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Arm lift surgery or brachioplasty tightens loose or sagging skin around the arms. Massive weight loss as well as aging can cause this loose skin, sometimes called bat wings. Liposuction is often conducted at the same time.
Average Price: $8,125

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I had an extended brachioplasty on 9/10/12 with the same doctor that I had my tummy tuck done by in March 2012. Since my tummy tuck, I have moved a 7 hour drive from my surgeon, but I had to go back to him because he's that good. This surgery has been a lot different than the tummy tuck. My... READ MORE

I lost 140lb and have already had a full anchor-cut tummy tuck and breast lift with augmentation. I'm 28 but had the arms of a 60 year old. They didn't have much fat left on them but there were folds of empty, crepe-like skin hanging down. I never wore short sleeves. I am 3 days post-op... READ MORE

After a large weight loss of over 125 lbs, I was left with arm wings. I tried every exercise I knew of but nothing worked. I had an arm lift over a long weekend, not telling anyone at work. Movements were a bit slow, but the results were great. As log as I continue to exercise, the results... READ MORE

Lost at that time 110 pounds and was getting married, wanted to have that sagging skin off before the wedding which was 6 months away, glad I did it, it was the best thing I did for myself! Looking forward to Dr. Schlechter helping fix what I did to myself with years of obesity! Hopeful to have... READ MORE

I had my brachioplasty done 4 months ago. I am extremely happy with the results. The worst part of the whole ordeal were the drains and the swelling. The drains were only in for about 1 week and the swelling lasted about 4 weeks before it wasn't noticable anymore. The pain was very mild... READ MORE

Upper Arm Lift READ MORE

After losing over 100 pounds I had so much excess skin on my arms that I couldn't see the new me. The pain was minimal and I was out doing things 4 days later. READ MORE

I can’t believe I waited so long to have my arms done! I have been overweight since I was a teenager, in my twenties I developed what I referred to as my "third arm". It was unsightly to say the least. I covered it with long or 3/4 length sleeves for the next 15 years. No amount... READ MORE

I am having three procedures I want to post in each category. This arm lift will be done with my tummy tuck. I will post photos closer to me surgery date. I am losing more weight and want the pictures to be current. I had listed all three together but I know that I read in each section Arm Lift,... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post op and feel amazing. My surgeon pulled as tight as he could and did lipo on my back which really smoothed me out. I had the extra skin on my arms from loosing a lot of weight, this was by far the most painful surgery I have ever had, but totally worth it. My arms felt... READ MORE

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Clark and her staff. I've lost about 100 pounds by natural methods (I now eat a healthy, plant-based diet). I am a middle-aged mamacita with 5 little ninos running around my casa! So I have a lot of excess skin. The surgery went so well. The staff is so... READ MORE

I'm 59 years old and lost 160 lbs ten years ago. After years of my skin drooping more and more I was finally able to have these procedures. The breast lift and augmentation surgery went well. My surgeon, Dr. Larry Lickstein, did an amazing job. The size and shape of my breasts was exactly what I... READ MORE

Will be undergoing several procedures (arm lift, Rhino, bra line back lift & full lipo of the back). Extremely nervous, since I live almost 2 hours away (due to heavy traffic) sitting in a car after undergoing such long surgery. Also, afraid of the pain & not achieving sought after results. ... READ MORE

I had a brachioplasty done by Dr. Eggleston. I'd lost a lot of weight and my arms looked like bat wings. I'd had a prior surgery with him as a Kaiser doctor. My previous experience with him was wonderful, considering it was major surgery, so I had him reduce my arms with lipo and do the arm... READ MORE

I lost 115 pounds and needed some plastic surgery to remove excess skin. I had three different surgeries over a three year period. I love the results of my arm lift, thigh lift and tummy tuck. I finally feel normal. I can't believe what a difference plastic surgery can make. I now realize that... READ MORE

I hated clothes shopping because I had a difficult time finding tops that fit my arms which were way out of proportion size wise compared to the rest of my body (thank you genetics). I tried exercise with very limited results. Dr. Hargrave did a wonderful job! I am very pleased and can now shop... READ MORE

I'm 63 years old and have decided since I plan to live at least 40 more years I would look the way I've wanted to for years. I lost 50 lbs but my skin didn't snap back the way it used to. I had friends who had gone to Dr. Bruneteau and were very happy with the results so I decided to go to talk... READ MORE

With age and weight loss, I elected for the surgery just to feel better about myself. After raising my children, I decided to start investing in me. I am extremely happy with the outcome. Plastic surgery helps your self confidence. It is not about perfection but improvements. Sure, there are... READ MORE

I've been overweight all my life and come from a long history of family members struggling with weight - having 'batwings' was very common in the family. There are two recent events that led me to have an arm lift. First, a trip to visit my mom where I 'saw' my future if I don't take action... READ MORE

Wzup RS world! I got my quote from Dr. Yily last night. I sent her pics of me and I was nevous as heck. I thought for sure Dr Yily would think I was too durn BIG and would be like, "Hell-to-the-mutha-fuggin-NO!", but she quoted me $5500.00 USD (thank you JESUS). She told me that I need to... READ MORE

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