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There are many ways to enhance your hind end. If exercise doesn't give you the shape and volume you're looking for, you can consider surgical treatments like fat transfer, butt implants, and the Brazilian Butt Lift. LEARN MORE ›
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Hello, I just got the PMMA shots from 2 colombian women in Queens, they were very professional and also had it done themselves. I went from a average size butt to a medium/large size. I think they put 800cc in each butt cheek and it took in total 45 minutes. 3 weeks later, the bruising is gone... READ MORE

Looking for someone to switch surgery dates with me? For Dr Jimerson . I live in atlanta , I have been a saving for 3 years . I went to him 3 yrs ago and received a quote then I was ready had all my money only to find out he was booked for 7 months! Help want my cakes before this summer! Im... READ MORE

I've been researching this procedure for over a year now and finally got motivated to do it. I hate how low my but sit but always have been told that I have a nice ass. It looks good in some clothes and some not so good. Im happy that I found this site and im looking foward to the reviews of... READ MORE

I am 43 year old at 5'6" and 142 lbs. I have been debating on trying to get the Brazilian butt lift with scoop and lipo for about a year. Is it worth it and would I get the hourglass body I have been searching for. Unfortunately I am limited to many strength exercises due to two herniated... READ MORE

So far so good right now im in $$ saving mode then im headed to Dr. Pantoja on 12/11/12 for a breast lift with implants and a bbl @ the same time if anybody has any questions for me or any post op and pre op pics of Dr.P s work please dnt be shy.. :) My quote includes both a bl w/ implants and... READ MORE

Hey Ladies Right now Im looking for a doctor who not only is an expert on liposuction but also butt augmentation. Ive been going back and forth about deciding whether i want fat grafting or implants. Ive asked other women for doctor information ( which we all know is a pain.) It seems like no... READ MORE

I look at lady's all the time and say man I wish my butt looked like that. I have been looking online and reading people post. If you have any information to give me I will take it. I live in Austin, TX and I am looking for a doctor. I had a breast reduction about a year ago and wanted to do... READ MORE

I am 21 year old office assistant in Florida transforming into my extraordinary self! I am a college business major and a mommy to a 2 yr old lilttle boy :) I had a c-section for delivery and I have a lot of stretch marks and I would describe my breast as flat, deflated "mastopexy" after... READ MORE

In 2005 I had injectibles placed in my buttocks which quickly became inflamed. Plastic surgeons would not touch me so I ended up in an emergency room where young doctors conducted emergency surgery and basically stAbbed me up like. Baked potato to allow the product to drain out. Years later I am... READ MORE

I have always wanted to have a curvier shape with a fuller bottom. And despite my efforts over the past two decades of diets and exercise, I couldn't seem to get rid of the stubborn fats around my belly, thighs, flank and arms. In addition, my butt was extremely flat. So I decided to... READ MORE

I had silicone injected into my butt 2006..i almost died from it..it took me over a 1 year to heal afer having a surgery to drain the silicone out of my buttocks.. i regret it sooo much..the person was unlicensed..my butt my bigger..got lots of compliments and men chasing me..but it almost... READ MORE

Hi ladies and gents. I'm hoping to get a buttock augmentation in the new year and I've been researching on and off for about 3 years. I've always wanted the "video vixen" body. I guess it all started when I saw the tip drill video lol Anyway any advice from you would be amazing! in 5ft1 and... READ MORE

I wanted a Butt Augmentation, I called and scheduled my consultation and the assistant said that Dr. Leedy has done African Americans, and that its tons of pictures in the room. I went and found out he never did it on an African American. I got the carecredit card and the money together but I'm... READ MORE

Hey guys, well for a while i have admired all these girls with thick bodies and always wished for one and have been looking into buttock augmentation, but there are so many different doctors and so many mixed reviews.. you think you have found the right doctor then you hear something and... READ MORE

Marc Schneider has done 2 implant exchanges (saline to silicone) and 3 left implant revisions over a 15 year period for me. I have had compilations with every surgery from hematoma, rippling, encapsulation, to broken silicone implant. I would get a second opinion prior to utilizing Dr.... READ MORE

I went to visit Dr. Basu and his staff in October of 2013 to discuss my desire to reshape my body. Its May of 2014 and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it! His staff is absolutely amazing and Dr. Basu is wonderfully patient, informative and professional. Although I did not have the... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Gallerani in Miami Florida to have Lipo of the buttocks to remove silicone injections and it was the best decision i made, my buttocks has healed remarkably fast and the softness and smooth areas have return to the way it was before I made the wrong choice of having silicone... READ MORE

I'm Terrified I recently got pmma injection by a doctor who says his been doing it for yes but. now I'm terrified u see I m a recovering addict so during one of my dark days I decided to go for it because my depression has gone to deep I was always insecure insecure being a understatement bout... READ MORE

Want to be confident, comfortable, happy about the woman i see in the mirror. Not married yet but i want to be his trophy wife. Want to turn heads when i walk into the room, want to be the show stopper. For once in my life i want to be truly happy with my body, not for vanity, but for confidence... READ MORE

Hi realself friends. I'm sooo excited cuz I just booked my appointment with dr salama for butt implants!! I actually have implants already but the dr I went to placed them subfascial (above the muscle) & I'm having a lot of problems with them. So I'm hoping dr salama can fix me! Anyway i gotta... READ MORE

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