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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to smooth mild to moderate facial lines, plump up lips, and reduce acne scarring. It can also be used to fill under eye hollows, enhance cheek volume, and reduce wrinkles on the hands. LEARN MORE ›
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I recently had juvederm done in the lips. It looked good for about 2 days until the initial swelling went down and I noticed loose skin on the sides of my lips (I'll call them lip jowls). They form a severe line and cover the end of my smile like a flap. No clue where this skin came from -... READ MORE

HI I'm 31 yo and I had a Botox for forehead and Juvederm for smile lines today - so I'm still waiting for Botox effect but about Juvederm I must say IT'S DEFENETLY WORTH IT!!! LOOKS GREAT!!!spent 750$=450+350=Juvederm and Botox was free- good deal :) READ MORE

My dermatologist gave me two numbing q tips for the top and bottom of my lower and upper lips each. Five small numbing shots were given after 15 minutes, three on top and two on the bottom insides of lips. He came back in 15 minutes later and used a needle to lightly scratch my upper and lower... READ MORE

I am 24 and had wanted fuller lips for years. I liked the shape of my lips but was self conscious about my lack of volume esp in my upper lip. I had read lots of reviews on it and from what I could tell, if i didn't like it, its not like it was permenant surgery so I figured why not? I would... READ MORE

I am one day post-injections. I made sure to go to a reputable plastic surgeon who was experienced in these specific types of injections.He used numbing cream under the eyes. The injections to the left eye were bearable. For whatever reason, the right eye hurt more, and I had more swelling... READ MORE

I wanted only Botox to get rid of frown lines and maybe raise the eye brows. My doctor suggested Juvederm injections as well,in his opinion to raise the browns and give them a youthful apperance.In few months I have developed an Inflamation syndrome in both upper eyelids called Blepharochalasia... READ MORE

As part of my "rejuvenation treatment" this summer I wanted to minimize the folds and deep lines around my lips. As a kid I had a tremendous overbite and over time I had developed lines usually attributed to smokers.My treatment yesterday, August 31, involved filling the deep lines on... READ MORE

The experience was of course painful but tolerable. I'm worried about the swelling & bruising & if it will be smooth when the swelling & bruising goes away. I bought Arnica Montana Gel that was recommended for bruising & swelling.Just started using that today. I'm very scared... READ MORE

I'm36 and had treatment for "lipo-deficient" cheeks with Juvederm Ultra Plus a week ago. About 1.5 vials in one side and .5 in the other, to make appearance even.I would say the results were fair except I still swelling in one "pocket" next to left side of mouth (looks like... READ MORE

I did juvederm 1 year ago to have fuller lips , but the product doesn t dissolve homogenously . it didn t work for me . Was not worth itGood Morning. I had huvederm done for the lips one year ago . Everything was right till juverdem started to dissolve 4 month ago in a non homogenously way . So... READ MORE

I needed to add volume to my lips because its slowly melting away with every birthday that creeps up on me. I ran across a Juvederm article and I decided to try it out.I totally love it! My pictures are recent but you can already see an enormous difference between the before and after -... READ MORE

I hope the pictures attach to this saga. A few years ago I had Restylane for the nasolabial lines and Botox for the crow’s feet. I have wanted to try something that would last longer than Botox and I needed something for the lines under my eyes. I went to a PS who specializes in faces.... READ MORE

I had 1 syringe of juvederm put in my vermilion border of my lips. I had none actually put in the lip.I am extremely pleased with my results and it's only been a day. I know that they're still a little swollen. There's also some bruising.I made sure not to take any aspirin or ibuprofen for 2... READ MORE

I am 74 y.o. WF with quite a bit of wrinkling around my mouth. I researched and decided that a filler might give me the best results.Due to wrinkles around my mouth, I had juvederm filler by a "competent" dermatologist. Now, one side of my upper lip is narrower than the other And,... READ MORE

I am so incredibly satisfied with my Juvederm injections into my upper lip I can barely stand it! The difference is amazing and even though I got faint-ish during the process, the outcome is worth it by far!It helps having a very skilled plastic surgeon do it too. I don't think I would have... READ MORE

I'm in my mid twenties and had hollowness under my eyes ever since I was a kid. I guess it got slightly more pronounced as I got older so I had to get better at concealing it. I had good concealer days but you couldn't hide the tear trough depression no matter how great the concealer was so I... READ MORE

I had this done on marionette lines and love it. It's been almost 2 yrs and its stayed with me. I hate seeing deep lines on any persons face. it gives you that smokers look or aged appearance READ MORE

I had my lips done to minimize the the wrinkles around my upper lip. after 24 hours, I look like a duck. I requested for a consultation of what would be the best treatement. She injected so much of the product in to my upper lip, that I now look like a duck and completely embarrassed. The lines... READ MORE

I've always had thin lips and while in for Fraxel treatment, I was sold on the use of Juvederm to plump up my lips. The same numbing cream that was used for my face was also put on my lips. In the normal action of swallowing and moving my lips, some of the cream got into my mouth and I could... READ MORE

I have bags under my eyes and was just not ready to have surgery done yet. So I went to a plastic surgeon to find out what could be done without surgery. He then told me Juvederm injected in the lower eyelid would get rid of the bags completely because he would fill in the the areas around the... READ MORE

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