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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to smooth mild to moderate facial lines, plump up lips, and reduce acne scarring. It can also be used to fill under eye hollows, enhance cheek volume, and reduce wrinkles on the hands. LEARN MORE ›
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I've always had very small lips so after reading the reviews about this product I became very keen to try. I decided to get this procedure done at the SK:N clinic in Norwich, UK! However they have clinical throughout the country! I was extremely nervous on arrival for my consultation as I had... READ MORE

I really wanted to try lip fillers for quite a whole now due to having a very thin top lip. In fact it's so thin it disappears completely when I smile .. Had juvaderm yesterday and it was painful .. I was offered a dental block but decided against it although next time I may take it as my eyes... READ MORE

I got my lips done last week and I absolutely love them!! Dr. Park asked me what I wanted and I said a conservative injection for just a little more plumpness. He suggested only doing the upper lip to balance the upper and bottom in fullness. Before the injection he analyzed the symmetry of my... READ MORE

I scheduled a session with Dr. Klein to go over the non surgical nose job and possible filler in my cheeks. I was nervous since this was my first time doing fillers with another doctor. I just moved from Santa Barbara to the OC and was searching for that experienced and trustworthy doctor to do... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Eviatar over a year ago because i was very hallow under my eyes due to a previous procedure i had years ago from another doctor. Dr. Eviatar answered all my questions, and his staff were super nice. I am acutally due for a filler again. I will be making an appoitment with him soon.... READ MORE

I hated looking at myself in the mirror, my face was hollow and the dark circles and thinning lips gave away my age. I would hide my face with my hair. I wanted a facelift so badly and while researching I found a plastic surgeon to give me a softlift using Juvaderm and Botox. Dr. Rai certainly... READ MORE

I had juvederm in my naso lines about five months ago. It looked great. No downtime, barely any swelling, no bruising, I just looked fantastic. I noticed it started to fade just a bit and figured getting a touch up would be OK, but I wasn't sure. Maybe it could overfill? My doctor (a new one --... READ MORE

I am in my mid 40's and have had fillers for about 5 years so have had a good deal of experience. I heard good things about Dr Gal Aharonov so I went to see him. We discussed what I wanted and what I would think about, as he suggested filler in my Jaw but I explicitly said I would think about... READ MORE

Dr Mullholland did a fabulous job injecting some Juvederm in my under eyes and already what a difference, considering I had it done yesterday. I look rested and fresh. I recommend this very small procedure to anyone that has sunken eyes, it truly works! Something so natural. In and out in... READ MORE

I've never had fillers before, so I was very nervous to get them done, but not anymore! Dr Park was not only so informative he calmed my nerves and he has a great technique as it barely hurt! I had Juvederm injected in my lips and under my eyes. Neither of them hurt at all even though he said... READ MORE

My ethnicity is from an Indian back ground. I am west indian. I inherited my grandmother eyes from my dad's side of family. Growing up as a child I didn't notice how dark and baggy my eyes were until my early 20's it was beginning to look really awful due to working everyday long hours, waking... READ MORE

I am a 58 year old female. My lower cheeks were looking a bit sunken. Dr. Klein gave me one treatment of Juvederm, putting some in each cheek. The difference was noticeable immediately. I haven't put make up on yet today but each time I glance in the mirror, I look more rested and my face... READ MORE

I have been seeing Janet Woodyard, MD for Botox for over a year now and have always gotten fabulous results. Coming up on my 36th birthday, I was noticing that my nasolabial folds were becoming more pronounced. Dr. Woodyard discussed different options with me and was very thorough about the... READ MORE

I had juverderm ultra injected under my eyes to fill in hollowness (in Windsor Ontario). Unfortunately, the doctor hit a vein which bruised me pretty badly, and there is a dark circle left under my left eye (4 months later), and wrinkles when I smile (which I did not have before the filler). I... READ MORE

I was give the Juvederm Ultra Plus around my smile lines. Plus some Botox around my eyes. Both procedures were quick and painless, nothing worse than a mild sting for about a second! Instant results and minimal bruising and swelling. Very natural looking result and I am so happy with the... READ MORE

I have had Juvederm (twice) and Botox (6 times). The key is to go to a VERY skilled Dr. and address your concerns. I went to a referred Dr. and had Juvederm. One vial in the lines on each side of my nose. It was WONDERFUL. Then 1 1/2 years later I went to a different doctor at a spa I usually go... READ MORE

I called Dr Blinski's office to ask for advice on how to disguise bad sculptra results from a previous doctor. Dr Blinski spoke with me directly and gave me wonderful advice and advised me on some other facial fillers that would be more appropriate . He also referred me to 3 drs that are... READ MORE

The hyalouronic acid filler I had injected 4 years ago under my eyes has moved lower in my face, and it is quite a visible bump. It is located right under the base of my eyelid and it extents it giving the impression of shaggy bruised eye bags. Doctor suggested to dissolve it by injecting... READ MORE

I am 46 years old and although I have pretty good skin and don't have too many severe wrinkles I requested Botox to my forehead as I had 2 strong vertical lines between my brows, plus a few other random lines above, and some minor crow's feet. Also as my face was somewhat sunken-in/slightly... READ MORE

I am 37 years old and just noticed that I have a clown looking face now. I have I would say those lines from my nose that is going to my lips, it's not too bad yet but I don't like how it makes me look. I'm considering the Juvederm injections, going to speak with someone tomorrow and get some... READ MORE

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