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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to smooth mild to moderate facial lines, plump up lips, and reduce acne scarring. It can also be used to fill under eye hollows, enhance cheek volume, and reduce wrinkles on the hands. LEARN MORE ›
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I'm 35 years old had juvederm under eyes to reduce appearance of bags that have gotten worse the past year. One side did bruse for about a week was able to conceal with make-up it was not too bad small price to pay for the reward. I highly recommend doing reseach and making sure you have an... READ MORE

I got the injections for the first time exactly one year ago. I still have some product left even after 12 months but decided to re-up. I used one syringe both times and felt that it gave me a plumped but natural look. I recommend it to anyone wanting to try. If you don't like it, it'll fade out... READ MORE

I went into a med spa for Botox around my eyes (I'm 29). I somehow got sold on buying two syringes of juvederm ultra plus for my smile lines, lips and cheeks. It was buy one get one. i should've known then that it was too good to be true and to run! Three weeks later I was still swollen so I... READ MORE

I went back to Dr. Numa in Boston who does my botox. He did such a good job that I trusted him enough to go to him about getting filler. I am 27 years old and because of many years of smoking, tanning and weight loss, I found that my face was looking a little drawn and my under eyes were... READ MORE

I finally decided to have injections for cheek enhancement. I have an extremely flat face. My cheeks high nice projections on the sides however they are extremely hallow under the eyes. I have recently found out through CT scans I was born with out sinuses in my cheeks and it is responsible... READ MORE

I decided to get my lips plumped with Juvederm after researching online. I had my appt today. There was not a lot of pain and I had a full syringe. Left with little swelling, iced the lips then slowly it got swollen and bruised seems to be a bit more swollen then the pics I have seen. Does the... READ MORE

I had botox for the first time ever, it did not fix the creases, "11's" in between my eyebrows. I went for a second opinion and the Dr. gave me juvederm, I am now a fan for life, in 5 minutes my creases/wrinkles were filled. It took about 2 days to soften and not have wrinkles, I am thrilled, I... READ MORE

I had fillers put in under my eyes and it never went away. I never went back to doctor that did it even though he told me when he did it that it could be dissolved. I was afraid that he'll make it look worse and I thought it was suppose to go away after a year but its been almost four years now.... READ MORE

After my injection was botched by the assistant Liann, leaving me with a visible lump, the doctor told me to "rub it". He refused to correct it or to remove it and refund my money so I could go somewhere else. Extremely rude and shocking how he treats a patient. I have filed a complaint to the... READ MORE

All my life, I have had the issue with sliding shades which cases me to have cheek prints; very annoying. I have considered rhinoplasty but I honestly do not have the time to take off from work for the recovery period. I have also heard many horror stories which required revisions post surgery.... READ MORE

I was very self conscious about my lips for a long time; they were very thin and if I was not intentionally pouting, I almost looked like I had no upper lip. I booked a consultation with Helen who was extremely delightful and I ended up doing my injections on the same day. I am extremely pleased... READ MORE

I typically do not write reviews. However, I have to say that Dr. Nima Shemirani is excellent at his craft. I went into his office for a consultation for Juvéderm lip filler. I also wanted to know if it was possible to lessen the appearance of a upper lip scar from a cleft lip. I researched... READ MORE

I had a facelift two years ago without Amy fillers or fat grafting and a few places look like they needed some plumbing up. Today I went for a consult with Perfect Skin in Chandler, Az. I was very impressed with Dr Burgmeier. First he asked what I seen, then he told me what he seen. Together we... READ MORE

I have serious eye bags since I was little and two doctors recommended that I get the eye bag removed surgically. However, I wanted to try something less invasive and am so glad that I had my eye bags treated with juvaderm injections. If your on the fence about this, it's so worth it. It took 5... READ MORE

I has juvederm done in my lips by a PS that I thought I really trusted. He has done my botox. I have Juvederm done several times by "techs" at 2 other places and had great results. I was due and thought That this DR would do a fabulous job because he is a PS. I wanted my lip line done and if... READ MORE

I've never been happy with my lips. Nor that they were horrible, they were just on the thin side and kind of blah. I was going in for rhinoplasty and just thought I might as well while I was going under so I wouldn't have to feel it. I had 1 syringe injected between the two lips. I think it had... READ MORE

I have tried Juvéderm Ultra and Smile on lips, around lips, nasolabial folds, cheekbones and tear trenches. I have been through several injections and I really, really love it. Juvéderm Smile is awesome for the lips and Juvéderm Ultra is great for the rest of the face. I use 0,55 ml in my... READ MORE

So I have inherited deep eye sockets, thin skin under my eyes (thanks a bunch, mum) and I've lived with it my whole life, until a few months ago I noticed that the fat pockets that used to plump up my face have disappeared :( leaving me looking not unlike an extra on walking dead. My BFF went... READ MORE

I always had an issue with my smile... my lips would flatten out and hide when I would. Fortunately, Dr Perez-Gurri had the most genius idea-- FILLERS!! He recommend Juvederm. Didn't take much to convince me before I was on that chair with some topical numbing cream on my lips. As he injected my... READ MORE

So, I have naturally thin lips. They basically disappear when I smile. I have always wanted fuller, more attractive lips. Also, one of my biggest problems with myself were my laugh lines! I am freshly 33 years old, exercise, don't smoke, etc... and I have horrible wrinkles. It's weird.... READ MORE

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