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Arm lift surgery or brachioplasty tightens loose or sagging skin around the arms. Massive weight loss as well as aging can cause this loose skin, sometimes called bat wings. Liposuction is often conducted at the same time.
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I had a bilateral brachioplasty & fleur di lis tummy tuck on Dec. 7th. The surgical tape just came off my right arm today so I thought I'd post a few pics. I'm very happy so far with both procedures. My arms are still swollen and my Dr. will start with the scar therapy next week. I don't... READ MORE

I had surgery on Nov 7 in Mexico at CosMed with Dr Quiroz. You can read my hospital story here if you want info about multiple procedures at the same time. When I first thought about surgery, my arms were most definitely my biggest area of concern. I didn't like my flabby belly but could... READ MORE

I am post op week 2 after an extended arm lift. I have had very minimal pain, just sore under my arms and I am healing GREAT! I wear my compression garment day and night, just remove it to shower. I did purchase an extra one so I could wear one while one was being washed. Super happy with my... READ MORE

My surgery was September 12, 2012. The surgery was a breeze, recovery is long but painless. I do love that the bat wings are GONE but I thought my arms would look I was kinda not thrilled about that...but from what I can understand he could only take so much because skin will rip... READ MORE

Would like to thank Dr Cristian Prada for giving my self esteem back. For about 17 years I have been self conscious of my upper arms, never wearing short sleeves because of the hanging skin and cellulite that formed on my upper arms from about age 35. Which I believe was mostly heredity, non the... READ MORE

Hello; I am very depressed and in despair.... I had what was supposed to be a limited incision brachioplasty. I have never been heavy, but had large upper arms. At any rate, this doctor took too much skin to the extent I now have webbing and restriction of arm movement due to the fact he... READ MORE

I had an extended brachioplasty on 9/10/12 with the same doctor that I had my tummy tuck done by in March 2012. Since my tummy tuck, I have moved a 7 hour drive from my surgeon, but I had to go back to him because he's that good. This surgery has been a lot different than the tummy tuck. My... READ MORE

I lost 140lb and have already had a full anchor-cut tummy tuck and breast lift with augmentation. I'm 28 but had the arms of a 60 year old. They didn't have much fat left on them but there were folds of empty, crepe-like skin hanging down. I never wore short sleeves. I am 3 days post-op... READ MORE

After a large weight loss of over 125 lbs, I was left with arm wings. I tried every exercise I knew of but nothing worked. I had an arm lift over a long weekend, not telling anyone at work. Movements were a bit slow, but the results were great. As log as I continue to exercise, the results... READ MORE

Lost at that time 110 pounds and was getting married, wanted to have that sagging skin off before the wedding which was 6 months away, glad I did it, it was the best thing I did for myself! Looking forward to Dr. Schlechter helping fix what I did to myself with years of obesity! Hopeful to have... READ MORE

I had my brachioplasty done 4 months ago. I am extremely happy with the results. The worst part of the whole ordeal were the drains and the swelling. The drains were only in for about 1 week and the swelling lasted about 4 weeks before it wasn't noticable anymore. The pain was very mild... READ MORE

Upper Arm Lift READ MORE

After losing over 100 pounds I had so much excess skin on my arms that I couldn't see the new me. The pain was minimal and I was out doing things 4 days later. READ MORE

I can’t believe I waited so long to have my arms done! I have been overweight since I was a teenager, in my twenties I developed what I referred to as my "third arm". It was unsightly to say the least. I covered it with long or 3/4 length sleeves for the next 15 years. No amount... READ MORE

I had talked to my surgeon about removing my "side-boobs", and decided to do this and an arm lift together. My incision goes from my elbow, to my underarm, then down around the underside of my breast. I had the procedure awake, with lidocaine to numb me up, and Ativan to relax me. Lipo was done... READ MORE

I had the procedure with Dr. Vigo , He is very caring and his nursing staff as well. I really appreciate the experience. I had tolerated pain with pain killer medication. I didn't need to have drain which made me feel more comfortable. I will post pictures in few days to show the result when... READ MORE

I'm strongly considering a minimal scar arm lift. The incision and scar are in the arm pit rather than the classic scar extending to the elbow. It seems there aren't many docs who perform this procedure. I've consulted with Dr. Jones at My Plastic Surgery Group (Sando, Jones and Aker) in... READ MORE

I had an extended brachioplasty, this is my experience of the first two weeks.... Hope it will be helpful to anyone out there getting ready for or considering their own armlift. I needed a little more time off and help with daily activities than I thought I would, even though everything went... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post op and feel amazing. My surgeon pulled as tight as he could and did lipo on my back which really smoothed me out. I had the extra skin on my arms from loosing a lot of weight, this was by far the most painful surgery I have ever had, but totally worth it. My arms felt... READ MORE

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Clark and her staff. I've lost about 100 pounds by natural methods (I now eat a healthy, plant-based diet). I am a middle-aged mamacita with 5 little ninos running around my casa! So I have a lot of excess skin. The surgery went so well. The staff is so... READ MORE

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