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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to plump up lips, fill facial lines and remove acne scarring. LEARN MORE ›
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Perfect results!! I am so very happy . I literally had the procedure done 30 minutes ago and I am back at work and no one would even know. Dr. Worthing used Juvederm ultra in my mouth / nose folds. One injection on each side. That is ALL. He uses a cannula to work his way up from the mouth area... READ MORE

I don't chose people I go to lightly usully but was traveling through LA and did only some quick research this time. Doing anything to your face can be scary. The worst however is when you feel you look scary with the finished products! Possibly Dr. Aharonov is good for giving someone a... READ MORE

I had filler put in my top and bottom lip, not to make fuller but what I told the nurse more for wrinkles. She said it would help the wrinkles, which it did not! I called the office to talk with the nurse but was told she no longer worked there. I made appointment to see Dr Salzman and wss SO... READ MORE

In my late 30's I finally gathered up the courage to begin to approach some cosmetic issues that have been a thorn in my side for quite a while. For the past few years I appeared tired, my eyes hallowed and given some recent weight loss my face seemed disproportionate. I did much research and... READ MORE

This was my 2nd Juvederm treatment to minimize marionette lines around my mouth area and lift the general area. I am very please with the noticable results and have seen wrinkles and folds reduce or disappear. The procedure is viturally painless and takes less than 15 minutes to complete. ... READ MORE

I came to the famous Toronto Dermatology Centre hoping to refresh my look and still look natural, and not "done" or fake. Dr. Barankin explained in great detail what would benefit me the most, and would make me look the best bang for my buck so to speak. He is very skilled with his hands just... READ MORE

Bad outcome. I described below what happened. I will never go back to Dr Siegel. And his current staff makes me feel very unwelcome. I do not recommend this Doctor and his young entitled staff. He was fast and sloppy with the injection and ran off, leaving me without a ice to prevent... READ MORE

Hi! I had my lips done ~3 months ago and I loved the result. Dr. Nazarian was great and honest. She put exactly 0.3 in my lips and saved the rest for later. 3months later I added another 0.3 in my lips and she put the extra0.4 on my cheeks bone (I had uneven cheeks bone) without recharging me.... READ MORE

I had been distressed by a very asymmetrical looking face due to a more prominent nasolabial fold on one side of my face. I was recommended Juvederm as a filler of choice to even it out. I also had 10 units of botox injected above my lip to alleviate a gummy smile. I was red for the rest of the... READ MORE

On 9/18/13, I finally took the plunge. I got Juvederm injectected into my marionette lines, as well as a tiny fold above my right lip (there was no fold above my left lip), and a faint line around my mouth on the left side (there was none on the right side). My marionette lines were not... READ MORE

I came in a few weeks a go to see a Laura Pietrzak, a physcian's assistant and injector, to have my tear troughs done. I've always had dark circles under my eyes and look like I've never slept a day in my life. Laura made me feel so comfortable and was very gentle throughout the process, I... READ MORE

I was procrastinating to have filler done to my mid cheek areas and troughs under my eyes because I was concerned with an unnatural look or having a lumpy appearance. The outcome was terrific and the restoration of volume to the areas I was concerned about was impressive. I would do it again... READ MORE

I have received Juvederm in the past for my lips and smile lines. I have done both xc and xc +. In my opinion, although the results don't last as long with xc, they outcome is more natural to me. I've also had radiesse injected into my midface area. As a teenager, I was very very thin from... READ MORE

I first discovered Dr. Malouf when I was researching the non-surgical face lift. At that point I didn't even know what that was! I felt a lot of confidence in trying him out because he had done thousands and thousands of these procedures and injections and had very good ratings. I had had Botox... READ MORE

Wanted to fill my tear troughs. Dr. Singer used something I did not know the name of (something other than Juvederm) to fill the trouble spots. The procedure was painful and ultimately, the procedure made no difference. I want to my mother's plastic surgeon last week (six months later) and... READ MORE

Awful! It's suppose to last months! It was gone in 5 days!!!!!!!! It looked the wY I wanted for 2 days! Im outraged!!!! I still have bruising but no lips like I started!!!! Awful! So upset!! It was really painful and I'm covered with tattoos and piercings!! and I thought it would have been... READ MORE

Very expensive lesson learned for terrible results. Lots of filler and dont recognize myself for the worst when was supposed to just rujuvinate and be natural. Not natural at all. I have friends who have had similar things and look fine when I saw them at a wedding which is why I looked into... READ MORE

I'm going to have my moderate laugh lines filled. Any suggestions on which filler might be suggested. I'm 52yo male who just had upper and lower eyelid surgery which is going rather well. I'm healing quite nicely except for little irritations like eye twitching and rubbery feeling to my upper... READ MORE

I have always wanted plumper lips but have been putting it off mostly because I was scared of the pain and bad results. Finally got it done today and while I am a bit swollen so can't comment on the final result, I am nonetheless happy to note that the procedure was pretty much painless and I... READ MORE

Recommended procedure by Dr. Ventimigila. He highly recommends Dr. Malouf for facial filling. This requires more characters but, inasmuch as I haven't seen the Doctor yet I'm just filling the space on this page. The receptionist was also very helpful and advised me of ways to obtain a discount... READ MORE

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