Lipoma Removal

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A non-cancerous fatty growth, a lipoma can be removed with surgery. These benign tumors are soft, movable, and often painless. LEARN MORE ›
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I went to Dr. Lowen to have a Lipoma removed from my forehead. After being turned around by multiple dermatologists Dr. Lowen agreed to do the surgery. Being that there is a nerve that ran at the angle where the Lipoma would be removed Dr. Lowen took extra care to remove this large knot on my... READ MORE

Dr. Antell removed my very large lipoma on July 24, 2013. From the consultation to the post-surgical follow-up, Dr. Antell was the consummate, knowledgeable professional. He answered every question I had with compassion and wisdom. Dr. Antell skillfully removed the lipoma that was painful and... READ MORE

I had a small (ping pong ball size) lipoma in the middle of my back for about six years. It was always bothersome and annoying, but I just recently decided to do something about it. I guess I'd just had enough. Because it was near my spine, my doctor wasn't comfortable trying to remove it in... READ MORE

First off I want to say I was a little nervous going into a Dr. Galante's office being a male for a surgical procedure. I had a cyst under my right breast, almost directly under the areola, that caused some pain and also made the area look 'puffy' or inflamed. This was a nuisance as I am a... READ MORE

Had a lipoma removed from my neck by Dr. Mountcastle. The entire procedure took less than 30 minutes and was painless. The worst discomfort was the injection of the local anesthetic, and that was just a slight stinging. If you are a self-pay patient they have some really fantastic rates. I... READ MORE

Dr. O'Brien removed a lipoma on my back next to the shoulder blade last year. He used local anesthesia only and it took about an hour for the surgery itself. The scar that I have is about 2 inches long and is fading more and more. I am pleased with the results and the cost with insurance.... READ MORE

I had to get a sizeable lipoma removed from the front of my arm and was on the lookout for the right doctor. Given that I'm very prone to keloids, I knew I wanted to go to a plastic surgeon who could perform minimally invasive surgery since I didn't want a bad scar. The surgery was painless and... READ MORE

Dr. Lowen did a great job of removing five small lipomas from my arms with truly minimal scarring, full removal, and complete recovery. He uses a liposuction technique that allows to make a smaller incision than the traditional technique, in addition he can move the incision point to... READ MORE

Dr Kim is a very confident doctor and a great person. She looked at the spot on my back and very accurately told me what the problem was (under my skin was a cyst/lipoma) and would be easily removed with a 30 minute procedure leaving a small scar. My babysitter cancelled, so I did the consult... READ MORE

Had some small lipomas on both arms. I wasn't sure that they were worth removing. I decided to have them removed by Dr. Lowen because he basically melts the lipoma, rather than cutting it out, so the incision scar is much much smaller. He was very conscientious about making sure he removed all... READ MORE

I had a raised lipoma on the side of my arm. I finally got sick and tired of people asking about it so I talked my family Dr. into a referral. I had it removed and I am so happy I did, The scar is practically invisible. I have several more and don't understand why the Dr's think leaving them in... READ MORE

I had a large lipoma removed from just below a shoulder blade. It was growing rapidly, and was actually big enough to cause discomfort. My MD referred me to a surgeon who scheduled an out-patient surgery in a hospital. I was shocked when I discovered the hospital (JUST the hospital, not the... READ MORE

I met with Dr. Khorasani and he told me the options for my large 8cm x 10cm lipoma on my upper left back (bra area) was either an incision or liposuction. Since I am in my twenties and did not want the large scar on my back (the back scars easily) I opted for the liposuction option. While much... READ MORE

I expect she will do a great job removing the small benign cyst of my back She was professional and knowledgable and likable during my first visit! Have considered doing it for awhile and finally "got around to it". Glad that i made this decision and would tell folks to not... READ MORE

About 12 years ago I developed a lipoma on left side of my forehead after bumping my forehead. I went to a plastic surgeon who had me get an MRI prior to removal. He surgically removed it in the hospital as an outpatient. Approx 5 years later it reappeared - went to same dr who this time removed... READ MORE

I had just gone to have a lipoma removed from the top of my head, so far the healing process seems to be going good. They had to make a pretty large cut to get it out, I do still feel slight pain but its nothing like the pain the lipoma was causing prior to the surgery. On Tuesday... READ MORE

Thought I was just going on for a consult when the Doctor told me he could remove it right there in about 15 minutes. I said go for it. I've had a grape sized lump on my temple for almost 2 years so it seemed worth it. Its only been 3 days so I cannot say how it will turn out (scar vs no scar)... READ MORE

I have a lump on my forehead. Plastic surgeon is going to remove it but states its deep in the muscle. I am so scared I will have a concave dent and awful scar in my head. I hope to come out of this without disfigurement and be glad I did it. Right now I am terrified. Hopefully I won't cancel... READ MORE

Dr. Lowen does amazing work! I had a very noticeable lipoma on my upper back that I wanted removed before my wedding. I am from out of town, and Dr. Lowen's front office staff was so accommodating and was able to move appointments around to schedule my procedure for the day after my... READ MORE

I did not want to have that tumor on my shoulder for one more summer. It made me self conscious. I had a lipoma removal in Dr Horndeski's office under local anesthesia. Everything was fine. I was very pleased with the procedure and the results. READ MORE

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