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Lost a tooth? Once you’re done waiting for the Tooth Fairy, you might be interested in a dental implant. This permanent addition to your mouth replaces a lost root, providing the foundation for either a permanent or removable replacement designed to look like one of your pearly whites. LEARN MORE ›
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Dr. Newitt removed an old, old crown that had failed (different dentist) and let the bone heal after the tooth was removed. After having a 3-D X-Ray it looked like I would be a good candidate for a dental implant to replace the failed molar. I have had lots of dental work with Dr Newitt but this... READ MORE

Dr. Kazemi is an excellent oral surgeon. Three years ago in August of 2010, I had my first appointment at his office and took a panoramic X-ray of my teeth. Upon review of the films, he found and showed me the cyst that had developed on the right side of my jaw. After requesting my films taken... READ MORE

Thought I would write a briefing to help folks contemplating a front tooth dental implant. This is my experience with cost, surgeries, life through the process. Hope it helps. 46, fit female, active, non-smoker, non-drinker. I broke my front tooth with a baton at 16 and over the next 30 years... READ MORE

Excellent dentist, very professional and efficient. He discussed all the treatment options, related cost and time involved with me at length during my initial free consultation. The clinic was very neat, clean and well illuminated, probably one of the best dental clinics I have ever visited. I... READ MORE

When I had my implants done I found the procedure excruciating painful and I must mention my pain threshold is fairly high. I told the doctor it was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I went home had a good cry and slept for two days. When the medication had warn off I noticed a... READ MORE

I decided to leave the US for my dental treatment and visit Dr. Gavaldon in Cancun for dental treatment. The absolute best decision I have ever made! Besides the extremely lower prices compared the the US, the dental care I received was way beyond my expectations. The staff here are the most... READ MORE

I would like to inform the viewers that the commercial advertizement is misleading when they describe the dental implant procedure taking only one day. I'm in the process of getting an implant from a dentist I've know for more than 20 years and it's going to take 6 months just... READ MORE

Relatively recently I returned from a trip to Cancun where I was treated at Ocean Dental Clinic. In an attempt to help others who are considering dental treatment in Mexico, I have written a comprehensive evaluation of my treatment at this clinic. First, I briefly explain my dental problem and... READ MORE

I could write pages about how wonderful my experience was with Ocean Dental, so that’s my challenge here, to write a concise account- I had extensive bone loss, due to a California doctor that claims “to be a modern, state-of-the-art periodontal & Implant dentistry practice”. He busted... READ MORE

7/24/13 -just had the surgery yesterday -no pain, just a headache -Dr. Welch and his staff were so nice and made me fell so comfortable. They wrapped me in warm blankets and the next thing I knew I was in my car on the way home. -Dr. Welch was not in my insurance preferred provider list, but he... READ MORE

Saw an article in the Times Picayune, New Orleans, in 1987. It was about a dentist, Dr. Israel Finger, who was performing dental implant at Oschner's. At that time, insurance was covering some costs and dentists were not recommending top implants. Dr. Smith did the surgery and Dr. Finger did... READ MORE

The most important things you need to know about implants are: 1. to not smoke or use nicotine in any form, quit before you start the process. 2. Realize going in that it is a procedure with lots of healing time before you get to the final outcome, be patient. 3. Most Important, if you are in or... READ MORE

I recentlet did a investagation to explore mt dental implant options and prices aroungd the world!! I did extensive ouestion and answer consults in Csta Rica known for having great imlant doctors bangkok at the BDIC or BIDC there web site is incredible and thereresponses to my how does a clock... READ MORE

2 days ago I had 4 on 1 placed, all teeth on the top were removed 4 implants put in, I think the teeth look great,but as I am so swollen it's difficult to see them, I am also black and blue from my nose down to my chin,I'm sure it will all subside in time, I wish I had been told about all this... READ MORE

I'e lost almost all of my upper teeth over the last 65 years and am going to replace 6 to 8 upper front teeth. I previously had a 1 piece bridge/crown which never really would stay connected to what was left of my remaining teeth. I finally gave up, had the 6 teeth stubs pulled, and am... READ MORE

This was a case of a fractured tooth. #18 Lower left my last tooth. My fracture was below the gum, no crowning possible and root structure was in jeopardy. For me,at age 60, I just couldn't see living without my major molar. I enjoy food and that's quality of life. Surgeon sectioned the tooth... READ MORE

A few things that are not being said here and I think everyone you should know. 1) Implants have cons also. Like 20% fail and need to be redone. 2) Implants need to be cleaned twice a day around the post to keep infection out. 3) The snap in dentures need to be rebuilt or should I say the... READ MORE

I have always had poor teeth and a bad bite. At 54 yrs. old I now have gum disease and have to have all my upper teeth pulled. Shocking! The few remaining bottom teeth are crooked, have spaces and are too weak for braces and will need periodontal treatment. I decided to have a full upper denture... READ MORE

After an extraction of my eye tooth, I had an implant placed along with bone grafting. It never seemed to heal completely and recurring infection (not cultured) and soreness for 2 months, it was removed. I let it heal for 6 months before trying again. The surgeon decided the problem was the... READ MORE

I had lost a tooth due to accident several years ago. I was always afraid of getting a dental implant for 2 reasons: pain and cost. I went on 4 different consultations with different dentists. I was quoted anywhere from 1200 dollars on the low end ( I ended up walking out of the clinic because... READ MORE

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