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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to smooth mild to moderate facial lines, plump up lips, and reduce acne scarring. It can also be used to fill under eye hollows, enhance cheek volume, and reduce wrinkles on the hands. LEARN MORE ›
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This is something I've wanted for myself for a long time and after saving the money, I found a good doctor in my area and got the injections. I got one syringe of juvederm plus for $600 and it was completely worth it for me. It's 6 months later and they still look good! Looks natural and I get... READ MORE

Preface: I am a 22 years old female, non smoker, don't drink or do drugs, am healthy and in great shape. *BACKSTORY* My whole life I've had somewhat dark circles, but they never were a problem since they are easily covered with concealer. But as I entered my mid-teens I was losing baby... READ MORE

I have a thin upper lip so i decided to get juvaderm. Initially I was happy with the results but after the swelling went down i gelt like my upper lip was still too thin :( 2 weeks later I went back to my surgeon for more but she didnt want to inject more juvaderm :(. Has anyone experienced that?... READ MORE

Fed up with looking tired all the time, and make up failing to provide coverage, I decided to get Filler injected into my tear troughs. I got a half a syringe shared between both eyes. Very minor swelling, absolutely no bruising, and only three track marks, which cleared up by next day. I... READ MORE

Hurt like hell, only saw little improvement, by April they were gone. No one noticed a difference. I will get two syringes next time or get permanent. I feel like after the second week they were gone completely. Your lips are hard for the first week but soften up within the second week. I still... READ MORE

Can someone please tell me if my was was injected unneven? It looks to me like my left lip is larger. I was injected into my lips for the first time in my life. One full strings of Juvederm Plus. Is this bruising and uneven bumps forming normally? I've had Botox before and it never bruised in... READ MORE

I've been wanting to do my lips for years but was very hesitant cause I've seen so many bad ones. But I changed med spa's for my botox and loved my injectionist lips and just really trusted her and did it on a whim. She put in 1cc total , I did upper and lower. She did hit a vessel and I... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Gregg Guilfoyle at Coordinated Health to consult for adding a little more youthful fullness to my cheeks, and to maybe lift my lower face in the process. He recommended Juvederm injections in my cheeks and around my mouth. What a difference! I immediately had a lift and more... READ MORE

Found a closer RN for my second treatment. I got my first inject in June of this year. After only 2.5 months i could see the lines and shadows returning. This time we went with juvaderm, not only was it her preference to use but also my perlane dissolved fast. Posting a before (with some... READ MORE

I've always had very small lips so after reading the reviews about this product I became very keen to try. I decided to get this procedure done at the SK:N clinic in Norwich, UK! However they have clinical throughout the country! I was extremely nervous on arrival for my consultation as I had... READ MORE

I was originally treated by dr Naderi last year. I promised then, that I would do a little touching up every year.. Well, it's time for my touch up. I will be flying from Florida (which is what I did last year). My treatment included 1 syringe of restelyn and 1 syringe of Juverderm Voluma..... READ MORE

In the past few months I've been eying this out and when I found out it helped with dark circles I just HAD to get this done. It says it usually takes a week to heal and the swelling go down, but I'm an exception. I usually take double the time to heal with stuff like this even my botox. I... READ MORE

I was very excited about getting Juvederm Voluma. The one downside to my weight loss was a gaunt and older looking face. I got Botox 4 weeks ago and it and looks great! No complications. I researched fillers for over a year and so I decided to pay the extra and go to a reputable fully-qualified... READ MORE

I typically have horror stories with getting lip filler even though this process does not last long it's well worth it to me it's the end of June and I've notice a lot of the plump fullness has definitely come down I'm still pleased with his work! I will never go to anybody else! Great dr! Nice/... READ MORE

I got my lips done at Dr. Sozier's office . All I can say is that the young lady that did my lips was extraordinary . She was so sweet caring and walk me through the whole process . The pain scale was literally .5 if that . The pain was not even a 1. It was a breeze I don't know if it's... READ MORE

I have never had big lucious lips and never put lipstick on them and always focused my makeup on my eyes. My lips were cute but not extremely sexy or anything. I got this procedure for only 150 dollars since I got breast augmentation from the same place. Since I've gotten these I've gotten... READ MORE

Motivation pros and cons outcome I have researched lip injections for a year or so because my lips weren't very defined, not very plump, and too thin in my opinion. I chose the plastic surgeon after seeing my friend's awesome results done by him. all too often I see duck lip results instead of... READ MORE

I have been coming to Doctor Sattlers for many years. I have a deep indent between my eyebrows that was making me look harsh and old. I asked Dr Sattlers what to do about it when I first came to his office. His words to me were this, " What do you want to do ?" I said, "huh?" He explained he... READ MORE

If you are traveling to Mexico and want Juvederm and Botox go to Dr. Marco So at the Arial Ortiz center for cosmetic procedures. One side of my face is aging differently and more than the other side of my face because I sleep on that side. I have visited several doctors in the US and none of... READ MORE

I am 39 and have noticed significant aging due to exaggerated smile lines (not marionette or nasal fold lines). I was told by a prior injector that they couldn't be helped. My current injector threaded Juvaderm horizontally in my cheek area (1 syringe) and I absolutely love the result. I... READ MORE

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