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Don’t let the mention of a gas make you think carbon dioxide lasers aren’t powerful. Used for dermal resurfacing, this type of laser removes outer layers of skin to reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. LEARN MORE ›
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After interviewing 4 well known Newport Beach plastic surgeons, I stumbled upon Dr. Timothy Miller. It sounds cliche, but instantly, I knew he was the one. With his impressive credentials and down to earth caring personality, it was an easy choice. He actually listened to me and my concerns not... READ MORE

I got the CO2 laser (cortex) done today, i got levulan with vbeam done prior to this like a month ago since i still deal with acne. The procedure started with arriving an hour early to get numbing cream. Then the laser, i was really nervous because all other reviews and places i read that they... READ MORE

I had a full facelift with neck liposuction. Additionally I had co2 laser resurfacing around my mouth. I'm on my 3rd day post op and my mouth is so swollen I can barely get it open to eat or drink. It is still oozing terrible with no signs of healing. From what I've read it sounds like I had a... READ MORE

I saw the ablative laser done at seminar 20 years ago and have always wanted it. I have had numerous friends do it with no problem. The pain was excrutiating! I only had from below my eyes and around mouth, including chin. A 35% TCA peel was applied to the rest of my face and neck. I also... READ MORE

I did a co2 laser "Madonna" eye lift in February 2013. I sought to minimize dark under eye circles primarily. Treatment was mildly uncomfortable but resulted in horrible burns and scabbing that lasted more than 2 weeks. I was unrecognizable. It's been 2 years and there's still significant... READ MORE

Hello everyone. I wanted to share my experience with you all, because maybe some if yous are looking into doing the same type of procedure. So i have been having skin problems all my life, but more recently now that ive gotten older. (Im 29) ive always had breakouts & stuff, so for a long time,... READ MORE

At 54 1/2, I was looking a bit tired, with sun spots, looser skin and under-eye wrinkles. I heard about the CO2 laser and Dr. Barrera was recommended to me. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. I like the fact that the procedure was done in the hospital - it felt very safe and professional... READ MORE

My neck has always been older than my face. I've tried every dermatologist recommended cream, ultherapy, matrix rf, fotofacial (the latter two helped the most I think ) until finally, after extensive research ( I decided to bite the bullet, suffer the downtime and skip onto the CO2... READ MORE

I finally went for the co2 fractional laser treatment after trying everything else (dermaroller, dermabrasion, face masks, proactiv solution, etc etc). I have been skeptical before but after getting 3 sessions i am getting faith. A year ago i had a breakout of cystic acne and it left scars on... READ MORE

During my highschool years I got lots of subcutaneous acne on my nose. This is due because my nose has more sebaceous glands than usual. I use to pinch my nose a lot (I regret doing so) because it only made scars worse and the acne look worse. I haven't gotten that nasty acne in a few years,... READ MORE

Hi, I want a madonna lift to fix my droopy lower eyelids, one of them is a little bit droopy but the other one is much more, so I want to know if this can help me? and what is the difference between viora reaction and a co2 laser(madonna lift) ? my doctor says that reaction will NOT lift my... READ MORE

Well... today was the day. I have been home just a few hours. I am still loopy from meds and plan to keep taking them. I had 1mg of xanax, 100mg of tramadol and a steriod Medpro pack before the procedure began. They numbed my face twice with topical anesthetic lotion. The procedure did hurt... READ MORE

I am a 40 yo asian female who spent way to many years in the sun without sunscreen & as you can see from the photos, had lots of wrinkles around my eyes & sun spots that drove me mad. I had had IPL twice in the past with some benefit, but was ready for something more drastic. I went to... READ MORE

First of all, sorry about the slanted photos. Cant seen to set them upright. I'm a 52 year old female. I had cystic acne in my 20's, which left dips (not ice pick marks). My face is naturally SUPER pale and I tan easily. 3 days before the procedure, they gave me acyclovir pills so that I would... READ MORE

This type of FX laser is ablative - meaning invasive. I researched it well before having it done and expected down time of around 1-2 weeks. Luckily at 65 I work when I want, mainly from home and am not seeing clients. I am a clinical Hypnotherapist with medical background. I expect that it... READ MORE

I wish I had been sedated! So painful ;(. but only during procedure... I actually started hyperventilating during the eye part... I was nauseated n thank goodness I skipped breakfast otherwise might've vomited! I was given 2 tylenols and numbing cream before procedure. Picture above is before... READ MORE

I will be having the first of several CO2 laser treatments this Friday with Dr. Travis Shaw of the Stony Point Surgery Center. I've suffered from acne since I was just 8 years old. For years I visited a rather mediocre dermatologist who was unable to diagnose the cause of my problem and as I... READ MORE

Had a co2 laser 2 years ago wich left me with deep laser imprint on my cheeks and pigm I hoped that time will heal but its not tve case. Searching for a way to improve it. I consulted a top surgeon in NJ and now its me to decide should i proceed with Co2 or Erbium?? I have just a week for downtime. READ MORE

I did this because of my age. I am 50 years old. I thought I would try the laser instead of using botox or fillers to see if it works. I have never used botox, or fillers. I thought I would start with a small area of my face to see how it works with my skin. This is my first laser treatment.... READ MORE

I was super nervous about this CO2 Fraxal Laser treatment. I had one of the top Dermatologists doing the procedure and he talked me through the whole process. He definitely made me feel better. I first had knumbing cream on my face for about 15 minutes. Then had a nerve block which was the... READ MORE

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