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The mid-face lift or cheek lift is a surgical procedure that corrects under-eye puffiness, indentations of the upper cheek, and prominent nasal folds. LEARN MORE › 
Average Price: $6,500

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I found Dr. Zemplenyi through a Groupon for botox and filler. I thought he was great from our very first meeting. He takes his time getting to know you, understanding you as a person, listening, and he is great at advising. He is very skilled and knowledgeable as well. I had been thinking... READ MORE

I am one month post op from a mid-face/cheek lift, laser below my eyes to erase fine lines and lower blepharoplasty. My concern where: I was starting to get bags below the hollows of my eyes. I had deep smile lines around my mouth. I was starting to look tired. The pros- the results are better... READ MORE

I scream "bad plastic surgery" -- even though a well-respected, highly experienced surgeon performed my procedure. I look severe, contorted, and asymmetric everywhere. My mouth and nose are now crooked as well (even though I did not have a lower facelift). I've lost most of my vision in my left... READ MORE

I can't remember how much the procedure, by itself cost. I paid for four at once, which totaled $18,500.00 Cheek lift moving my own facial fat back up is even and seems to have stuck, but it also resulted in bigger cheeks than I had naturally even as a young woman. I don't like it... READ MORE

I hope this will help anyone who might be interested in having an Endotine Midface Lift. I had my lift in April 2007 in Santa Barbara California in my early 40s. My cheeks descended with age and though I was relatively young, I had deep tear troughs, prominent nasolabial folds, flat cheeks and... READ MORE

I have lost weight and now I am in pretty good shape ,I want my face to reflect my body ,so far I have been to two Dr one says cheek implant with a liitle bit of fat reduction ultra sonic and standard liposuction on neck and face , and the other recommends refresher lift , genioplasty w neck... READ MORE

Ever since I was in my 20s, I have had a sag in my cheek area. After I had kids and put on some weight, it got even worse. My lower eyelids looked droopy and tired, I developed bulldog jowls, and that little fold between my cheek and nose got substantially worse. Well, I thought I needed fat... READ MORE

Along with the cheek lift, I had eyelid surgery. I am in my 60's and felt like my face was drooping. READ MORE

I have sagging cheeks and didnt want to have a facelift yet at a young age. The procedure was under sedation little pain but not extreme. Pros: great alternative if you dont want surgery yet. Says it lasts around 3+ years (I'm in my 5th and although it sagged a bit it's not as it... READ MORE

I decided to go for the mid-face lift because I had deep nasolabial lines around my nose. The surgeon explained that he would do an endoscopic lift through the brow, which would gently lift the cheeks up and leave approximately 1" scars on my head. What I actually got were 8" scars... READ MORE

I am writing this to share with anyone considering mid face lift/cheek lift. One has to be absolutely clear about the downtime after this surgery. While most of the websites and consultation would tell you that 2 weeks downtime is enough, that is absolutely not true. For 4 weeks I looked like... READ MORE

I would advise anyone considering this procedure not to have it. The potential for harm is far too great for any tiny, subtle (and unlikely)improvement you might gain in facial contour. In my case, prior to the surgery I had a much better than average face and was only seeking to correct... READ MORE

I caught my reflection in a store mirror and wondered why in the world my mother is shopping at the same place? I knew it was definitely time to see Dr. G. I was confident that he would make my reflection reflect me. I now can look in the mirror and say, "There I am again". READ MORE

The left side of my face looks fuller and younger. However, the right side was not lifted properly. Reason for operation: to look younger and less tired. I had a midface lift about four months ago. After four month, the muscle besides the right side of my nose are swollen and tender.... READ MORE

Age 58 , eyes and midface, only one week post op but looks like 10, possibly 20 years off my face. smile! Wanted to do this for about the last 3 years or so but finally after interviewing some docs in my area, I found a doc I was confortable with. Still some lower area bruising but eyes look... READ MORE

Went through a very bad sprout of acne when got off the pill...never had dealth with acne at 32. The result was not pretty. Saggy skin, horrible marks, etc. I had tried everything; laser, dermabrasion, fraxel, etc. until I knew that only the cheek lift would work. I explained to the doctor what... READ MORE

I had a mid face lift and lower eyelid surgery 3 weeks ago. I did this mainly to remove a bag under one of my eyes and to reduce the folds around my mouth and nose. I am not seeing any pros right now.I am very concerned and upset currently with my healing. My natural smile has been taken away.... READ MORE

Yesterday i had botox around my eyes and filler to my cheek and a little extra filler was put in on my right side beside the cheek filler due to a line running down my face near by eye. this morning i have sausage like swellings under both eyes but under the right eye there are hard lumps and... READ MORE

Cons: long healing process extreme swelling mild pain can't smile or eat properly at first (still cant smile right)pros: its only been 4 weeks so i'm not sure but i def have defined facial structure than before.why: wanted more defined jaw lineI have recently gotten a mid face lift + buckle fat... READ MORE

I did it to have a more contoured, youthful look to my face as I felt that my cheeks hung and made me look frumpy and haggard.I had a midface suspension lift about 5-6 weeks ago and now I can't lift one brow. I am concerned. I'd appreciate any insights. Thank you. READ MORE

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