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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to plump up lips, fill facial lines and remove acne scarring. LEARN MORE ›
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Doctor didn't bother to tell me about the possibility of bruising after the filler injection. I couldn't go to work like that. Also I have dermal staining from his poor injection technique that caused massive bruising. Buyer beware don't go to him if you want anything on your face done. .......... READ MORE

I am 60 years old and have had Botox in the past. More and more I had been noticing lines around my vertical lines around my mouth. I had read about fillers and really wasn't sure if I wanted to chance it. The reason I say that I have seen some results that look puffy and odd around the lips.... READ MORE

I am beyond happy with my juvederm filler. We filled my laugh lines and I'm officially hooked on this product. Very subtle and natural, but what a difference! Dr. Bharti really took his time and did a wonderful job. He is very good at what he does and I will definitely be going back soon. I... READ MORE

I have been getting Botox for the past two years. Just on my forehead and a little by the corners of my eyes (which I actually don't see anything wrong there but guess they r preventive). I decided to get juvaderm in my lips (1vial or whatever) and my lips looked great for one week then back to... READ MORE

My face looked gaunt, mostly near my under-eyes orbital and cheeks. I was 123 lbs at 5'6" and my face was showing it. I looked older than I am from it so I wanted to try the temporary solution of a filler. I wasn't sure I would like it and I knew it may wear off in 6 months or a bit more. It... READ MORE

After my jaw surgery when my lower jaw was moved back I was left with deeper creases in my nasolabial folds as well as vertical lines that extended downward from the corners of my mouth all the time, not just when smiling. I had filler put it and if I'd of gotten another vial it may have done... READ MORE

I received juvederm lip augmentation 2 weeks ago. First, it was the most painful procedure I have ever had. I had topical anesthesia that the doctor left on my mouth for only 5 minutes before she began the procedure. I have since learned that the anesthesia needed to sit for 30 minutes to... READ MORE

I have a small upper lip and was hoping to have more fullness. Excellent! I had juvaderm lip enhancement performed about 2 years ago at a different office. I paid $650 then, they numbed me with a dental block and although I loved the results, it was extremely painful and costly. I went to Dr.... READ MORE

I've recently lost a fair amount of weight, and my face was looking older - marionette lines along the sides of my nose and mouth - generally a tired looking face. I went to another plastic surgeon's office for juvederm and Botox injections in 2012, an it was so painful I had to really psych... READ MORE

I've been getting Juvederm for my under eye hollows for about a year (two treatments). The results are absolutely amazing, which I also attribute to the expertise of my doctor. I had no downtime, bruising, or adverse effects. In my experience, it takes about a week for the Juvederm to "settle... READ MORE

I have always wanted my lips augmented but have been afraid of having them look too big and fake. My friend recommended me to meet with her own doctor, Dr. Z!, for a consultation. He instantly made me comfortable, was able to listen to me and what I wanted, and I totally felt that he knew what I... READ MORE

I really wanted my lips to be more full and natural looking and decided to get them done before the holidays. Doctor Pilest used a newer technique called a "cannula" to inject my lips. I was very pleased because in the past I bruised a good amount with lip filler, and with the doctors newer... READ MORE

This procedure was performed 1 year ago. my undereye area turned black & blue. this was devastating against my tan skin. after several return visits to dr banks-and being told each time that it would get better-i was told it was an adverse reaction to the botox. now, a year later, my right... READ MORE

I got half a syringe of juvederm in my top lip yesterday and i love the results! i was super nervous about looking like 'duck lips' which is why i started off getting only a little. it looks super natural and amazing, and didn't hurt at all. the nurse put the numbing cream on for 15 mins and... READ MORE

Yesterday I had my lips done but I'm not liking what it looks like. It was very painful despite the Lidocane cream applied before the injections. I'm not a baby but this hurt a lot. Now my left upper lip is still swollen more than the right side. What I really don't like is somehow my jowls... READ MORE

I was motivated to seek facial volume because of bad surgeries that had reduced volume. He added volume to cheeks, naso folds and under eyes. I had minimal bruising and swelling, and the nurse was available for questions. I have also had Botox injections at his office. He has been proficient... READ MORE

I highly recommend Dr. Naderi. He was very gentle and has a great eye for detail. Instead of performing a dental block he used numbing cream.. From past experience I was given a dental block and it was pretty painful!!! However with Dr. Naderi's method I required almost little to no down time... READ MORE

I was 29 when I had tear through injections to deal with some under eye hollowness (eventually I realized that it wasn't hollowness but protruding cheeks). I also had my lips done (which turned out o.k, but I now realize that my natural lips look better)and botox for my (barely visible) half of... READ MORE

Had my lips done last year with juvaderm ultra plus (not sure the difference between regular juvaderm) but my PS says he only uses it in the lips because it lasts long and makes them extra supple. I absolutely love the result! At first, the swelling was shocking and I didn't want to leave the... READ MORE

Got the date set--gonna do it. I guess fillers are the only thing that will work for me right now. I had hoped Titin, or Thermage might work but I guess I'm not a good candidate. I didn't think I was all that "loose". Loosing weight and hormones...ug. I've done this so much in my life but... READ MORE

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