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Butt augmentation is a term referring to any procedure that increases the size or restores the volume of the butt. If exercise isn’t giving someone the shape they desire, augmentation can be achieved with implants or a Brazilian butt liftLEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $4,675

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So far so good right now im in $$ saving mode then im headed to Dr. Pantoja on 12/11/12 for a breast lift with implants and a bbl @ the same time if anybody has any questions for me or any post op and pre op pics of Dr.P s work please dnt be shy.. :) My quote includes both a bl w/ implants and... READ MORE

Hey Ladies Right now Im looking for a doctor who not only is an expert on liposuction but also butt augmentation. Ive been going back and forth about deciding whether i want fat grafting or implants. Ive asked other women for doctor information ( which we all know is a pain.) It seems like no... READ MORE

I look at lady's all the time and say man I wish my butt looked like that. I have been looking online and reading people post. If you have any information to give me I will take it. I live in Austin, TX and I am looking for a doctor. I had a breast reduction about a year ago and wanted to do... READ MORE

I am 21 year old office assistant in Florida transforming into my extraordinary self! I am a college business major and a mommy to a 2 yr old lilttle boy :) I had a c-section for delivery and I have a lot of stretch marks and I would describe my breast as flat, deflated "mastopexy" after... READ MORE

In 2005 I had injectibles placed in my buttocks which quickly became inflamed. Plastic surgeons would not touch me so I ended up in an emergency room where young doctors conducted emergency surgery and basically stAbbed me up like. Baked potato to allow the product to drain out. Years later I am... READ MORE

I have always wanted to have a curvier shape with a fuller bottom. And despite my efforts over the past two decades of diets and exercise, I couldn't seem to get rid of the stubborn fats around my belly, thighs, flank and arms. In addition, my butt was extremely flat. So I decided to... READ MORE

I had silicone injected into my butt 2006..i almost died from it..it took me over a 1 year to heal afer having a surgery to drain the silicone out of my buttocks.. i regret it sooo much..the person was unlicensed..my butt my bigger..got lots of compliments and men chasing me..but it almost... READ MORE

I will be having my surgery with Dr. Cortes, and I am so excited for this experience! Everything has been great so far. I had my consultation for Buttock Augmentation (with Liposuction), Buccal Lipectomy, and Facial Liposuction earlier this month. I was also considering Breast Augmentation but... READ MORE

I just got off the phone with vanity and they seemed so attentive and informative, you guys do i stick with dr ortega or go to hasan for a bbl please help me!!?!? which facility is nice through the whole experience? vanity already has given me more information but i am already scheduled at dr... READ MORE

I have been researching this for about a year now and I am torn between dr Robles n dr Duran. I booked with both of them but after watching Leslie Mosko's videos I am convinced to go with Duran. I am just so anxious to get this over with I have been saving and saving and the time is finally here... READ MORE

Jan. 26 had Lipo in back, flanks, inner thighs and a second Bbl... 29 Jan 2015 January 26 I went in for more surgery. I had upper back where your bra line is, my flanks, and. Inner thighs from groin to. Knees. The surgery lasted five hours. I went under at a surgery Center. This surgery was way... READ MORE

I am looking to have surgery in March but I don't know how to go about contacting a doctor in Columbia! If anyone is planing to go in March can you help me! I have been reading a lot of reviews day in and night but for some reason I can not get in contact with Dr Villalobos. What's the next step... READ MORE

So ill b a future Duran Doll and have no clue as to how i should be preparing myself for this surgery...Such as wat vitamins i should b taking...i still havent decided wat recovery house ill b going 2 any suggestions?? Would love to have a traveling buddy sense ill b going alone... My date will... READ MORE

Well today I had called around to get a bbl, but something hit me, I need to make my life and health a priority first before anything. So I am having a corrective surgery done...I have silicone stuff in my booty a mistake I made in 2013...no need to explain....and I have scheduled consultation... READ MORE

It's 3am, the day of my pre-op. I can't sleep, feeling very anxious. Why? I don't know. I have been wanting to get something done to my butt for over five years and now that I've made the decision, I'm nervous, go figure:-) Thoughts of how it's going to look keep plaguing my mind. So to... READ MORE

Had no butt with large love handles and big breast just as a you g woman would love to have a matching and fit body Overall he is a nice guy but my surgery was horrible after 5 months I visit his office and they said they would call me back Nd never did I had to move but my but is all deformed... READ MORE

There is a dent in the middle of my butt. My other butt cheek is round and I like it. They are 275cc, very tiny implants, for all the pain I am going through for small implants I should of stuck to squats.I don't know why there is a dent on the middle of my right butt, it really sucks I already... READ MORE

Im about to have a liposuction and butt augmentation aswell im not really happy with my body due to, to many pregnancy and my self esteem is not good im a little bit nervous about the surgery but im excited aswell. Im just looking forward to have it done well ive read a lot about this and I... READ MORE

Dollz today I paid my deposit $300 with Dr Today I maid my $300.00 deposit with Dr.Ortega I'm going to be making biweekly payments until I'm paid in full Bbl& TT& LIPO $9000 TOTAL very affordable for the best work one of the top doctors out here with years behind his work so his name speaks for... READ MORE

Hello real self family. After being all for silicone butt injections I ended up being a victim. The girl I allowed to use my body nearly destroyed it. I don't hold it against her because I knew it was all about the money in that industry and not personal but I am still hurt emotionally,... READ MORE

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