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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to smooth mild to moderate facial lines, plump up lips, and reduce acne scarring. It can also be used to fill under eye hollows, enhance cheek volume, and reduce wrinkles on the hands. LEARN MORE ›
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This is my second experience with Juvederm. I had it the first time last summer, and it has lasted up until a couple of weeks ago. I get my inner lip injected to balance out a hypertrophied scar on the inner portion of my lip that occurred when I fell and my tooth went through my lip. I also get... READ MORE

I originally went to Toccare, Dr. Nakra's medical spa, because of asymmetrical tear troughs (left was deeper than right). We didn't want to waste the syringe of juvederm I bought, so I asked him to do the parenthesis and slight NL folds I have. I had no bruising whatsoever! I came back a... READ MORE

I went for Juvederm injections around my mouth for the third time in November this time has left me feeling embarrassed and low in confidence. The left side of my face is more puffed out than the right and when I smile I have two huge bumps at either side of my nose. I also have a bluish tint to... READ MORE

I want to have a lip augmentation (juvederm) but I'd like to know which one I should choose juvederm 2, juvederm 3 or juvederm 4 ? And what are the differences between them? I want to get my lips done in The Netherlands and this wil be my first time. I'm also wondering if it hurts a lot.... READ MORE

I justs got juvederm yesterday and immediately after I had large bumps that can be seen only when I open my mouth but I can feel them pushing on my teeth help !!! I'm sure this isn't normal I told my doctor when I was there I could see them and she said she couldn't see them unless she looked in... READ MORE

I had my cheeks and lips injected with Juvederm. I wanted it done because I felt that my nose overpowered my face and I was not happy with the profile angle of my face. The doctor recommended that since I am young (28) I should only start with a little bit to make sure that I like it. If I did... READ MORE

A year ago I had my lips injected with juvaderm. I didn't hate the results, but they were less than optimal and I definitely experienced the dreaded duck lips. I threw in the towel for fuller lips. Then I did my research. It turns out I have a "long upper lip" which is the distance between the... READ MORE

Hi there. I'm. 31 years old and for many years have been unhappy with how thin my upper lip was, having done extensive research into juvederm/restyline/where to go for it and who to have the work done by, I decided to go with a cosmetic surgery trained nurse at a private hospital close to where... READ MORE

After a horrible experience elsewhere i decided to try out the New image clinic and see if they could help me out and fix the uneveness and already flatness after 5-6 months post first injection. Dr.poon was very friendly and so was his assistant they fixed my lips and made them plump and juicy,... READ MORE

Hi there While this may not be the case with everyone, in my experience Juvederm is a huge waste of money. If you are going to get it done and you sign a consent form I would write on it "If this doesn't last more than 6 months I want my money back" Do NOT sign a consent that says it may not... READ MORE

Hi! I have had this filler in my tear troughs, cheeks, nasalabial folds and lips! I went to a very good occuplastic doctor (specialist eye surgeon), and she has done a very good job on all areas on my face! I have tried Radiesse but I prefer the results with Juverderm. The only downside is the... READ MORE

Had juvederm in hollows of the eyes from MWWC. I have pillows for hollows now and look 10 years older than I did before it was placed. They never told me the risks of this, now I am looking at spending 3400 dollars for lower eyelid surgery from the result of a 500 dollar procedure. This is the... READ MORE

I have been getting Restylane in my lips as a plumper for the past 5 years and was never satisfied with it due to the constant fluctuating size of my lips each day based on my hydration levels. I had heard good things about Juve from friends so I decided to try it out instead and I couldn't be... READ MORE

The price of Juvederm kept me from trying it. My husband told me he wanted to do something special for me and I said one word "JUVEDERM". I wanted to look and feel younger. It far exceeded my expectations. My deep creases are gone. My self esteem has risen to new levels. The whole experience has... READ MORE

This morning I had an appointment to have Juvederm Ultra Plus XC injected into my lips. I have done this once before, but only on my top lip and had little change in volume even with an entire syringe in the top. Also, the previous doctor numbed the lips with an oral gel all over the lips, which... READ MORE

7 days ago, while on vacation, I decided to plump up my thin lips a bit. Since then I have been bruised and swollen and look like a cartoon character or blow up doll ....not at all what I was looking for! Bruising has faded a lot, but they are still tender. Is it possible that there is still... READ MORE

I have had restylane and juvaderm. Different thickness's in both. Today I had 1ml of Juvaderm Ultra plus in lips and little left over in cheeks. My last Juvaderm was in my lips over 3 months ago. That was Juvaderm Ultra. I have now tried the Juvaderm Ultra Plus for more longevity. I am happy... READ MORE

I am the patient coordinator at the office, and I'm so blessed to work with such an amazing and honest surgeon. Got Juvederm with Dr. Bandy last December 8th. I absolutely loved it! With lots of sun damage to my face, I started to notice my "smile lines" were getting deeper and make-up was... READ MORE

At age 48+, I mentioned to my aesthetician that I was not happy about the recent appearance of lines above my top lip. She suggested Juvederm would fill those lines, so I scheduled an appointment with the office plastic surgeon. I made it clear I wanted subtle results so it would not be apparent... READ MORE

I had Juvederm injected into N/L on Tuesday. The doctor was nice enough, but I don't think she did a good job. She only injected each side 3 times. I feel like it should have been more like 6 pricks with less material in each on each side. But because she only hit 3 areas on each, the difference... READ MORE

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