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Juvederm is an FDA-approved filler used to plump up lips, fill facial lines and remove acne scarring. LEARN MORE ›
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I have bags under my eyes and was just not ready to have surgery done yet. So I went to a plastic surgeon to find out what could be done without surgery. He then told me Juvederm injected in the lower eyelid would get rid of the bags completely because he would fill in the the areas around the... READ MORE

I am 37 years old and this if my first experience with Juvederm. I have always been told that I look 10 years younger than I am, but with the stress I have had in my life over the past 9 months, I noticed a decline in my appearance. I had Juvederm Ultra injected in my nasolabial folds yesterday... READ MORE

I had Juvederm injected into my upper lip to make it a bit fuller. I LOVE IT! I was TERRIFIED that I would turn into Lisa Rhinna, and told this to my doctor. He totally understood and didn't inject too much. There was some left over and he suggested injecting the rest into my cheek area. I said... READ MORE

I received Juvederm Ultra Plus into my lips yesterday afternoon. The doctor did 80% in the upper lip and 20% in the lower, upon my request. So far they look very swollen and notably bruised. I do not feel like I can go in public without questions from acquaitences yet. I was warned this might be... READ MORE

I went with a girlfriend and we both are so happy with our doctor and results. Here is my experience: My friend initially said she was going to do this, and I said "NO!!!! Don't do it!" I was apprehensive as year ago, I had gone to a well-respected San Diego plastic surgeon for... READ MORE

I am only 21 but have always had dark circles under my eyes and always have looked tired. Although no body noticed the results unless i told them, to me, it is obviously a vast improvement. I was getting my makeup done at MAC and the lady said that i was so lucky to have such rested eyes... READ MORE

I Have thought about getting a dermal filler in my upper lip for several years but am deadly afraid of needles, injections etc...Finally after 5 years I Just gave in and got Juvederm in my upper lip! The Dental Block was just a pinch and I closed my eyes the rest of the way and felt NOT A... READ MORE

Im a woos right! i was soooooo scared! that it was goin to hurt in your lip as its so tendre there! seriously it did not hurt! i had a dental block on the sides of my nose where the nerve is..also in the bottom lip inside the mouth had four injections numbing. my lips went fully numb! th... READ MORE

After reading Every Review on this site (and others) I was Very Concerned about my decision to have Juvaderm injections for my lips. Really, if you look at the reviews its about a 50/50 split-not such great odds. None-the-less, I decided to go ahead with it putting all my trust into my PS (who I... READ MORE

I called Dr Blinski's office to ask for advice on how to disguise bad sculptra results from a previous doctor. Dr Blinski spoke with me directly and gave me wonderful advice and advised me on some other facial fillers that would be more appropriate . He also referred me to 3 drs that are... READ MORE

I had juvederm around the corners of my mouth and chin plus botox in the corners to slightly relax and uplift the drooping corner of my mouth. The results where almost instantaneous, I look great!Very quick painless and reasonably priced.Dr. Bishr al dabagh has a great personality and... READ MORE

I have always been curious about lip injections, especially since I had such thin lips to begin with. After researching the best NYC plastic surgeons, and with the help of this website, I found Dr. Steven Pearlman and the courage to finally try it. Everything that I read on this website prepared... READ MORE

I had filler and Botox with Imani , I wanted to feel a little fresher and more youthful. I went to Dr Imani because of his reviews and for the fact that he does complicated surgeries like rhinoplasty. I was open to suggestion, not having had filler before and also not aware of what the volume... READ MORE

I work out a lot, and my face had lost some of the roundness that defines us as looking young. I saw photos of myself from different angles that I thought were not very flattering. I wasn't quite sure what the exact problem was, but I wasn't satisfied with my appearance. I had heard about Dr.... READ MORE

Didn't like the way my skin was losing elasticity. Had those parenthesis. Thought about it for a year, did research on procedure and decided to reward myself after going through bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. Procedure was painless and could see results immediately. I think it's... READ MORE

So disappointed over Juvederm Voluma. Recently had 1 syringe injected in both my cheeks to replace loss of plumpness. i'm a Native American woman with high cheekbones which had always been an enhancement to my face. over the years, the fullness is gone. Thinking properly placed Juvederm... READ MORE

One side of my face was filled correctly (left), while the other side was barely filled or completed. I watched him and the side which needed more filler was partially neglected (right). However the filler on the left side has lasted, which was the only side basically worked on to the proper... READ MORE

I was wanting fuller lips, and my sister referred me to Dr. Setty. It was my first time to have any filler. He was very informative about the Juvederm filler, and I was very pleased with the natural looking outcome. He warned me about swelling immediately following the procedure and it only... READ MORE

I see Dr. Miller every six months and am so pleased with the few minutes of needles. Not going to lie, they hurt a bit, but so worth it. The longer I go, the more he gets to know me and the procedure is quicker and very little bruising if at all. I have very sensitive skin and he is learning... READ MORE

So I actually did my lips in my home town and I was soo scared but then I was excited however you can imagine they actually added 1 full syringe to my upperlip so now ineed some in my lower lip, it was a good experience imean never again will I do it but I like the fact that your able to really... READ MORE

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