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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to plump up lips, fill facial lines and remove acne scarring. LEARN MORE ›
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I was skeptical at first but Dr. Elizabeth Hale made me feel so comfortable that I am so glad that I went through with these procedures. In February, 2014 I had my first juvederm treatment. I could not believe the difference right away. My eyes look amazing and my skin is smoother. My... READ MORE

So I always wanted to do something with my lips. They were my smallest and worst feature. A few weeks ago I finally took the step and went to see a well known doctor in the city. He was amazing, we clicked right away and thats when I was certain that I wanted him to do my lips. We decided on 1... READ MORE

This was my first time ever with fillers and any type of treatment, beside having done European style facials. I did not want to have anything extreme done and was extremely happy with Dr. Rubinstein treatment. I had marionette folds, upper and lower lips injected with Juvaderm. There was... READ MORE

I have nothing against preserving your youth and fixing lines or anything that makes you happy! I started to see my laugh line crease starting to have a slight fold. I hated it and decided to have a filler done when I went to LA. I found a place on yelp with the most ratings and best reviews. I... READ MORE

With several fillers available nowadays I wasn't sure Juvederm is what I wanted. I didn't even know much about it but Dr. Sayed explained every little detail to me and made me a comparison between all the other fillers and together we decided Juvederm was the best option for my nasolabial folds.... READ MORE

I am thrilled with the fillers that were placed in my cheeks, lips, nose and forehead. I am more confident in my appearance and love how fillers near the brow give me a "mini eye lift". My face looks full & healthy! Dr. Schlessinger, besides being a wonderful doctor, has a great eye to assist... READ MORE

I had dragged my feet for more than FOUR years in getting any more filler in my face. I'd had several rounds of Juvey Ultra and botox placed under my eyes and in the N/L folds by my mouth done by a previous surgeon. My last treatment done by that doctor was in 2010, just before I had facial... READ MORE

I was expecting much more pain, swelling, and bruising , it was quick and painless ( I tolerate pain pretty well). I just iced my lips for a little bit and got half syringe for the first time. No black and blues , just a bit swelling. Will post more, after few days. Today is only day 1 :) p.s.... READ MORE

I have gone to the RealSelf boards over and over for support, so now it's my turn! Ten days ago I had Juvederm injected in to my vermillion to treat vertical lip lines. I walked out with duck lips and was completely freaked out. After 48 hours the immediate swelling had gone down to the point... READ MORE

I wanted to enhance my lips for fun and to distract from my smile lines. I have had the smile lines filled before with juvaderm, and I did not like the way this looked. Adding volume in my lips distracts me from those lines and also makes me feel glamorous without lipstick on. It is VERY... READ MORE

Anyone had experience with dr Mabrie from San Francisco or dr Karam from San Diego? I want my eyes and lips done, looking for a fat transfer or filler but can't decide which doctor, both have good reviews. Pls share ur experienced if you have seen these 2 doctors. I want to be careful on these... READ MORE

I live in London and last year I had Juvederm Volbella injected into my tear troughs on two separate occasions in June and October by a respected plastic surgeon well-known for treating this area. I had had both Restylene & Juvederm injected into my mason-labial lines & also around my lips a few... READ MORE

I have routinely had Juverderm injections. First to my nasolabial folds and later on to y lips and cheeks. I have not always used the same injector or clinic since I am a Groupon junkie. So along the way I have had bad results as well as "oh my god!" I look s good!" results. This is really a... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Madnani's office at his grand st location for the procedure. A colleague had recommended him to me after she saw me in passing and asked why I looked so tired. She immediately noticed the dark circles under my eyes. She recommended him for Juvederm procedure and sees him at his... READ MORE

Doctor didn't bother to tell me about the possibility of bruising after the filler injection. I couldn't go to work like that. Also I have dermal staining from his poor injection technique that caused massive bruising. Buyer beware don't go to him if you want anything on your face done. .......... READ MORE

I am 60 years old and have had Botox in the past. More and more I had been noticing lines around my vertical lines around my mouth. I had read about fillers and really wasn't sure if I wanted to chance it. The reason I say that I have seen some results that look puffy and odd around the lips.... READ MORE

I am beyond happy with my juvederm filler. We filled my laugh lines and I'm officially hooked on this product. Very subtle and natural, but what a difference! Dr. Bharti really took his time and did a wonderful job. He is very good at what he does and I will definitely be going back soon. I... READ MORE

I have been getting Botox for the past two years. Just on my forehead and a little by the corners of my eyes (which I actually don't see anything wrong there but guess they r preventive). I decided to get juvaderm in my lips (1vial or whatever) and my lips looked great for one week then back to... READ MORE

My face looked gaunt, mostly near my under-eyes orbital and cheeks. I was 123 lbs at 5'6" and my face was showing it. I looked older than I am from it so I wanted to try the temporary solution of a filler. I wasn't sure I would like it and I knew it may wear off in 6 months or a bit more. It... READ MORE

After my jaw surgery when my lower jaw was moved back I was left with deeper creases in my nasolabial folds as well as vertical lines that extended downward from the corners of my mouth all the time, not just when smiling. I had filler put it and if I'd of gotten another vial it may have done... READ MORE

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