Facial Reconstructive Surgery

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Facial reconstructive surgery is performed to restore facial features that have been disfigured or damaged by abnormal development, trauma, or other medical procedures.

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On December 24th, 2012, I had a horrible accident that required me to have 20 plus stitches and emergency surgery on my left eye. I was rushed to Riverview Medial Center that resulted in a three-day stay. On Christmas Day, Dr. Asaad H. Samra, MD, FACS was the first doctor to care for me by... READ MORE

Stop using expensive creams and injections because in just a few hours you can look in the mirror and see a total rejuvenation of yourself and your friends will ask you what did you do, you look fantastic. for men the pain is no more than shaving and for women no more pain than shaving the legs. READ MORE

A tiny, flesh-colored "dry patch" of skin on my upper eyelid was ever-so-slowly growing over a seven-year period. Five years into it I asked my (previous) dermatologist if it could be cancer and he said, "no; put some hydrocortisone on it". Two years after that I asked him... READ MORE

First time I met Dr. Shack was 16 years ago almost to the day. I was being rolled out of my room in the wee hours of the morning at Children's Vanderbilt Hospital. I had been in a car accident that had broken every bone in my face, crushed my eye socket, crushed my sinus cavity, broke my upper... READ MORE

I fell, fracturing and displacing my cheek bone. The operation would put the cheek bone in the original position and add plates. After the surgery, it took me about a week to regain my normal energy. I went back to work after 10 days. I am to sleep with an airline pillow until 4 weeks after the... READ MORE

The wound was on my forehead and a little larger than a nickel. Dr. Surowitz was very nice and provided options with pros and cons for closing the wound. He listened to my concerns and was very reassuring. My care was his #1 priority. I would feel very, very comfortable working with him... READ MORE

I had reconstruction surgery on my face after a violent unprovoked assault coming home from work. I had many plates and screws to hold together most of the bones on the left side of my face while they healed. After two years of persistent pain and swelling in my left cheekbone I was referred to... READ MORE

I noticed a black mark on my nose that was not going away. After visiting a dermatologist, I had a mohs procedure performed by a surgical specialist that resulted in losing half my nose. Dr Surowitz performed a flap procedure from my forehead. Please look below for my review of Dr. Surowitz... READ MORE

My troubles began long before I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Jason Bloom. As a child, the underlying structure of my nose was seriously damaged in an accident. I awoke during a repair attempt and the surgery was halted. Thru the years, I suffered without proper sinus cavities, nasal... READ MORE

Top notch plastic surgeon. I had the left tip of my nose basically wholly removed as a result of Mohs surgery. A paramedian forehead flap was performed to reconstruct my nose with outstanding results. I'm not going to post photos here for personal reasons but he has my permission to share all... READ MORE

(date is estimated)this was my second stomach lipo in my life, and I felt very little pain, so I don't know what/how much was done. lipo of neck did little. one eye had to be done twice-both time...my fault. chin was repositioned twice when it moved, each time-....my fault, so I had it removed.... READ MORE

Skin cancer was removed and Dr. Ravi performed the suturing of the skin removed on the upper right side of the nose. the procedure went well and the care afterwards was excellent, throughout the suture removal and healing of the area. The entire staff was very professional and polite. i would... READ MORE

Hi there,I have seen many cases who got Vline surgery.This time i decided to undergo Vline surgery so I went to Korea and chose a clinic.The clinic which I chose is Wannab plastic surgery which is located nearby Apgujeong station.A reason why i prefer this clinic since Dr.lee has directly... READ MORE

I have had nothing but a positive experience with Dr. Gerstle and the office staff. His demeanor and bed-side manor is positive, thorough, attentive, flexible, and personal. I had been seeing the same doctor since I was a child for my congenital neurofibromatosis and wanted a different opinion.... READ MORE

After my two previous surgical procedures I aquired the inability to articulate due to issues with function from Crainotomy and Crainoplasty. Being an Operating Room RN I knew my condition required a Surgeon with exceptional skills not only for function but also for esthetic issues. My... READ MORE

Due to the location and severity of the cancer, it was suggested to me by my dermatologist, that I use an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon that also specializes in reconstructive surgery. I was referred to Dr. Evan R. Ransom, MD and could not have been more pleased. Dr. Ransom is the best, in my... READ MORE

Facial reconstruction from cancer surgery. April 2015 In June of 2013 I had my most of my left cheek removed (after 5 Mohs surgeries) to remove a small red spot that turned out to be stage three malignant cancer. The skin was pulled up from my... READ MORE

I had a bad experience with Dr. Alghoul he made me feel comfortable at first and then put me a little at ease as we start to meet more often. The communication was just not there. He was telling me things about issues we discuss that did not take place but he made me believe it did. I had... READ MORE

Well i had been searching for awhile for a dr & had seen at least 3 dr in NY and after contacting & speaking with dr eppley, i knew he was the right one the staff & dr eppley took great care of me, even when i was in a lot of pain & discouraged due to so much swelling, in the end i listened to... READ MORE

I'm so happy I found Dr. Elliott Lavey in Danville! He made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions about the procedure, I was considering a face lift I was still working at the time and wanted a fresh look. After my initial consultation I knew I had found the right plastic surgeon... READ MORE

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