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WORTH IT RATING based on 141 reviews
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The CO2 laser is a carbon dioxide laser used to resurface skin and treat wrinkles, uneven skin coloration, acne scarring and other skin concerns. LEARN MORE ›
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I'm reading through these reviews after having the procedure and most are saying they didn't feel much pain. I was also given weak pain killers { which mostly just gave me a mild head ache} and a local numbing agent applied to my face. After about an hour the Doc started skinning my face with... READ MORE

Had this procedure yesterday. During the procedure, my face felt warm with little pin pricks - the worst was around the lips and nose. It was not as painful as I thought it would be. They give you a Lortab and a Xanax before and put numbing cream all over. I am 54, a redhead and have sun... READ MORE

Co2 laser has the best results, but it has a higher risk and recovery. I used a Board Certified Physician that I trusted. I did the necessary research and I felt confident that it was a good decision for me. After 13 days I am very satisfied. I have smooth skin and the wrinkles under my eyes... READ MORE

I decided to get my face treated for acne scarring, pore size and fine lines. I am only 29 but I have always had problem oily skin. At my PS office the esthetician started me on Obagi Nuderm which has helped tremendously with the breakouts. I am looking for a improvement around my eyes and... READ MORE

On 10/09/2012 I received three different laser treatments on my cheeks and chest for thermal burn scars caused by a hairdryer at 2 months o age. I believe all three were CO2 lasers, one to reduce the Browning of the chest scar and the other two were for resurfacin and reducing the elevation of... READ MORE

Am a 30 y/o White Female I did the Deka Dot Matrix Full Face Resurface. Unsure if it was a fractional or what the difference is really. First and foremost I wanna say I was told how the procedure would go totally different thans or complications I was told No. Never. So I was ready and... READ MORE

I wanted to write this review to help other people who want to have Co2 laser resurfacing due to the fact I found very little reviews online or actual experience with traditional Co2 laser resurfacing not Fraxel. I wanted to have Co2 for a long time as I knew it was the laser with the most... READ MORE

Outstanding! Completely Thrilled with my results and it's only been day 1! To Begin with, I had my initial consult with my MD regarding laser type, healing process, what if any side-effects. On my day of treatment I simply applied in layers lidocaine/prilocaine numbing cream carefully to my... READ MORE

I had the SmartXide Co2 laser treatment on January 13, 2012 on full face and neck. I was quite nervous and expected the worst after doing my own research and reading other reviews. It actually was not that bad. Yes, I was uncomfortable and felt some pain, but it was not unbearable at all. The... READ MORE

I had been researching ways to treat my teenage acne scars for several years now. I had done the fraxel treatments a few times and I did see some improvement, but of course like us all, wanted even more. After carefully considering the Co2, my dr finally approved me for it. He was a bit... READ MORE

As I completed my first consultation with Dr. Mayl, I felt confident that my goal to change the effects of time, genetics, and lifestyle of my sixty-eight year old face would be accomplished. He listened intently to my expectations and concerns. Then, after an examination and photography¸... READ MORE

As not ready for face lift, plastic surgeon thought this would be a good alternative. His assistant performed the procedure which wasn't too bad as had a percocet and Xanax beforehand. Was red and itchy for about ten days but only had peeling around eyebrows and mouth. The area under my eyes... READ MORE

I regret setting foot in the office of Dr Groot. His precision with the laser is not the greatest which in turn left me with a permanent flaw that I'll have to deal with for the rest of my life. I've given it adequate time to heal and followed his post-op instructions. It's been a nightmare from... READ MORE

My previous research, as well as my consultation with Dr. Chesnut, revealed that this procedure is quite intensive and, although initially somewhat painful, it can have a relatively brief recovery time...with excellent results. The CO2 laser treatment is often one of the reasons the skin of... READ MORE

When I was 17, I experienced an incredibly traumatic event which left me with bad lacerations to my cheek, nose and ear. I had a great deal of emotional trauma coming to terms with the scars on my face, It greatly affected my confidence and self worth. I came to Dr Lim to improve the appearance... READ MORE

Day of procedure - Had laser resurfacing done on wed at noon. The actually procedure was tolerable. The pain immediately after was pretty bad. A topical pain killer was put on my face before leaving the office that would keep me comfortable a few hours. When that wore off it just felt like a... READ MORE

Although Dr. Canaglia staff reviewed details of the procedure, I later had two friends counsel me not to do the procedure based on the awful experience (pain/bloody/pigment variances) of their friends. I was able to review daily post surgery photos of another Caniglia patient and actually spoke... READ MORE

I will be updating with pictures. I am a pretty well preserved 44 (thank you Botox and Restylane) Day 1 - I was extremely nervous to have this done after having been on here and reading about the recovery process. I did not use any type of valium or pain pills like I've read some have. I put... READ MORE

I have had brown aging spots on my face for about 15 years. I'm 69. Over the past few years they are getting larger and there are more of them. Used lots of concealer under foundation but they still bled through. Most people I talked with about it said they didn't even notice, but it... READ MORE

At 60 years old, I had wrinkles, brown spots, lines forming over my upper lip, and a turkey neck. I thought I should think about getting a face lift until Dr. Jason Emer told me that he could correct my issues with a CO2 laser, Smart Lipo, Botox, and fillers. He showed me pictures of his mom... READ MORE

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