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There are many ways to enhance your hind end. If exercise doesn't give you the shape and volume you're looking for, you can consider surgical treatments like fat transfer, butt implants, and the Brazilian Butt Lift. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $4,425

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Hi guys! My name is Paris Milan. I am in the Chicago area and I am looking for someone that does silicone injections and that is willing to travel to Chicago. Need something that is safe and done right. I have never done this before so I am trusting that this website will give me the info that... READ MORE

Im new to this im 145lb and im 19 since i was younger i never liked my shape i need help finding a doctor that will give me the shape i want without braking the bank ive been looking at dr ayman shahine but been a bit skeptical after things ive read can you guys please share your experience with... READ MORE

I am only coming to write this review to prevent girls from trying to do this stupidity to their bodies. About two years ago I got a session done by a woman that worked in a spa in queens crotona. I did not do my research and according to her it was a natural procedure. My naive self when head... READ MORE

Ive heard the horror stories ,but ive also seen the amazing work hes done ,i shop with a girl that went to dr.Cabaral and she looks amazing she has 5 kids an had a tt and bbl and i cant begin to tell you how amazing she looks omg !!!!!! Im going to give it a shot dr.Duran is so hard to get in... READ MORE

I want to have a glass body shape I'm 21 years old I always wanted to have the perfect body shape. I'm 5'2 weighting 140 pounds. I'm thick female but want my breast done, butt lift, and to get rid of some arm phat stomach phat. Over all I'm looking to have this done before the summer time comes... READ MORE

I recently had PMMA injections with Clinic Estetica in Tijuana, Mexico in November of last year. The staff was very generous and helpful with any questions or concerns I had. They made it their priority to ensure I was comfortable and certain about the procedure. The staff gave me detailed... READ MORE

Hey everyone My name is Ana im 20 years old.i am 5'8 weigh 160.I cannot wait until i get this surgery! My body has been like this ever since i was little.When i was little i was sooo skinny but that all changed when i reached the 4th grade when i got my period..When i got my period my body... READ MORE

Hello I have been researching doctor's and I went with Dr Duran of course! (: I really dont want to wait a very long time :/ So any one that can't make their date in February any time please contact me!!! Please and thank you! Or even in January really just want to get in soon maybe the end of... READ MORE

31 day countdown to Duran soo I have been searching for recovery houses look what I found 1 Daisy recovery ,fantasy, real recovery Armonia, carmelia, healing haven. I believe these May be real recovery houses with professional website I Do Not have all the info costs deposit ect. But here is a... READ MORE

Hey Ladies! I'm honestly terrified to just pick one random person.. I just go to someone who is experienced and trustworthy. I'm looking for a legitimately injectors, and not some1 that takes lives. I want to enhance my hips, and butt..who doesn't take lives! I live in Brooklyn NY Area Thanks... READ MORE

I have scarring skinning, so I think my route will be more physical products to enhance my butt. Some of the pictures here are amazing, and I am feeling a little jealous, but after doing some searching came across some info for butt cream enhancers, and a butt lift shape garment. I am... READ MORE

I saw Dr. morales here last summer. did alot of research on this web site for this procedure (I thought) I went For injections 150 CCs each cheeck two times. Total of 600 CCs. It was between 3000-4000$ can't remember exact total price. Diana in the office there spoke perfect English was so nice... READ MORE

Good morning! I been wanting to get the Brazilian but lift for a long time already but there is so many questions running through my head like... " what doctor should I go to?", "how much is it going to cost me?"," what if my body doesn't come out the way I plan!" Please someone help me! I live... READ MORE

There is a dent in the middle of my butt. My other butt cheek is round and I like it. They are 275cc, very tiny implants, for all the pain I am going through for small implants I should of stuck to squats.I don't know why there is a dent on the middle of my right butt, it really sucks I already... READ MORE

Hi everybody, i will be reviewing my experience and procedure as often as i could. i am having butt injection done the 17th of October so very soon! i am flying out of Australia to Tijuana (Mexico) tomorrow early morning. I have to say i am super excited but still nervous! The clinic where i... READ MORE

I got PMMA butt injections a few months ago at Clinic Estetica located in Tijuana, Mexico. I think this is an alternative for those people like me who does not want to go thru a surgery or the recovery but does want a bigger butt. I got 250 cc on each side for a total of 500 cc. The procedure... READ MORE

I am having butt implants in a couple of weeks. Thankfully I have tons of vacation time left and one of my family members will be staying with me. For anyone that has had the implants done in the USA under the muscle, can you tell me how the implants feel today? Is it really that noticeable when... READ MORE

I had my first consultation on this journey. I saw Dr. Francis in NY. He was real nice, explained the different procedures, healing time and the honest outcome for each procedure. He answers all questions honestly and gives a detailed explanation. The staff is real nice and warm and inviting. I... READ MORE

Please do not ever get this procedure done to ur body! This was the worst thing I could do to myself!! I have been In the hospitals for a month because I had pmma Bioplasty injected in my butt. Word of advice get Fat Grafting. If you don't have enough fat I advice you to work out, eat healthy,... READ MORE

Hello does anyone know anyone in Queens NY that does PMMA injections? Will keep info super confidential. Just received the proposal of my life. It would be beautiful to get this done as soon as i can. I am scheduled to go to DR in September. This just came up. Please help me if anyone knows. I... READ MORE

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