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Lost a tooth? Once you’re done waiting for the Tooth Fairy, you might be interested in a dental implant. This permanent addition to your mouth replaces a lost root, providing the foundation for either a permanent or removable replacement designed to look like one of your pearly whites. LEARN MORE ›

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Explained the procedure and what was expected for recovery. Answered all my questions and was easy to get in touch with a member of the team after the surgery. Very good follow up and I felt that I was listened to and my concerns were addressed. Very pleased with my surgery and results and would... READ MORE

After accident my mouth was making me very sick. i lost almost all teeth.. so no i have 16 implants and a brilliant smile! At first i was very scared.. i thought i'll have to use dentures for rest of my life.. But friend told me about dental implants and i started looking for the best solution... READ MORE

After removed the bad tooth and filled bone graft, my gum became strong enough for the dental implant. Also, the tooth beside it is much firm than before. There was a little pain after the surgery, but it's OK 3 days after. The 2nd surgery, dental Implant was very smooth, too. It has been 6... READ MORE

I had missing tooth since long which was visible while smiling in the corner of my mouth. i was not ready to go for bridge treatment as it damadges two neighbouring teeth and was afraid to go for implant prodedure. As the only thing which come to my mind is a big screw which is to be inserted in... READ MORE

After several years of dealing with extremely poor lower teeth I finally decided to do something about it. I spent countless hours researching many dentists around me and at some point came across the idea of dental tourism. I'll admit I was skeptical at first of the thought of going to Mexico... READ MORE

Dr. B and his team are warm, welcoming, professional and most importantly very experienced. From the serene and comfortable waiting area, to the latest technologies used in the patient rooms, to the consultative approach each member of the team takes, Studio B Dental makes what could otherwise... READ MORE

I came to Dr. Botbol missing all my teeth and needed bone grafts and sinus grafts before having dental implants placed. What sounded like a very complicated and painful procedure was actually really straightforward and pain-free in Dr. Botbol’s hands. I got a beautiful temporary bridge on the... READ MORE

Hi ppl, Im 35 yo and i got some bad gums !! I was born with amazing teeth , really white and organized ... I was a good looking kid and my out side look is very important for me i guess to all of us! At first i lost my smile which was the most important thing for me and than the smell came with... READ MORE

I have been to many dentist for my missing front tooth treatment. dr nirav was the best i found among all as he is very professional and personal dentist and makes you feel like a part of the process by keeping you informed about each step of the procedure. i was really worried about my looks... READ MORE

Dr. Botbol extracted rotting, unhealthy teeth and placed a total of 11 implants to give me a full set of upper and lower permanent replacement teeth. Even for someone with dental anxiety, the process went super smoothly from beginning to end. Totally painless. It was worth every dollar spent.... READ MORE

Yesterday I had my third tooth implant by Dr. Derek Fakor. The first two, he pulled both teeth, did a bone graft on both and did put in the implants. After the Novocain wore off, I thought I would be in a lot of pain. I wasn't! NO PAIN!! Dr. Derek is a painless dentist. He has a very gentle... READ MORE

Doctor asked for $1500 each including everything, use magagen posts, abbutments and PMF crowns. He said he would use best materials. But one healing abbutment happened dropped out at home, it was not like the ones as of on magagen website. And happened saw his invoice for the PMF crowns, only... READ MORE

I had two dental implants placed in the United States under IV sedation. Although I don’t have any memory of the procedure, the recover was the third most painful experience I’ve had (after child birth and a kidney stone). It was scary thinking of having any medical work done out of the... READ MORE

I went to the Philippines precisely to consult with BHMG regarding my dental concerns. I have bridges and crowns which I have had for a long time that I intended to substitute with newer and better replacements. I was given an appointment within a day of our arrival on a Saturday for the... READ MORE

After sustaining a broken crown when I accidentally bit down on a rib steak bone. I visited local dentists. I visited 3 different dental offices where I live, in Orlando, Florida.each dentists quoted me different prices from $3,600.00 for just one 3 unit bridge, too $9,000.00 for a bridge with 4... READ MORE

I could not stand the idea that one tooth was missing in my mouth. It was extracted because of a root fracture. I do have pretty healthy teeth and the implant was the only option for my case. I did not want to go with a bridge because i did not want to implicate my other teeth beside the implant... READ MORE

I have nothing but praise for Dr Julian Hirst, and his team. Julian is kind, enthusiastic, goes out of his way to be helpful, and shows genuine care about others. Furthermore, although he's a first-rate surgeon and doctor, a more humble and approachable gentleman you are unlikely to meet. Like... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Lamas for laser implant cleaning about two weeks ago. My experience was excellent. Originally, I found out about Dr. Lamas’ office through my dentist. I am happy with my results so far. The cleaning was pain-free; I would recommend him to someone else looking for the same... READ MORE

My teeth have been weak all my life which made me very self conscious about my appearance. I finally made the commitment to get my teeth fixed. I got several implants and crowns on my upper teeth. Although it was a financial stretch, it was well worth the investment. I couldn't be happier... READ MORE

I had a tooth never come in and i finally saved the money to have the procedure done. i had braces for 5 years and have had a retainer for 3 years with a tooth attached. it is annoying and the procedure needed to be done. After searching for the cheapest location with the best quality, i chose U... READ MORE

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