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Don’t let the mention of a gas make you think carbon dioxide lasers aren’t powerful. Used for dermal resurfacing, this type of laser removes outer layers of skin to reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. LEARN MORE ›

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I developed really strange looking stretch marks after starting the depo provera shot and having the progesterone make skin really thin and prone to stretch marks. They are raised pinkish white streaks that feel like an actual scar, rather than stretch marks. I had my first CO2 dot laser therapy... READ MORE

I was having a party in Napa at a house I rented for myself and 11 of my girlfriends. I wanted to look my best! I had bilateral lower blepharoplasty with full face CO2 laser. My friends could not believe how beautiful my skin looked. The lines around my mouth are mostly gone, my skin is still a... READ MORE

Love my profession working with young people. I am in very good shape and my face did not match my body and my energy and my clothes anymore. I had a full face CO2 laser skin resurfacing on a very low setting. My plastic surgeon called it a feather touch procedure. He did 2 passes and the... READ MORE

Dr. Marguerite Aitken of Plastic Surgery Associates in Grand Rapids Michigan performed a deep CO2 Laser on my 60 year old sun damaged, ex-smoker, wrinkled face. I'm amazed at the results and truly happy. I feel ten years younger with smooth, soft skin. No pain, just an ouch, ouch, ouch when... READ MORE

After doing A LOT of research for months and looking over reviews, different types of lasers, doctors etc. I finally made the decision to get this done (today!). Luckily, I have a friend who is in the skincare business who knows pretty much everything about every different type of procedure,... READ MORE

So I made it to 40 on my own, and have finally decided it's time to begin some rejuvenating and preventative treatments - people always tell me I look much younger, and have been really proud that I did it with clean eating and living right. But, why not get a little help to give my skin a boost... READ MORE

There were ragged lines forming underneath my eyes, and I didn't need what you call a blepharospasm. The lines under my eyes were making me look older so Dr miller and I discussed a partial CO2 laser performed. I had a partial CO2 laser performed; I had this done 9 years ago, but I had a full... READ MORE

I had a great deal of sun damage on my face so I decided to look into having a laser treatment done to help remove some of my fine lines, wrinkles and red blotches. Dr. Sorensen along with his nurse Val were very helpful. They explained the entire procedure to me and told me what to expect... READ MORE

Hi, Here is my review. I opted to have CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing done around my eyes, as I had fine lines and the undereyes crinkled when I smiled. Also top lids were hooded due to excess / loose skin most likely due to my brows dropping in the middle in the aging process. The doctor... READ MORE

06/09/10, 5:30 pm: I've just had Matrix CO2 fractional laser resurfacing done at a MedSpa and wanted to share my experience as there aren't a lot of reviews of this particular laser out there. I was at the Spa for three hours total. My goal was to get rid of sun damage on my face and... READ MORE

I have had cystic acne for the past 3 years. I've had acne in the past but nothing to speak of. After I decided to get a birth control uterine device called Mirena all hell broke loose on my skin!! Gradually I began having cystic acne my 6th month on the mirena. I brushed it off and figured I... READ MORE

I have had severer acne since my teens. As you can see in my pictures the acne left me with a significant amount of scars. I am having multiple treatments done. I had my procedure done at MetroMD Institution in Los Angeles, Ca. Dr. Martin and his staff was very professional and friendly. ... READ MORE

The skin under my eyes was saggy and drooped below my orbital bone. People were constantly telling me I looked tired. I visited several doctors. Most suggested a blep, but the doctor I ultimately went to said a blep was useless because there was no fat to be removed from my eyes. The laser... READ MORE

This was something I had wanted for quite awhile. I had several sun spots and general sagging. I wanted a more rejuvenated look. I went in for a free consultation and had originally thought I need a mini-face lift. I was greeted by a warm and welcoming receptionist. Dr. Hamel heard that I was... READ MORE

First day.....very painful treatment. I did medium treatment on my face and agressive around mouth and chin. Chin area had prior orange peel look. Also did a Madonna around my eyes, Second day....very swollen, not much pain, but slept a lot. What I'm noticing ist hate ach time I wash my face,... READ MORE

I have wanted to do this for a long time but the downtime kept me from doing so, I am into day two and yes it is miserable, your face feels like it is on fire!, oozing and swollen. One of my eyes are almost swelled shut. It hurts to wash skin but you have to keep washing off the oozing and... READ MORE

I had deep wrinkles from sun exposure and having fair skin didn't help. I chose laser treatment because I did not want to look different, just better. The procedure itself was extremely painful. All of the painkillers and topical numbing creams could not possibly take away the pain of having... READ MORE

Went to see a dermatologist and had four treatments of fractional co2 To treat scars from breast reduction twenty years ago. The last laser done a year ago was a stronger machine than the first three. In before photos see scars very narrow, some white and some faded red scars Now after treatment... READ MORE

I underwent lumenis CO2 laser 9 days ago, on the 7th day when I was drying my face the towel got caught on the crust and it made the crust bleed. The area is still tender and i've been putting vaseline religiously. Will the crust/scab fall off when the wound is healed or should i take it off?... READ MORE

Before I did the CO2 laser, I had done about 7 Erbium laser for my face, and while I had seen positive improvements on my cheeks, jaws, chin and nose, I was not happy with the result shown on my forehead because the doctors who did the Erbium laser intentionally did only one quick pass on my... READ MORE

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