me and two friends made our journey to DR on 3/26/14 not knowing what to... READ MORE

I was really unsatisfied about my body form, I've been overweight since my teens, I've lost some weight, but it was not enought. Then I decided to talk to Dr. Rodrigo Rosique because on that moment I've already known his great job, and as my first cosmetic surgery had been a great success, so I... READ MORE

As most of "us" RS familia I stalked, lurked and ghost rode the pages of RS to find answers, laugh and at times I found encouragement and comfort. With the gentle nudging of some ""HI"" ebonymichele, lovingmyself1, Naturalbeautie7,Nikkibunz and everyone else that motivated me, look ma no hands,... READ MORE

After debating about what doctor to pick. I finally decided for Dra Duran. I first picked Edgar Contreras but his malpractices and deaths scared me. I then picked Dr. Cabral, but he is very costly and dont like his packages. Considred Yily and Robles.. But Yily's work doesnt convince me and... READ MORE

Hey gorgeous ladies! So, I'm new to all of this! It's a bit overwhelming that's why I'm hoping this site can help me. I'm 18 years old and I'll be turning 19 soon, but I've always wanted to "customize" my body to my liking. I have cousins who've gotten their bodies done in DR and their bodies... READ MORE

After extensive research on NYC Plastic Surgeons, I decided to go with Dr Joseph Pober based on his experience and his impressive Medical education. I found him to be very sincere and most importantly set realistic expectations for me. (unlike other plastic surgeons who tried to talk me into... READ MORE

I started my journey about a year ago researching different doctors I had a consultation with Dr.Youseff at Bella Forma in Santiago being that 2 of my friends had surgery with him he's a great Doctor very friendly great beside manners but I didn't like me friends results he gave me a quote of... READ MORE

So I have been saving since April this year to get some upgrade work done. I was going to go with a local doc here in Seattle but I haven't found any info on her work which makes me somewhat nervous. I was only going to get stomach and flank lipo then bbl. I really need some thigh and back as... READ MORE

Hi Ladies, Im 21 years old, 130 pound, 5'3. i'm Scheduled to have Sx January 14 with Dr. Edgar Contreras. At the beginning i was dabating between Edgar, Yily De Los Santos & Luis Freddy Garcia. Edgar he has done 3 of my friends and 2 of my cousins and they look amazing. I know Edgar is known for... READ MORE

Hello ladies, I will be going to the Dominican republican soon to Dr. Yily to have liposcupture and a BBL. It is something that I always wanted to do. So after seeing yily work and knowing a few girls that went to her. I decided its my turn Anyway heres a lil about me I'm 36 year old... READ MORE

I was looking to shape my entire body, I had huge love handles that I could never remove and was a bit chubby all over my body. I also have F cup boobs that are extremely saggy and big and was looking to have these reduced and lifted. My partner and I live in melbourne Australia but my partner... READ MORE

I've thinking about lipo since I had my son a few years ago, but I never did because my mother doesn't support my decision....This time around I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it whether or not she's ok with it. Everyone else in my family support me, but in all honesty, I'd prefer to have my... READ MORE

Dr. Rubio did my tummy tuck and breast implants. the scarf is almost invisible and my breast feel almost real. He is a professional. No like others without any certification. Before my surgery I did a research about him, and all the reviews were excellent. Don't go with any doctor. Do your... READ MORE

Hello Ladies! I'm booked for April 3,2014 to see Dr Duran. It took me since the summer of 2013 to get my appointment. And finally the day is almost here. I'm going in for Liposculpture and BBL. I'm very excited but nervous at the same time. I needed to know what the recovery is after the... READ MORE

I'm thinking about getting surgery I want a BBL ,lipo sculpting and size C full cup breast . I use to work out a lot but now that I'm getting older and working all the time I can't do it like I use to so I want to do it the easy way now and get it over with . I've been thinking about going to... READ MORE

Well im a 26 yr old mother of 2 kids! My youngest is 10 months ( already walking :-) ) and of coarse afeter waiting so many years to have baby number 2 i gained a lot of weight this time around!.. Im 5'4" weigh about 190 and its mostly legs and butt and arms.. my stomach is pretty good ( or so i... READ MORE

I have always felt that my thighs were too large and have been very self conscious of them. I had gained a little weight recently around my stomach and hips but I know that, for me, this area is a little easier to lose weight from, whereas my thighs just never seem to slim down. I am... READ MORE

Hi everyone I'm dying to go see Dr. Cabral he's the best of making u into a Barbie :) I know he had bad reviews on the past but I'm still very confident to go n get my makeover by him :) I'm trying to go after 2-15-2014 any day after that I'm available hoping he sends me my day.... I'am 5'2 145... READ MORE

Soooo every winter I gain and every summer i loose ..... My upperbody I can handle that .... Its my legs ..... They just dont shrink no matter how much I do....... Im looking into liposculpture or cellulaze .........have been for the past 2-3yrs ...... Just feel like the timing is right ........ READ MORE

So I had my liposuction 5 days ago and thought i would post a review after finding this site to helpful. I had 1000cc removed from my lower stomach, hips and neck. I had the procedure done under local anesthetic... I think this would of been fine if i was only having one area done but was a... READ MORE

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