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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to smooth mild to moderate facial lines, plump up lips, and reduce acne scarring. It can also be used to fill under eye hollows, enhance cheek volume, and reduce wrinkles on the hands. LEARN MORE ›

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After never having a top lip, I finally have one! They used 0.5mL juvederm in the middle of both sides of the lip. There was no injections on the very side of the top lip due to it being tiny. It's only been a few hours, I'm still swollen and bruised but very happy with the results. I can't wait... READ MORE

I had one syringe of Juvederm voluma in the ( ) Nasal folds and one syringe in the tear through/ cheeks. It made a huge difference. I had minimal brushing and swelling and it was not painful. I was so tired of people thinking I looked tired or upset. It really smoothed out my face. I highly... READ MORE

Today I got Juvaderm UltraPlus (1 syringe) in my lips, and Radiesse (1 syringe -- 0.5 on each side) in my nasolabial folds. I will be taking pictures in the next few days as well as a month after these procedures, and I will post them eventually along with my thoughts. I will try to be as much... READ MORE

As I headed towards my 60th birthday, I was becoming increasingly dismayed at the wrinkled appearance of my skin. My once-plump cheeks seemed to have deflated, leaving nasio-labial folds of skin and other wrinkles which were starting to affect my self esteem and confidence. As I am still in the... READ MORE

Today I received 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus in my lips. Most of it was injected into my top lip because I wanted a more full too lip. Let me just say: it was so worth it! I received numbing cream 20 minutes prior and couldn't feel a thing when it was injected into my lips! I love the... READ MORE

I had a facelift two years ago without Amy fillers or fat grafting and a few places look like they needed some plumbing up. Today I went for a consult with Perfect Skin in Chandler, Az. I was very impressed with Dr Burgmeier. First he asked what I seen, then he told me what he seen. Together we... READ MORE

I had injection a week ago, it was not my first time so and I know when it is not swollen anymore. the right side of my lips was lumpy but after massaging a bit and icing it went back to normal. But now as the stupid injector injected in my cupid bow from the bottom I have a kind of tip when you... READ MORE

I have posted here before and loved the support I got from this community so I'm throwing another review out here again. I'm going to be FIFTY in October and I am having a lot of trouble with that number. Along with routine colonoscopies and membership to AARP comes the inevitable decline that... READ MORE

I can't tell what part is swelling or what part is product. I Obviously have lots of bruising but I'm so embarrassed if this is the final look(with exception of discoloration). I had one syringe injected and it was my first time. Im considering having hyraluronidase injected asap unless someone... READ MORE

I got my lip fillers done about a month ago, but I waited to write a review to see how everything went. I was scared about the procedure at first because I didn't want to go overboard but 1 syringe is not a dramatic change at all. I absolutely love it. My bottom lip is naturally plump, but I... READ MORE

I noticed that a lot of the people who post on here, post the day after their treatment, usually with some concern about swelling or bruising. I found there were very few detailed reports on exactly what people experienced day by day over a couple of weeks, so I decided to write one. I would... READ MORE

Although I have received filler injections in the past at several different clinics, this was my first time getting the Juvederm with Dr. Ringler. Wow, he is the best. He is so gentle and skillful and with his assistant Patty at his side, it's a calm, soothing environment. I experienced the most... READ MORE

Had lips done several times, they look amazing with juvaderm. Highly recommend but get a good practitioner because you don't want to end up with the dreaded duck lips. I always ask for a hand mirror to watch where it is inserted and tell them to stop before potentially going over board. I have... READ MORE

Dr. Morwood understands the value of subtlety, and is very artistic in addition to being a first-rate doctor. He is a master of filler injections, and is able to envision how much correction is needed, and exactly where to make it. The result is that my facial features are softened, creating a... READ MORE

I've gone to my doctor twice now for botox - like the eye brow lift I get from it. Always liked the kissable lips and wanted to give it a try. When I say I'm a baby about getting anything needles by my mouth im not lieing. I'm a huge baby just to get my teeth cleaned. He put on a numbing cream... READ MORE

Over a year ago, I went to see a doctor in the city with a friend to get lip fillers. I told him what I wanted- most importantly I wanted more overall lip surface with subtle fullness. He said it wasn't possible. That my lip shape is what it is and cannot be changed. I decided not to get it... READ MORE

I do not like wrinkles and did not inherit good skin genes. Laser resufursing, fillers and Botox help a lot with my problem. My face looks so much better. No one can tell that I have done anything. Yes, Dr. Mendelshon will make you looks your best. Botox and fillers do their magic. And I... READ MORE

I have a doctor who is a pro in aesthetics and fillers. In fact, he did a full facial fat grafting on my face in 2007. In 2013, I had a facelift and I wanted to go back to him to see if I needed any fillers. He injected in my temples, in my eyelids (top), in my upper cheek, in my chin, along... READ MORE

I got my upper lip enhanced with Juvederm Volbella three days ago. I had wanted a subtle lift and more plumpness in the middle of my lips. I had fillers done before and they never last more than a couple months for me, which makes the cost of the procedure ridiculous (700+ for four months!). I... READ MORE

I was always against having lips done and hate the fake duck lip, you can aleays spot it especially on middle age women... Well i turned 40 and started to "see" the age. I have research the internet and came across preety amazing ( natural) results, so there was hope that its not always fake... READ MORE

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