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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to smooth mild to moderate facial lines, plump up lips, and reduce acne scarring. It can also be used to fill under eye hollows, enhance cheek volume, and reduce wrinkles on the hands. LEARN MORE ›
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What was i thinking???????????????????? Doctor had no before or after pix and i fell for this at an "open house" where they provided sale discounts if you pre-paid......... Look at before and afters!!!!! I feel stupid and duped. Don't even think about doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now... READ MORE

I had this product injected into my lines as had lost weight and was looking very tired and old-where as botox improved my appearance this has left looking like a hamster !with the left side very lumpy! I wish I never had this procedure done and now feel I look older! I have contacted the place... READ MORE

I went to a clinic in Vancouver BC and was very very nervous. I wanted them to look full and natural, but not like I had them done. After reading reviews of "juvederm gone wrong" I started to panic and started to leave but then went back in and said let just get this over with!! They took... READ MORE

I am 35 and started noticing I always looked tired. I went to a place in Calgary Ab Canada, they filled up my undereyes and a little bit of my cheek bones with one syringe of Juvederm. I am very happy with my results. I had no bruising, the procedure was relatively painless as they gave me... READ MORE

It has been a month and a half now since my injections, I am getting worse day by day, looking older and older, it saddens me to think that someone I trusted wanted to put these toxins in my body which has deformed my face and now is though my entire system I am weak, tired and deprecated I... READ MORE

Here  are my lopsided juvederm lips with all the wrinkles back after one week! Three syringes and 900.00 later!!! I went to a well known dermatologist. Now that the swelling is down nothing looks any different. I had my upper and lower lips injected as well as my chin and between the eyes... READ MORE

I work in Sales and I am 43, so I thought for Lucky 44 coming up I would refresh my look. I went in to see Dr. Harper who is wonderful, patient, kind and really listens to what you want. I decided on botox around my crows feet and my forehead line. I don't have the 11 so nothing was done here. I... READ MORE

Pro: got rid of my eye bags con: $$$, had a minor allergic rxn @ the injection sites Shared a syringe with mom (cost was for mom and me). READ MORE

The new micro cannula that Dr. Klein is using offers little to no bruising! Overall I am extremely pleased with the results. My lips usually bruise, but with the new cannula there is absolutely no tell-tell signs anything has been done. I will be 49 on Saturday, and as we age we lose collagen... READ MORE

I had my first experience with dermal fillers a couple of years ago, when I went to a med spa for Botox to treat my glabeller “11s” because I was tired of being told I looked “angry” when I wasn’t. While the spa was run by a licensed physician, I didn’t find... READ MORE

I wanted a fuller upper lip and to change the turned down corners of my mouth. So the PS added some volume to my lower lip and then my top lip to make it balance out. He mentioned that marionette lines are the hardest to erase but he could soften them a bit. He used 1 vial. The process was quick... READ MORE

I was apprehensive about having my nasolabial and marionette lines filled bc I didn't want to appear puffy and was also concerned about the degree of pain. I've had botox done for years, but I've heard fillers are more painful. My doctor spent over an hour numbing me with a topical,... READ MORE

I have terrible bruises this time. I'll wait until the bruises and swellings are gone and then decide. Comparing techniques of the two doctors: my first one did about 2 injections on each side and used the regular Juvederm. No one, including me, noticed the difference, but I don't... READ MORE

Juvderma: My dermatologist injected Juverderma, it was for my deep sunken eyes and i have tear lines as well, but my skin is very thin. he injected in june it alomost 8months, but i got puffy eyes, he injected in excess, it looks horrible now, and even worse from earlier.,then he gave me to... READ MORE

I love the idea of filling these dreaded signs of aging. I'm on a tight budget but appearance is very important to me. It was slightly difficult adjusting to the new look that I could see changed the shape and movement to my face. I feel the beginning is the strange phase. As it mellows,... READ MORE

Ok I finally did it! I have terrible bags under my eyes and wanted to try restylane to fill out the "rut" She reccomended a full syringe under each eye but i was hesitant and she said lets try half. So we did and I wish I would have gotten a full one but I can go back ( I bought 2... READ MORE

The juvederm ultra plus is slightly better than the regular juvederm. It always gives smooth results but you swell a lot for a week then it goes down a LOT. Disappointing if it's your lips that go away so fast. I work out a lot so I process fillers rather quickly. Perlane lasts longer for me... READ MORE

I had Juvaderm injected under my eyes to try to get rid of a sunken look. Not only did I get a black eye that lasted 5 months, now both my eyes are horribly puffy/baggy looking. WAY worse looking and adds years to my age.After hitting a bloodvessel in one of my eyes, the doctor left the room... READ MORE

Used it for my smile lines. Ended up hospitalized for 3 day with Cellulitis and a staph infection in my face. I had to have a pic line that goes into the main artery beside my heart so I can take IV antibiotics 4 times a day. It has been two months now. I get the pic line out today and will be... READ MORE

Ok. We all know already this is not the best idea in the world so please, give up the hate mail and comments we as posters have heard it literally one million times. Thx. Did it for the cost effectiveness and that is x2 .8ml syringes rather than the Cosmo (Cosmetic Doc) which charges $500 for... READ MORE

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