Lipoma Removal

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A non-cancerous fatty growth, a lipoma can be removed with surgery. These benign tumors are soft, movable, and often painless. LEARN MORE ›
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Was a very easy and painless surgery. I recomend having them removed. I get them in my thigh. they get rather large and get sore. takes my doctor approximately 45 minutes to take out 4 larges ones. I have had more pain with this last removal. he had to go deep to get them out. have them removed... READ MORE

Thanks for all the great reviews and information on this forum. After reading the posts on the forum I went ahead and had a golf ball to handball sized lipoma removed from my back. The location was upper back between spine and shoulder blade. I had the procedure done in a doctor office... READ MORE

I had a large lipoma removed from my posterior neck, I showed to my GP before and he said to leave it alone, but it kept bothering me and I kept touching it and thinking about it, so I decided to go see a plastic surgeon to have it removed. I was very nervous about having surgery in my neck,... READ MORE

Wow!I have had a total of 20 in my life time, removed.. Out patience surgery. I would go in and they would numb the area and remove it. They would send it out to the lab for test. Right now I could count over 50 more all over my entire body. I have stopped having them removed, If I removed... READ MORE

Was scared to have surgery to remove lipoma on neck but glad I did no pain and my neck looks so much better I'm sure I will have a scar but not bad one since I went to a plastic surgeon. READ MORE

I had had it for about 10 years and it had started to feel bigger over time. Quick, I have scars (ex military) so another small one was no great problem, about an ich to remove a 2 inch lipoma. 2 weeks after and I still have a hard solid mass where lipoma had been removed, I guess that is a good... READ MORE

(amount spent was $20 copay. insurance paid for it) i discovered a lump in my right breast in may.....went to gyn who referred me to surgeon.....saw one surgeon didn't like his "attitude" sought out another....he just removed the lipoma on was pretty big about 2... READ MORE

I had to remove the tumor because it was bothering my forehead and my insurance paid for it. I did it because I am a person that might get skin tumor. READ MORE

I had a medium lipoma removed - now 4 days later there is a hollow space of air where the lipoma was - is this dangerous? READ MORE

Did it because lump was on top of spine sticking out,v disturbing,public noticing a lot!was already 5cm,told could grow even providerpros-no lump,cons,pain,5wks later,back not the same.had lipoma removed from upper back,near spine,5cm,felt burning during op,what was this???5 wks... READ MORE

Hi, I'm a 32 year old male, athletic build and never been obese or had weight problem. I have had multiple lipomas removed, more than 80+, over three operations. In 2005, I had two operations to remove them from my arms.By late 2008, I had to have 60 lipomas removed as a number of them were... READ MORE

Lipomas caused soreness, which could get painful on long trips. Often hurt just setting up in a chair. Without them is ok compared to before, but drainage is major problem.I had multiple lipomas removed from my lower back area on June 22 2009. The Dr remove a mass instead of individual knots.... READ MORE

I had a large lipoma removed about a week ago around the back/neck area. I was put to sleep.I've noticed swelling/puffiness around the stitches. Could this be fluid or infection? READ MORE

HI, I had a lipoma removed 6 days ago and the pain is unbearable. It is located under my left should blade, any help appreciated!I have been taking tylex and other pain mediation but nothing seems to be taking away the pain. It is a shooting pain from the incision, not sure what to do? READ MORE

My doctor in Riverside, CA was excellent. I did not spend $100. All I had to do was make my $15 co-payment and he did the surgery in his office. It was a 30 minute procedure. It was not all that uncomfortable. I only had 1 or 2 instance where I felt pain while he was cutting it out, but for... READ MORE

I had a five centimer removal in the office of a plastic surgeon ten days ago. It was in the groin area and as you all have written came back non cancerous. Two days after surgery I complained of a burning pain in the area of the lipoma removal. I was told this would go away. It has not it... READ MORE

I had sirgical removal of a LIMPOMA on my left elbow. The incision was stapled not sutured. It is healing properly, but is leaving a God awful scar. Is there anything i can use to help this for cosmetic reasons. READ MORE

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