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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to plump up lips, fill facial lines and remove acne scarring. LEARN MORE ›
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I have received Juvederm in the past for my lips and smile lines. I have done both xc and xc +. In my opinion, although the results don't last as long with xc, they outcome is more natural to me. I've also had radiesse injected into my midface area. As a teenager, I was very very thin from... READ MORE

I first discovered Dr. Malouf when I was researching the non-surgical face lift. At that point I didn't even know what that was! I felt a lot of confidence in trying him out because he had done thousands and thousands of these procedures and injections and had very good ratings. I had had Botox... READ MORE

Wanted to fill my tear troughs. Dr. Singer used something I did not know the name of (something other than Juvederm) to fill the trouble spots. The procedure was painful and ultimately, the procedure made no difference. I want to my mother's plastic surgeon last week (six months later) and... READ MORE

Awful! It's suppose to last months! It was gone in 5 days!!!!!!!! It looked the wY I wanted for 2 days! Im outraged!!!! I still have bruising but no lips like I started!!!! Awful! So upset!! It was really painful and I'm covered with tattoos and piercings!! and I thought it would have been... READ MORE

Very expensive lesson learned for terrible results. Lots of filler and dont recognize myself for the worst when was supposed to just rujuvinate and be natural. Not natural at all. I have friends who have had similar things and look fine when I saw them at a wedding which is why I looked into... READ MORE

I'm going to have my moderate laugh lines filled. Any suggestions on which filler might be suggested. I'm 52yo male who just had upper and lower eyelid surgery which is going rather well. I'm healing quite nicely except for little irritations like eye twitching and rubbery feeling to my upper... READ MORE

I have always wanted plumper lips but have been putting it off mostly because I was scared of the pain and bad results. Finally got it done today and while I am a bit swollen so can't comment on the final result, I am nonetheless happy to note that the procedure was pretty much painless and I... READ MORE

Recommended procedure by Dr. Ventimigila. He highly recommends Dr. Malouf for facial filling. This requires more characters but, inasmuch as I haven't seen the Doctor yet I'm just filling the space on this page. The receptionist was also very helpful and advised me of ways to obtain a discount... READ MORE

My lips are thin but not super thin I wanted just a bit more volume kinda like the volume you get if you have swollen lips, I wanted that effect but in a symmetrical, natural way with as little bruising as possible. I went to Pascual Med Spa, talked with their medical director and had the... READ MORE

I came into Dr. Kolstad's office a few weeks back after seeing tons of my female friends get injections over the years. For a few years I resisted, until one day I decided that I, too, would love to zap my happy lines (parentheses lines, haha) and maybe even fluff my naturally full, but flat and... READ MORE

I recently had a combo of Juvederm and Juvederm XC used on my eyes, cheeks, around frown lines at mouth and marionette lines....with incredible results. Comments from friends included "you look really well rested " and "you look younger - what are you doing differently"... The entire procedure... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Desyatnikova's clinic as part of an effort to merely research what could be done for the bags under my eyes. She suggested that I begin with my upper cheeks to build a sort of shelf under my eyes. An hour later I was starring at the mirror in disbelief. I seem to suffer from some... READ MORE

Over a year ago, I had Juvederm injected into my lips, in order to give them an even fuller appearance. The injector (Nurse) that I had this done by, was terrible. One syringe was used in three large shots, one in center of the lower lip and two on the sides of the upper lip. Obviously this... READ MORE

I was skeptical at first but Dr. Elizabeth Hale made me feel so comfortable that I am so glad that I went through with these procedures. In February, 2014 I had my first juvederm treatment. I could not believe the difference right away. My eyes look amazing and my skin is smoother. My... READ MORE

So I always wanted to do something with my lips. They were my smallest and worst feature. A few weeks ago I finally took the step and went to see a well known doctor in the city. He was amazing, we clicked right away and thats when I was certain that I wanted him to do my lips. We decided on 1... READ MORE

This was my first time ever with fillers and any type of treatment, beside having done European style facials. I did not want to have anything extreme done and was extremely happy with Dr. Rubinstein treatment. I had marionette folds, upper and lower lips injected with Juvaderm. There was... READ MORE

I have nothing against preserving your youth and fixing lines or anything that makes you happy! I started to see my laugh line crease starting to have a slight fold. I hated it and decided to have a filler done when I went to LA. I found a place on yelp with the most ratings and best reviews. I... READ MORE

With several fillers available nowadays I wasn't sure Juvederm is what I wanted. I didn't even know much about it but Dr. Sayed explained every little detail to me and made me a comparison between all the other fillers and together we decided Juvederm was the best option for my nasolabial folds.... READ MORE

I am thrilled with the fillers that were placed in my cheeks, lips, nose and forehead. I am more confident in my appearance and love how fillers near the brow give me a "mini eye lift". My face looks full & healthy! Dr. Schlessinger, besides being a wonderful doctor, has a great eye to assist... READ MORE

I had dragged my feet for more than FOUR years in getting any more filler in my face. I'd had several rounds of Juvey Ultra and botox placed under my eyes and in the N/L folds by my mouth done by a previous surgeon. My last treatment done by that doctor was in 2010, just before I had facial... READ MORE

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