Facial Reconstructive Surgery

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Facial reconstructive surgery is performed to restore facial features that have been disfigured or damaged by abnormal development, trauma, or other medical procedures.
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Without boring you with the details of my rare cancer that was unfortunately located on the right side of my face, I do want to sing Dr. Pacella's praises! I'm a 28 year old woman, who got married 3 years ago and thought the next major thing in my life was going to be kids. Once I got diagnosed... READ MORE

12/2004, the date above is within the range, I go to Dr Gerut for a bridge of nose reconstruct, he had done a previous nose graft reconstitution and the graft was starting to fail 10 years later. I mentioned my eyes looked tired, (mistake on my part), he talked me into a lower eye lift I did not... READ MORE

Without hesitation, I highly recommend Dr Alghoul. Dr Alghoul is a meticulous, skilled surgeon with a wonderful bedside manner. It’s obvious each move of his hand is precise and well thought out. He will stay by your side from the beginning to the end of your recovery. This is very important,... READ MORE

I am a 49 year old female, natural blonde, green eyed, fair complected with a history of sun exposure datng back to the early 80's. Imagine my surprise when, although fully prepared for the diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma on my nose, also being fully unprepared to now need a reconstructive... READ MORE

I was petrified about my condition. Dr. Brenman completely put me at ease with his knowledge and experience. Same day surgery at Pennsylvania Hospital, done in the operating room, local anesthetic, took about an hour, felt nothing, completely at ease with the doctor and nurses, everything... READ MORE

I don't know where to begin, but I want to get straight to the point. Dr. Taban is a phenomenal surgeon and I couldn't be more happy I chose him to repair my orbital fractures. Long story short, I was walking home in Venice Beach, CA one night and took a few unexpected punches to the face. I've... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Griffin by Dermatologist who performed my Mohs surgery. I was overwhelmed, as I underestimated the damage the removal of the cancer would cause to my face. Dr. Griffin was able to see me in his office within minutes of my referral, and was calm and reassuring. I had a... READ MORE

To level my drooping right side of face, due to polio at birth. paralysis! I have felt unappreciated when someone sees me coming and noticing my deformity.I have had a procedure done in 2010, but it drooped down again in the last couple years Im hoping miss Harrington will be my answer to my... READ MORE

Since my surgery came as a result of an accident, it was something that needed to be done quickly. My skull was very badly fractured in multiple locations, so there needed to be some tricky work done in order to rebuild my damaged skull. Initially there were two major surgeries that Dr. Pawar... READ MORE

After procedures with 2 other top cosmetic surgeons in Toronto, I've concluded that Dr. Born and his team are by far the best of the best. From the first contact, the naturopathic protocol to accelerate my healing and of course, Dr. Born's exceptional surgical talent, my experience has been... READ MORE

My story starts in 1982, I was a 22yr old college student doing an internship when on my way to work I had a horrific automobile accident. I suffered a compression fraction to my back and major facial trauma. The Reconstructive surgeon on call was Dr. Darryl Blinski, I consider that is the day... READ MORE

Dr. Zoumalan is a genius! My dog attacked me and I had a huge laceration on my eyebrow. I was so nervous because I wanted to make sure that I was treated by the right surgeon. I was especially concerned because I did not want to have a horrible scar. I called my primary physician and they... READ MORE

Had skin graft on upper lip was very with the surgery felt relaxed with consultant and with the staff. Had no pain , healing well. Would recommend hospital to friends and family. Found hospital very clean. Hospital also had lots of information The process was smooth and the was performed under a... READ MORE

Dr. Anthony E. Brissett gave me my life back, he also made me pretty again. Several years ago I had an infection that caused a defect in my nose. The defect affected my looks and breathing which also affected my speech. As the years went on breathing became more difficult. I seen dozens of... READ MORE

I had prominent cheekbone, and always feel not good about it, so I went to Korea to get the cheekbone reduction surgery. I am one month post surgery, I am deeply regret it. The recovery is much more painful than what the doctor described, I faced mental depression and physical pain,I dont know... READ MORE

After being diagnosed with a facial melanoma and losing a large portion of the left side of my face, I was referred to Dr. Terella for my reconstructive surgeries. Less than a year after my surgeries and laser treatments, I receive compliments on the natural appearance and symmetry of my face as... READ MORE

Removal of small tumor next to my eye was quick and thus far I am pleased with the results. Dr. Pirani demonstrated an urgency in dealing with my condidtion and explained the ramifications in detail. The procedure was quick and the stitches were neat resulting in minimal scarring. I would... READ MORE

Dr Pirani was very prompt and professional during this procedure. He was successful in getting clear borders with minimal side effects - there was very little swelling and no excessive bleeding. He told me that there was a chance that a facial nerve could be damaged and I wouldn't be able to... READ MORE

Dr. Sherman reconstructed my maxilla (cheek bone) and orbital (eye socket). He helped me think clearly through making a very touch decision of whether or not to get the surgery. Dr. Sherman performed the surgery as clean and exact as any surgeon possibly could have, without adding a single... READ MORE

Dr. Zoumalan worked as one-half of a very strong team of doctors who helped put my face and orbital back together after a pretty decent facial fracture. I knew the second I met him that he was the right doctor for me. It was a mixture of amazing energy, confidence, competency and this human... READ MORE

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