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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to smooth mild to moderate facial lines, plump up lips, and reduce acne scarring. It can also be used to fill under eye hollows, enhance cheek volume, and reduce wrinkles on the hands. LEARN MORE ›

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My motivation to do this was based on be not liking my upper lip. I wanted it to be fuller and I guess after seeing the tricks the women were doing with lipliner I wanted something a little more permanent. Although this procedure's results lasts around 8 months, I wanted to give it a try. I was... READ MORE

I have always had thin lips and wanted a fuller top lip to balance. It's great now when I use lipstick and smile. My lip doesn't disappear. I documented my journey from day 1 on YouTube The dental block was absolutely necessary for me to get this done or I wouldn't have been able to without it.... READ MORE

Hey guys, so after a really long time of putting it off and doing lots of research I finally decided to do my lips! I went in today and I must say that the pain level was significantly less than I expected. I felt a tiny sting but barely anything! They iced and numbed my lips tired to the... READ MORE

I have been using Botox to smooth the forehead and frown lines, along with the nice side effect of fewer headaches, for nearly 10 years. I tend to go 5 months between treatments, and usually get around 30 units of Botox. I added filler this round to fill in the smile lines and add some volume... READ MORE

After having oral surgery and years of orthodontia my upper pallet had changed so much that I was left w a sunken in cheek bone line. It made deep wrinkles on the nasiolabial folds (by my mouth) in my 20's. So I went thru my friend's aunt for my juvederm. She put numbing cream on my face, let... READ MORE

I've always wanted the look of a soft plump and voluminous pout, especially on my top lip. I decided to go to "Appearance Dermatology" in English Creek, NJ. I told the doctor that and she suggested I get 2 syringes instead of one which is what I was hoping to get. Thinking she knew better I... READ MORE

I have very thin lips I was very scared to try this since it would be changing my face and if for any reason something went wrong it would be very noticeable! But my Dr. Was amazing she numbed the area I felt a little pinch which wasn't bad but in just a few minutes it was done! She only used... READ MORE

I've always had very small thin lips. I read information on lip injections and just decided it was for me. I went to the Dr. and it was done! Very quick… 1 syringe… 3 shots on my upper lip and 3 shots on my lower. It was definately felt. But it was over very fast. The swelling ( which... READ MORE

I got Juvederm XC injected on my lips by an Aesthetic Practioner from CALI who was visiting NYC! She is based in Beverly Hills, California. Her name is Pawnta Abrahimi, search her FB! She is amazing and very skilled with lips. I went to to a surgeon before her in NYC (board certified), but... READ MORE

I was given the opportunity to try out Juvederm. I've never had anything done before and I didn't need much, but little that was done gave me awesome results. Dr. Emer has an eye. He is precise, conservative and has an amazing eye for what is needed. I highly recommend him to anyone. Especially... READ MORE

I had one syringe of juvederm ultra xc to my lips about one month ago and couldn't be happier! It was my first time with fillers, I had minimal bruising/swelling and they look very natural. I also had xeomin to my forehead for my frown lines and its amazing. The entire staff at Ideal Face and... READ MORE

Was going on vacation and finally decided to try some filler and Botox (posted pics with that one just now). She numbed it first with a cream and it didin't "hurt" but did feel a little strange. I loved it (still do)! I think there was a tiny bit of swelling, which I also loved. Would love... READ MORE

It's been a few hours since I had this juvederm, nasal /labial lines, 1 syringe. It made me so beautiful! Little pinch of the needle, maybe 6 times, 3 each side. I was so worry going in, asking my PS all kinds of questions. As usually, he was so patient, explaining to me all details. I was... READ MORE

I really like Juvederm. It isn't bumpy like other fillers, it feels smooth, lasts longer and looks the best out of all of them. CONS: * It isn't permanent, I wish it lasted longer than a couple or a few months. It is mid October and it is almost gone. PROS: *Lips are smooth and even as opposed... READ MORE

I have been considering lip fillers for the past 2 years and because it's been on my mind for some time now I am beginning my research. My lips are not particularly thin, but I would like a fuller look. (Hoping to balance out my big teeth hah) I'm new to all of this and any suggestions or advice... READ MORE

My Juvederm Lip filling journey started over 2 years ago, prior to the Juvederm filler I couldn't wear lipstick without it looking like a thin , unattractive straight line, when I smiled my upper lip disappeared. I was beyond pleased with my first treatment, especially the longevity of the... READ MORE

I loved the way he used anesthetic to numb my mouth before the procedure. It was quick and almost painless procedure, I absolutely loved the results. He worked with my needs and kept the communication of what I wanted going so I would love my results My lips turned out very natural looking and... READ MORE

BEFORE PROCEDURE: I have always had thin, little lips. When I was a kid, my mom would tell me they were cherub lips. It was cute then, but as I got older, I realized as sweet as cherubs are - they are chubby little kids with wings. Perhaps it was time for a change. I looked on every website,... READ MORE

I finally decided after years to get a small amount of lip fillers. I had the philtrum (think that's what it called), Cupid's bow & bottom lip done. I only had .5ml of Juvederm but they look amazing! The doctor was really patient with me & my nerves. I have been getting Botox from him for years... READ MORE

My motivation - deep nasolabial folds (smile lines), especially the left side as it is unfortunately the side I sleep on. This was my first procedure and I had been hesitant to get it done. However, makeup started settling in these crease lines and it bugged me. In hindsight, I wish I would have... READ MORE

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