Facial Reconstructive Surgery

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Facial reconstructive surgery is performed to restore facial features that have been disfigured or damaged by abnormal development, trauma, or other medical procedures.

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I had to have reconstructive surgery on my lip caused by skin cancer. It left a large whole in the middle of my face. Dr. Mangat said he could fix it, and he did. I could not imagine that it would look as incredible as it does.  READ MORE

On December 24th, 2012, I had a horrible accident that required me to have 20 plus stitches and emergency surgery on my left eye. I was rushed to Riverview Medial Center that resulted in a three-day stay. On Christmas Day, Dr. Asaad H. Samra, MD, FACS was the first doctor to care for me by... READ MORE

Stop using expensive creams and injections because in just a few hours you can look in the mirror and see a total rejuvenation of yourself and your friends will ask you what did you do, you look fantastic. for men the pain is no more than shaving and for women no more pain than shaving the legs. READ MORE

A tiny, flesh-colored "dry patch" of skin on my upper eyelid was ever-so-slowly growing over a seven-year period. Five years into it I asked my (previous) dermatologist if it could be cancer and he said, "no; put some hydrocortisone on it". Two years after that I asked him... READ MORE

I would like to start out by stating that Dr. Ridgeway is an amazing person and surgeon. Dr. Ridgeway is a very caring, kind, thoughtful, and respectful person. He is also very careful, detailed, and passionate with his medical approach for helping others. The combination of an amazing person... READ MORE

I had facial surgery with Anthony MacQuillan about 4 months ago, the first time I met him I realised how lovely and trustworthy he was. Anthony was very honest and realistic about the results he could achieve for me, pointing out potential risks and rare side effects. On the day of my operation... READ MORE

12/2004, the date above is within the range, I go to Dr Gerut for a bridge of nose reconstruct, he had done a previous nose graft reconstitution and the graft was starting to fail 10 years later. I mentioned my eyes looked tired, (mistake on my part), he talked me into a lower eye lift I did not... READ MORE

I went to Rockstar Beauty because I was in a bike accident and needed surgery. The bones on the left side of my face were broken and my left eyelid was sagging down as a result. Dr. Grewal performed emergency operation on my face and the result was outstanding. Every doctor/medical expert in the... READ MORE

Después de una muy mala cirugía con otro médico en México, Busqué entre varios doctores, me volvieron a operar, y nadie me supo arreglar la cara. Hasta que encontré al Dr. LAMBROS, quien es un Excelente médico, me opero, me reconstruyó la cara. Dejándome muy natural. Y ahora me veo... READ MORE

After reviewing numerous Doctors, Dr. P was my choice for repairing my bad result by a different doctor. I could not be happier! the cost was pricless! READ MORE

I am soooo glad I found Dr. Petti! And her whole staff actually! What a great experience it has been getting treatments here at Spa Bella. After having a stroke about 6 years ago, I have struggled to find a doctor who is willing and able to effectively help my face look normal again. I was... READ MORE

I highly recommend Dr Hobgood as a facial plastic surgeon. He performed a reconstruction surgery on my face after a large piece of my cheek was removed due to skin cancer. His surgical skill is unparalleled. I had a hole in my cheek the size of quarter or larger and 6 months later, nobody can... READ MORE

I feel like I will never find the words to truly express how much I trust and love Dr. Yagoda. She takes such a deep personal interest in her patients - something you rarely find anymore! She really cares, and goes above and beyond to provide individualized care. She is an expert Facial... READ MORE

After a horse related accident, the left side of my face was pushed in and bones were broken. Through my regular doctor I found dr. Metzinger. After carefully reviewing my scans, he suggested surgery would be the only good option. Dr. Metzinger took his time explaining what he would do and the... READ MORE

I needed major reconstructive surgery following an excision of a basal cell carcinoma beside my nose. I was extremely anxious but was never in any doubt that Barbara would do it well. It was a long operation but I was recovered in 4 weeks, just as she had said. Very good results. Very little... READ MORE

I am a very positive, joyful, spiritual, woman who began to feel like my face did not reflect my heart. I am quite thin and love being outdoors. The sun had taken its toll on me! Without a full face everything began to go south and my neck looked like a chicken neck. I had the full support of my... READ MORE

Dr. Singhal has been amazing to my family and I. He's operated on me a few times, doing reconstruction on my face and head from problems I had as a baby. He always made me comfortable and answered all my questions or concerns in a manner that made it easy for me to understand. I'd recommend him... READ MORE

I had a basal cell carcinoma on my nose. After the MOHS procedure to remove the tissue, I had a "large" open wound and the only way to repair it was reconstructive surgery. I believe it was very successful and someone who doesn't know what I had done, would never know. I am very happy with... READ MORE

I think the surgery went well and I am healing great. I would definitely recommend Dr Surowitz to any one who is needing facial surgery. He was very concerned about my feeling comfortable with my healing process and answered any questions I had as time went on. I am so impressed with how well... READ MORE

Didn't get my permission to have an intern do the surgery. 5 hr surgery took almost 15 hrs. Insurance billed almost $180,000. I look the same, Bells Palsy, but am terrified at the thought of going into an operating room. When he realized I knew he didn't do all the work, I was offered expensive... READ MORE

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