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The CO2 laser is a carbon dioxide laser used to resurface skin and treat wrinkles, uneven skin coloration, acne scarring and other skin concerns. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $2,500

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Day of procedure - Had laser resurfacing done on wed at noon. The actually procedure was tolerable. The pain immediately after was pretty bad. A topical pain killer was put on my face before leaving the office that would keep me comfortable a few hours. When that wore off it just felt like a... READ MORE

Although Dr. Canaglia staff reviewed details of the procedure, I later had two friends counsel me not to do the procedure based on the awful experience (pain/bloody/pigment variances) of their friends. I was able to review daily post surgery photos of another Caniglia patient and actually spoke... READ MORE

I will be updating with pictures. I am a pretty well preserved 44 (thank you Botox and Restylane) Day 1 - I was extremely nervous to have this done after having been on here and reading about the recovery process. I did not use any type of valium or pain pills like I've read some have. I put... READ MORE

I have had brown aging spots on my face for about 15 years. I'm 69. Over the past few years they are getting larger and there are more of them. Used lots of concealer under foundation but they still bled through. Most people I talked with about it said they didn't even notice, but it... READ MORE

At 60 years old, I had wrinkles, brown spots, lines forming over my upper lip, and a turkey neck. I thought I should think about getting a face lift until Dr. Jason Emer told me that he could correct my issues with a CO2 laser, Smart Lipo, Botox, and fillers. He showed me pictures of his mom... READ MORE

Honestly I use to have flawless skin, full, radiant looking. And then one day my derm subscribed me retin a and ruined my face; it's been 7 years since it. I had co2 laser and there's been pros and cons. Pros skin complexion looks a bit better, bad is that it left me with laser marks. My... READ MORE

I had sun damage and acne scars and wrinkles. I also had a deveated septum. The surgeries were combined. My face was bright red and weepy for about a week (I had the deepest laser you can have). My face was swollen and sore. Pain meds kept me feeling pretty good. Then the dead skin started... READ MORE

I just had my 64th birthday and I was looking to restore some of my more youthful appearance. A few of my friends had been to see Dr. DeJoseph for the same reasons. They had really good results so I felt comfortable going to him for my mini neck left, mini lower face lift, and CO2 laser in March... READ MORE

I went in for my co2 laser treatment today. I arrived at 930 and they prepped me with the numbing cream. Soon after they injected 6 shots of lidocaine. Previously I had taking 2 antianxiety pills and 2 narcotics. The procedure was rather quick and the pain was not horrible. If you have ever had... READ MORE

I am so happy with my results! They actually keep getting better as time goes by. Dr Ward is very skilled and he was very reassuring during the whole process, which really put me at ease! Him and his staff took extra care to explain everything and send me home with lots of instructions. They... READ MORE

DO NOT Let anyone use a laser on your face or body!! Three years ago I had laser resurfacing to remove sun damage on my face. My faced was swollen for days and looked like an orange peel. I developed a bacteria infection which constantly kept my face broken out. Now I have hypo pigmentation and... READ MORE

I am a 36 year old woman, and I have suffered from and been embarrassed by acne scars for most of my life. I have been to many doctors and tried many different laser treatments. The doctors always promised so much, but I never saw any real improvement. I dreaded going out in public. My friends... READ MORE

I just had the CO2 Laser treatment done on Thursday(2.20.14) because I noticed that when I smile, I have multiple, deep lines that extend on either side of my mouth, I thought made me look like Skeletor. I thought I would need fillers or Botox, but my dermatologist suggested using this Laser... READ MORE

So far, so good. Melasma worsened a little since I have high prominent cheeckbones. Allergic to all facial antiwrinkle stuff with AHA, retinols, etc. Even the sunprotection is itching my eyes, I am overdoing it perhaps. If consider again ( quite possible since I ma happy with the results) I will... READ MORE

Had scar on nose and rhinophyma.Did months of research and actually seen other doctors before i chose seemed to have more experience with lasers.The other doctors were not experienced with rhinophyma.They used lasers but not for what i needed done.hopefully i get the results i want... READ MORE

I was looking to have some discoloration corrected and acne scarring reduced. I was glad the laser also promotes collegen production as I saw this as a preventative maintenance type of procedure, too. The healing process has been fast and relatively easy. Dr. Barrera has been there to guide... READ MORE

I have been considering laser treatment and self improvement for 10 years now. I am 43, mother of twins and overweight. My long term desires are a tummy tuck and possibly a breast lift. Before I do that my goal is to lose 35-45 pounds. I am currently 183 and 5' 5 so I know I am not at my ideal... READ MORE

At the age of 63, my skin looked 93. My cheeks were wrinkled, saggy, and discolored. Years in the sun, gaining and loosing weight through the years, and smoking had taken its toll. I had already endured 2 half and 1 full facelift in my lifetime and wasn't inclined to have yet another. I made an... READ MORE

I'm thinking about having this procedure done at Beverly Hills Rejuventation MedSpa while they're having a special which ends tomorrow. It's for my lipstick lines around my mouth which are the result of years of smoking. I no longer smoke. I've been researching different options. I really... READ MORE

Dr. Yael Halaas is very incompetent and does not have enough training despite her diplomas all over the wall. I was first interviewed by a very attractive young woman who informed me about the doctor’s office and her credentials. After the intake was completed, Dr. Yael came to me and... READ MORE

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