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Liposuction and liposculpture: What’s the difference? Ask doctors and they’ll say it’s all in the marketing language. Liposculpture uses liposuction to chisel out a specific part of the body, in many cases the abs. If you're looking to gain a six-pack in particular, this technique is also referred to as abdominal etching. LEARN MORE ›

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Ive chatted with Dr Dario Juris a few times over Skype and i must say he definitely made me feel super comfortable I absolutely love his vibe. I leave for Bogota July 7th from Boston arriving in Colombia at 1pm. I'm heading straight to clinic for all testing the same day. I am told my surgery... READ MORE

Prior to my surgery with Dr. Dario Juris, we communicated via phone, email, and Skype. He was readily available to answer all my questions. His honesty, professionalism, and cortesy truly captures his work ethic. I had a liposculture and I've never felt better about my body! If anyone has any... READ MORE

Feeling good never felt this great. I can honestly say that i'm EXTREMELY happy with my results.. Having a muffin top cover my curves was my worst enemy. I had lipo done on my upper/lower abdomen, hips, waist, back bra roll & lower back... Its been two months since my procedure and I don't have... READ MORE

I have been planning to go to DR to get plastic surgery every since I heard about the great results. There I got quotes from 3 other doctors that are very popular in DR. One day my friend told me I should try getting a quote from doctor Leon. He was very nice on the phone and we spoke for 30... READ MORE

I've always struggled with weight issues for many years (however have been luck even to be portioned). Last year I scheduled a sx with Dr.Cabral and last minute cancelled( I prayed to God asking if it was a good idea than came the nightmares of a deformed body ..crying my dream it felt too... READ MORE

I looking to look like a Barbie ... Small small waists , deep Lower back and a nice natural looking butt . I have a nice shape but lost my butt after my third child not too mention after gained 40 pound requested by doctor lol Im feeling fat and liku sponge bob square yuck!!! Im praying I... READ MORE

I am a very active man, but my metabolism could not keep up with my eating habits and needed something to jump start me. I had known Dr. Partington from a hand surgery before, and went to see him for a consultation. His attention to me as a person first is amazing! He remembered me from 12... READ MORE

Hello my RS friends! I am so nervous and excited after I made my deposit and confirmed my surgery date. But let me tell you a little bit about myself. Since I remember I never have a waist but the good thing was that I was skinny, which made it less visible for the people but I always knew I... READ MORE

Hi my name is dionicia Im very exited with my new body . Consulte muchos doctores pero gracias a DIOS encontre el indicado ,la clinica esta super confortable y todos los empleados son muy amables y muy atentos . El Dr guerrero me hiso lipoescultura y tummy tuck el 26 de junio y estoy muy feliz ... READ MORE

I waited several months to write this review because I wanted to reflect on my results and experience. And I guess I always held out hope that the issues would improve through healing and exercise. Additionally, I wanted to write an objective review, not one driven out of frustration. I do not... READ MORE

Hi Realselfers! I wanted to start sharing my journey with you. Over the last 10 years, I went from 230 lbs at my heaviest down to 135 lbs at my lowest. At 135 lbs, my problem areas weren't trimming up so much and other areas were looking unhealthy thin. I put back on 30 lbs and look better in... READ MORE

After losing 90lbs, I'm ready to finalize my journey. There are moments I try envision myself post-op and grow anxious. Other times, I think "what am I thinking"? Is this mere vanity? In the end, I've decided it's okay to take care of me, even if it is mere vanity. I've spent a lot of... READ MORE

I had my first round of lipo and bbl about 4 years ago with Dr. Campos. I am looking for round 2 with Dr. Almonte in a few months. I am in the process of taking all steps to prepare for this procedure. I am super excited and so is my hubby. I will be going out to the DR this coming June and... READ MORE

All my life I've got Cankles, I think It's probably Lipodema, but no one doctor told me it's true. 3 weeks ago, I had an Hidrolipoclasy, it's similiar to a tumescent liposuction. The Dc Inject a serum and then a laser which drestroy th fat cels and finally they get absorbed by a thiny canula... READ MORE

What a year it's been...I received a mommy makeover in late July 2014 which included a breast reduction, lift and extended tummy tuck. This March, I plan to return to TJ for my surgeons, Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes & Dr. Jacqueline Aragon address some stubborn hypertrophic scarring and to do some... READ MORE

Since someone made a comment about my "cankles" almost 20 years ago, I have his my legs in shame. I NEVER wore shorts no matter how hot it was, I literally hated my legs. I'm a size 6 now but even at a 2 my ankles were always huge. I researched surgery years ago and found no one, but recently... READ MORE

Ok, so let's just say the RS has been a Godsend! Prior to finding this site through Leslie Moskowitz I had no idea liposculpture/bbl procedures existed, much how affordable they can be. {Thanks Leslie} So I'm a 42 yo woman whose always been blessed with curves but thanks in large part to my... READ MORE

I am looking to have Liposculpture done on my Inner thighs, stomach, love handles and back. I am always in the gym and can never get rid of the extra fat. I chose Dr. Yily because I have seem her work and read her reviews and hope that she can do her magic on me. I have requested 7 Dec 15, I... READ MORE

I got to the doctors office were he this his consultation and was impressed with his knowledge of what I needed done and what he could do to help me fix it. I had a tummy tuck the prior yr and it was done all wrong. Dr manon stated he could do a scar revision and full lipo because when I had my... READ MORE

I sometimes still feel very bloaded and i am always in pain on some days i was treated the way i wanted to be treated and it was a very incredible experience and id recommend this to anyone because he was a very good doctor all my questions were correctly answered by everyone who took care if me... READ MORE

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