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Post Zoom Whitening, What Can I Do to Alleviate the Pain?

I had my teeth whitened today at my dentist (Zoom Whitening,3 15 minute sessions). I was not warned or cautioned about any symptoms afterwards.... READ MORE

Does the New Zoom WhiteSpeed Machine Still Use Gel, or is It Just the Light?

The new Zoom WhiteSpeed machine creates less sensitivity than the traditional Zoom machine. read online says that "blue light emitting diodes" whiten... READ MORE

Pain for Months After Zoom Whitening?

I had zoom teeth whitening 14 weeks ago I am still having pain/sensitivity. Ive been back to the dentist who did the whitening (i only had 20mins as... READ MORE

I got zoom whitening this morning and am in terrible pain. Really sensitive with excruciating zings. How long will this last?

The relief gel is helping a little bit. Can I be using too much of it? It honestly feels better just keeping the trays with the relief gel on my teeth... READ MORE

What Are the Options for People with Sensitive Teeth Who Want to Go a Few Shades Whiter?

I have sensitive teeth and many whiteners make it worse. is Zoom or any other type out there OK to use without increasing my sensitivity? Are there... READ MORE

What is up with my gums? (Photo)

Hi! I had 2 zoom whitening procedures within 2 weeks of each other at the recommendation of my dentist. During the second procedure, bleach leaked... READ MORE

I lost a part of gums after from Zoom Whitening? (photo)

I had Zoom teeth whitening 10 days ago.Apparently, some solution seeped under the protective gum coating and left a nasty burn on my gums. in the... READ MORE

i just had my teeth whitened by zoom whitening. Is it normal for my teeth to feel sensitive?

. right now my teeth are feeling sensitive. my dentist gave me painkillers. is it normal? till when will this senstivity last? and when can i brush..... READ MORE

I'm looking for a list of pretreatments that can help with sensitivity before the Zoom process starts. Any suggestions?

I read somewhere in the Q&A section that there were several pre treatments that can help. For example Flouridex toothpaste. Also they was some talk... READ MORE

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