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Butt augmentation is a term referring to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the butt. If exercise isn’t giving someone the shape they desire, augmentation can be achieved with implants or a Brazilian butt liftLEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $4,700

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Well today I had called around to get a bbl, but something hit me, I need to make my life and health a priority first before anything. So I am having a corrective surgery done...I have silicone stuff in my booty a mistake I made in 2013...no need to explain....and I have scheduled consultation... READ MORE

It's 3am, the day of my pre-op. I can't sleep, feeling very anxious. Why? I don't know. I have been wanting to get something done to my butt for over five years and now that I've made the decision, I'm nervous, go figure:-) Thoughts of how it's going to look keep plaguing my mind. So to... READ MORE

Had no butt with large love handles and big breast just as a you g woman would love to have a matching and fit body Overall he is a nice guy but my surgery was horrible after 5 months I visit his office and they said they would call me back Nd never did I had to move but my but is all deformed... READ MORE

There is a dent in the middle of my butt. My other butt cheek is round and I like it. They are 275cc, very tiny implants, for all the pain I am going through for small implants I should of stuck to squats.I don't know why there is a dent on the middle of my right butt, it really sucks I already... READ MORE

Im about to have a liposuction and butt augmentation aswell im not really happy with my body due to, to many pregnancy and my self esteem is not good im a little bit nervous about the surgery but im excited aswell. Im just looking forward to have it done well ive read a lot about this and I... READ MORE

Dollz today I paid my deposit $300 with Dr Today I maid my $300.00 deposit with Dr.Ortega I'm going to be making biweekly payments until I'm paid in full Bbl& TT& LIPO $9000 TOTAL very affordable for the best work one of the top doctors out here with years behind his work so his name speaks for... READ MORE

Hello real self family. After being all for silicone butt injections I ended up being a victim. The girl I allowed to use my body nearly destroyed it. I don't hold it against her because I knew it was all about the money in that industry and not personal but I am still hurt emotionally,... READ MORE

So far ive had 2 consultations here in Dallas, and I have another scheduled for 9/8/14. The first doc seemed to steer me away from the butt implants and said I just needed a BBL. I kinda felt like he just wasn't too experienced with the implants...plus im 5'7 120 lbs, with not near enough fat... READ MORE

It's almost here time for me to get my Butt. This is something that I have wanted for so long. When I was a kid my grandmother always told me if she could she would buy me a butt. Now the time has come and I have saved up enough money to do it myself she doesn't want me to do it. I go under on... READ MORE

I wanted a Butt Augmentation, I called and scheduled my consultation and the assistant said that Dr. Leedy has done African Americans, and that its tons of pictures in the room. I went and found out he never did it on an African American. I got the carecredit card and the money together but I'm... READ MORE

Hey guys, well for a while i have admired all these girls with thick bodies and always wished for one and have been looking into buttock augmentation, but there are so many different doctors and so many mixed reviews.. you think you have found the right doctor then you hear something and... READ MORE

Marc Schneider has done 2 implant exchanges (saline to silicone) and 3 left implant revisions over a 15 year period for me. I have had compilations with every surgery from hematoma, rippling, encapsulation, to broken silicone implant. I would get a second opinion prior to utilizing Dr.... READ MORE

I went to visit Dr. Basu and his staff in October of 2013 to discuss my desire to reshape my body. Its May of 2014 and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it! His staff is absolutely amazing and Dr. Basu is wonderfully patient, informative and professional. Although I did not have the... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Gallerani in Miami Florida to have Lipo of the buttocks to remove silicone injections and it was the best decision i made, my buttocks has healed remarkably fast and the softness and smooth areas have return to the way it was before I made the wrong choice of having silicone... READ MORE

I'm Terrified I recently got pmma injection by a doctor who says his been doing it for yes but. now I'm terrified u see I m a recovering addict so during one of my dark days I decided to go for it because my depression has gone to deep I was always insecure insecure being a understatement bout... READ MORE

Want to be confident, comfortable, happy about the woman i see in the mirror. Not married yet but i want to be his trophy wife. Want to turn heads when i walk into the room, want to be the show stopper. For once in my life i want to be truly happy with my body, not for vanity, but for confidence... READ MORE

Hi realself friends. I'm sooo excited cuz I just booked my appointment with dr salama for butt implants!! I actually have implants already but the dr I went to placed them subfascial (above the muscle) & I'm having a lot of problems with them. So I'm hoping dr salama can fix me! Anyway i gotta... READ MORE

Hi guys! My name is Paris Milan. I am in the Chicago area and I am looking for someone that does silicone injections and that is willing to travel to Chicago. Need something that is safe and done right. I have never done this before so I am trusting that this website will give me the info that... READ MORE

Im new to this im 145lb and im 19 since i was younger i never liked my shape i need help finding a doctor that will give me the shape i want without braking the bank ive been looking at dr ayman shahine but been a bit skeptical after things ive read can you guys please share your experience with... READ MORE

I am only coming to write this review to prevent girls from trying to do this stupidity to their bodies. About two years ago I got a session done by a woman that worked in a spa in queens crotona. I did not do my research and according to her it was a natural procedure. My naive self when head... READ MORE

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