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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to smooth mild to moderate facial lines, plump up lips, and reduce acne scarring. It can also be used to fill under eye hollows, enhance cheek volume, and reduce wrinkles on the hands. LEARN MORE ›
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I am only 21 but have always had dark circles under my eyes and always have looked tired. Although no body noticed the results unless i told them, to me, it is obviously a vast improvement. I was getting my makeup done at MAC and the lady said that i was so lucky to have such rested eyes... READ MORE

I Have thought about getting a dermal filler in my upper lip for several years but am deadly afraid of needles, injections etc...Finally after 5 years I Just gave in and got Juvederm in my upper lip! The Dental Block was just a pinch and I closed my eyes the rest of the way and felt NOT A... READ MORE

Im a woos right! i was soooooo scared! that it was goin to hurt in your lip as its so tendre there! seriously it did not hurt! i had a dental block on the sides of my nose where the nerve is..also in the bottom lip inside the mouth had four injections numbing. my lips went fully numb! th... READ MORE

After reading Every Review on this site (and others) I was Very Concerned about my decision to have Juvaderm injections for my lips. Really, if you look at the reviews its about a 50/50 split-not such great odds. None-the-less, I decided to go ahead with it putting all my trust into my PS (who I... READ MORE

In the past three years I've progressively become a distance runner which has caused me to lose weight. On my body - YAY! - in my face - BOO! I was noticing some sagging in my mid face area which made it seem like I was frowning a lot. I asked my Botox guy about it and he recommended Juvederm... READ MORE

I have gotten Botox for several years and finally had my first round of Juvederm. I'd been hesitant due to fear over swelling, etc. I received the fillers around the mouth area and am thrilled with the results. I did have some swelling and because I'm fair-skinned, some bruising. If you're... READ MORE

I was starting to get jowls as I have aged, and to me, this was just as bad, if not worse than wrinkles. I went to Dr. Klein for Botox (click here to read my review) and while I was there, I asked about the jowls and she recommended an injectable . I got the procedure for my marionette lines,... READ MORE

I hated looking at myself in the mirror, my face was hollow and the dark circles and thinning lips gave away my age. I would hide my face with my hair. I wanted a facelift so badly and while researching I found a plastic surgeon to give me a softlift using Juvaderm and Botox. Dr. Rai certainly... READ MORE

I was looking to have a more rejuvenated, higher, and fuller cheekbone and I found that Juvederm Voluma can be the best option in terms of longevity and the outcome. The treatment was absolutely painless and bruisless using the microcannula technique. This method allowed my doctor to target a... READ MORE

I had a few things done during my visit- under eyes, lip and cheeks filled. (It was not painful.) I also had Botox injected in my forehead area. ( I did at the beginning it for wrinkles, but then it relieved severe headaches and sinus issues! It is awesome! ) I cannot thank Dr. Ridenour and... READ MORE

I just did a follow up appointment with Dr Mulholland and was quickly seen…All the ladies working in the office are super nice and eager to help with any questions you may have.. Its best to wait a few days for swelling to resolve, so I did and just had a minor touch up.. I had no bruising,... READ MORE

I am 59 years old and was considering a face lift but wasn't quite really so i asked Dr. Ridenour about alternatives. Due to my busy work schedule i decided on Juvederm, a procedure that would give me a good and immediate result but wouldnt require down time. I got great advice from Dr. Ridenour... READ MORE

I had the procedure ArqueDerma performed on my face and waited 3 weeks for all the swelling to go down..to discover after 2 syringes that there wasn't much improvement...and unfortunately you have to use both syringes the day of the procedure...cos then they can get as many people in a week as... READ MORE

I've always had very small lips so after reading the reviews about this product I became very keen to try. I decided to get this procedure done at the SK:N clinic in Norwich, UK! However they have clinical throughout the country! I was extremely nervous on arrival for my consultation as I had... READ MORE

I really wanted to try lip fillers for quite a whole now due to having a very thin top lip. In fact it's so thin it disappears completely when I smile .. Had juvaderm yesterday and it was painful .. I was offered a dental block but decided against it although next time I may take it as my eyes... READ MORE

I got my lips done last week and I absolutely love them!! Dr. Park asked me what I wanted and I said a conservative injection for just a little more plumpness. He suggested only doing the upper lip to balance the upper and bottom in fullness. Before the injection he analyzed the symmetry of my... READ MORE

I scheduled a session with Dr. Klein to go over the non surgical nose job and possible filler in my cheeks. I was nervous since this was my first time doing fillers with another doctor. I just moved from Santa Barbara to the OC and was searching for that experienced and trustworthy doctor to do... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Eviatar over a year ago because i was very hallow under my eyes due to a previous procedure i had years ago from another doctor. Dr. Eviatar answered all my questions, and his staff were super nice. I am acutally due for a filler again. I will be making an appoitment with him soon.... READ MORE

I had juvederm in my naso lines about five months ago. It looked great. No downtime, barely any swelling, no bruising, I just looked fantastic. I noticed it started to fade just a bit and figured getting a touch up would be OK, but I wasn't sure. Maybe it could overfill? My doctor (a new one --... READ MORE

I am in my mid 40's and have had fillers for about 5 years so have had a good deal of experience. I heard good things about Dr Gal Aharonov so I went to see him. We discussed what I wanted and what I would think about, as he suggested filler in my Jaw but I explicitly said I would think about... READ MORE

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